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Debian Etch (4.0) Review

I thought i should do a review of quite possibly my FAVORITE linux distro, Debian…note this might be a little bit biased, here we go
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1. Debian is fast, stable and customizable.
2. Debian has Apt which is great package managment.
3. It’s a reasonably easy to use distro and you learn more about linux than you do with some other distros (such as SuSe, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, etc).
4. Debian is one of the oldest distros out there.
5. Debian is great for a server OS and on that note, you have the option to NOT install the GUI if you don’t want it.
1. Debian is a little harder to use than some distros (see list on #3 above).
2. The Debian community is not as big as the Ubuntu community or some others.
3. On the same note as #1, you have to do a lot of things manually.
4. Debian is not updated very often (in stable at least) as all the packages are VERY thoroughly tested (The last debian release before Etch in April 2007 was Sarge way back in June 2005).

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