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Envy 0.9.3 STABLE adds the support for Etch and Ubuntu

Envy 0.9.3 STABLE adds the support for Debian Etch, restores the support for Ubuntu Dapper and fixes a few issues. Furthermore Envy adds the support for the Nvidia legacy driver 7185.
Read the announcement here


“Envy” is an application for Ubuntu Linux written in Python and PyGTK which will:
1) detect the model of your graphic card (ATI and Nvidia cards are supported). However “Manual installation” is also available
2) download the right version of the proprietary driver for your ATI or Nvidia card from ATI or Nvidia's websites
3) handle the dependencies (compilers, OpenGL, etc.) (according to your OS version and kernel) required to build the module
4) install/uninstall the driver
5) set up your xorg.conf (i.e. the configuration file of the Xserver) for you (according to your system specifications)
6) restart the Xserver for you (if you wish so) (this feature is available only in the textual interface)

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