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Aggregate Free Wi-Fi using Debian

A new device dubbed the Slurpr proposes to aggregate bandwidth from up to six Wi-Fi networks into a single, very wide pipe, based on Debian Read about it at Digital Trends Quote: The box runs Debian Linux, sports a MIPS embedded processor, wired Ethernet, 64 MB of RAM, 128 MB of onboard flash memory, 4 […]

Yet another bloggers Ubuntu experience

It seems that I've been reading a lot of “Ubuntu Experience” blog entries lately. I decided that, with the arrival of my new laptop, I'd do the same. Read it here Quote: All-in-all, the experience has been positive. I've been noticing a bunch of little things that bother me. Windows still has way better polish, […]

Are Linux Supporters An Arrogant Bunch?

Information Week continues its writings about the nasty Linux-zealots using Ubuntu, who also comments in their blog entries. Not all comments live up to the “Humanity towards others”-approach…. Read it here Quote: Never one to shy away from a good argument–the mark of the employed blogger is a very thick skin–I'd like to continue the […]

Another Ubuntu Win: USB Devices

It’s so weird that Windows is trying to make it easy with all of it’s autodetecting USB devices and searching for drivers, but then it just fails. Ubuntu just works. Read it in the blog of Leon Atkinson Quote: So, next I tried my Ubuntu laptop. 15 minutes later it was working with no problem. […]

Ubuntu Goes Ultraportable

In attempt to get the most possible from the Fujitsu P7230 I decided to completely remove Vista in favor of Ubuntu 7.04. Read it at XYZCmputing Quote: So for the most part everything went well, but two functions that did not work were the notebook's webcam and fingerprint reader, neither of which were of particular […]

Joost on Linux: it's difficult, but possible

Ryan Paul summarizes the attempts to make Joost work under Linux – or more precisely, under Ubuntu. Read it at Ars Technica Quote: Although the methods that people are using right now to get Joost working on Linux are very hackish, one should keep in mind that the Joost developers plan to officially release and […]

FoF in Debian!

Frets on Fire is, according to the Wikipedia, a music video game, a clone of the Guitar Hero video games, in which the player emulates playing a guitar with the keyboard of their computer. Miriam Ruiz blogs about it: Quote: The game included some non-DFSG-free song files and some internal fonts which needed to be […]

Book review: Beginning Ubuntu Linux

Would my mother, who is quite computer literate in the Windows department and is about to migrate to Ubuntu (yay!), be able to use this book sucessfully? Read it here Quote: ProsIt really is a must have for would-be Ubuntu converts with nerves. They’ll have a read and wonder what they were concerned about! ConsEdgy […]

ATI Drivers: Ubuntu vs. Windows

Yesterday we covered the graphics hardware needed to handle Beryl (GPUs & Beryl: What is Needed?) and on the heels of that article we are taking a quick look at another Linux versus Windows comparison for the official ATI/AMD graphics drivers. Read it at Phoronix Quote: With both the Radeon X1800XL and X1950PRO the Linux […]

Ubuntu's Restricted Driver Dialog Roundup

Today, we are going to look specifically at just how effective the Restricted Driver Dialog is versus third party alternatives with previously proven track records. Since Ubuntu is so heavily targeted at Windows users, I will prepare you right now that we are about to enter “click-n-drool” mode. You have been warned… Read it at […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #42

In this issue we cover Dell's long awaited release of computers with Ubuntu preinstalled, the newly created Wine team, a new planet has been added to our blog solar system for US LoCos and an interview with Corey Burger. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #42 for the week May21st – May 27th, 2007. […]

Using Ruby On Rails With Apache2 On Debian Etch

This article shows how you can install Ruby on Rails (RoR) and integrate it in Apache2 on a Debian Etch system (including a short section at the end showing how to use RoR in a web site created with ISPConfig). Read it at howtoforge Quote: Ruby on Rails is a web application framework which is […]

Wanted: introductory page for all teams

In order to try to address the many different teams in Debian, Raphael Hertzog started a wiki page whose goal is to be a good introductory page to all teams. Quote: Hello, we have many teams within Debian. Each team has its own habits, its owntools. Some of the teams do not work as well […]

SimplyMEPIS Localized French and Spanish CDs Ready for Testing

MEPIS has announced test versions of new French and Spanish 32 bit CDs for SimplyMEPIS 6.5. Here's the announcement Quote: Warren Woodford of MEPIS said: “This test release of the translated CDs were possible due to the hard work of the Spanish translation team led by carlops and the French translation team led by jessminder. […]

Installing Ubuntu 7.04 on a HP 510 laptop computer

I’ve just finished installing Ubuntu on the HP 510 laptop. It’s a very cheap machine Read it here Quote: A big, big, big thank you to Alki and his website on the HP 500 and Ubuntu 6.10 as well as the people on this thread on the trackpad, wifi and resolution issues over at the […]

Installing Photoshop on Ubuntu Linux

While I’ve decided to actually learn to use Gimp or Gimpshop in the coming weeks or even Inkscape, I need to do some image editing now and these tasks couldn’t wait while I try to find my way in Gimp. I decided to install Photoshop using Wine. Read how to do it here Quote: Days […]

Ubuntu Really IS Easy…Sort of

I spent the past couple of days exploring Ubuntu and since I came away pretty impressed, I wanted to blog my thoughts. Read what this blogger likes about Ubuntu here Quote: Initially, everything is very easy. It’s easy to install, easy to get started and easy to do things like email, browse the web and […]

Damn Small Linux 3.3 Review

This blog entry shows the typical pro's and con's of DSL – and a few personal comments as well. Read it here Quote: Pros:1. Very lightweight distro.2. supports some levels of package management even when running it from the LiveCD.3. gives you a full linux environment with a GUI in less than 50MBCons:1. Not the […]

Point-and-Click Linux LVM Filesystem Workstation Backup

How would you like an easy way to set up a point-and-click Knoppix image backup that always makes perfect copies if the physical system is OK? And they do it here Quote: Here you'll find simple techniques that will not only work, they will enable you to easily create a simple GUI-driven backup for users. […]

Bored with Debian – x264 patents

JB Kempf is pretty unhappy in this blog entry with that Debian has removed the x264 package. Read it here Quote: x264x264 was removed from debian unstable according to : With the very best explanation ever: Now – it contains mpeg4 stuff, try googling for “mpeg4 patent” once and you know why it needs […]

Installing ruby gems in Debian with stow

rubygems, otoh, is what most ruby developers use for package management especially the rails people. The problem with rubygems is it creates a conflict with a distribution’s package management. Read it here Quote: stow is a /usr/local organizer. You install your software under /usr/local/stow/{software} and use stow commands to link and unlink your software in […]

Debian Developers 7 Years Ago

On it were a number of photos from the 2000 Annual Linux Conference in Atlanta, and the Debian developers that were there. Read it in this blog Quote: That's Joey Hess, using what I think was his Vaio. Most acrobatic keyboardist ever. Probably the only person that could write Perl with one hand comfortably.

Ubuntu up and running!

My Ubuntu system is now fully up and running on a used laptop I picked up at the Trenton State Computer Festival. Read the blog about why, how and happiness here Quote: I did much less work than I had to do for the Wireless network chapter of my book. I'm pleased to see that […]

The Dell PC price challenge – Windows Vista versus Ubuntu

Ubuntu-loaded PCs from Dell are here but are they that much cheaper than the comparable Windows system? Read it here Quote: What we noticed is that while there is so fluctuation between systems, a Windows Vista license is typically only worth around $US50-80 so if you were expecting to pick up a real bargain, you’re […]

Ubuntu, VMware, Windows – the ultimate laptop?

So, I have Ubuntu up and running (7.04 – feisty) and I have installed VMware Workstation 6.0 on it. I have built a VM for Windows XP Pro and will be building another for Windows Vista. Read the happy blog about it here Quote: There are still a ton of special apps I need on […]

Ubuntu’s Death Rattle

This blogger is slamming the Ubuntu/Dell deal pretty hard – “And for Ubuntu, after Dell, where is there to go from here but down?” Read it here Quote: I _would_ say that all the eggs have been placed into the same basket, but if you look at the past, you quickly realize the rest of […]

Ubuntu Hug Day: 30 May 2007

Time for a bug (hug!) chase on Ubuntu again! I'm happy to announce our next Hug Day on Wednesday, May 30th. This Hug Day we are going to do a couple of things differently. The event will be held in #ubuntu-devel this time. Additionally, a wiki page has been created with tables of bugs in […]

Apt-get remove SUSE; apt-get install Etch

Ever since comparing seven Linux distributions on my “old thinkpad” testbed, I've remained impressed with the flexibility and ease-of-maintenance of Debian-based Linuxes. In my followup article on using Etch as a desktop OS, I pondered converting my primary desktop from SUSE to Debian. I've done it. Read the sweet story here Quote: Conclusion Well, that's […]

Fixing a scanner broken by the Feisty upgrade

If you have been using a USB scanner and upgrade from Edgy to Feisty, you may find that your scanner no longer works. Read it here Quote: These notes may help. There is a long thread about this check here . The problem seems to lie in the usb suspend functions built into Feisty’s new […]

Coverage of the Ubuntu Dell PC's

Here's a couple of articles from Desktoplinux about the computers from Dell equipped with Ubuntu Articles Ubuntu powered computers arrive and These are Dell's Ubuntu PC's Quote: The hardware options Dell is offering on each system are ones that have the most mature and stable Linux driver support. These hardware options reportedly have been thoroughly […]

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