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Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #41

In this issue we cover the new Torrent Team, progress of the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project, newly approved members and LoCos, Community Council and Forum Council meetings, and we set the spotlight on the Xubuntu Team.
Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #41 for the week May
13th – May 19th, 2007. In this issue we cover the new Torrent Team,
progress of the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project, newly approved
members and LoCos, Community Council and Forum Council meetings, and
we set the spotlight on the Xubuntu Team.

* Español –
* Italiano –
* Português do Brasil -

== In This Issue ==

* New Torrent Team
* Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project Underway
* Newly Approved Members
* Officially Approved LoCos
* Team of the Week: Xubuntu Team
* Meetings and Events
* Security Updates

== General Community News ==

=== Community Council ===

The Community Council met to discuss agenda freezes, the Ubuntu Media
Center, and approval of new members and LoCo teams. It was decided
that the agenda will be frozen one day before meetings for general
items and just before the meetings for LoCo teams and member
candidates. The Ubuntu Media Center Team was approved and is
responsible for creating software that will be installable on any
Ubuntu based system and provide multimedia facilities like
out-of-the-box support for remote controls, TV watching (including PVR
capabilities), video/music on deman, X10 home control technology, and
many other features.

==== Newly Approved Ubuntu Members ====

The last Community Council meeting approved a whole raft of new Ubuntu
members. Read on for a quick bio on each.

* Nick Ali
Nick is an active member of the Georgia US LoCo and the Ubuntu
Marketing Team. He has participated in the LoCo Doc's Day and writes
for the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. Recently, he has started working on
the LoCo Hosting Admin team which will help setup and maintain sites
for LoCos. Nick hopes to help get the Georgia US LoCo approved soon.

* Duda Nogueira
Duda is an active member of the Brazilian Team and focuses on
organizing events in Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is a member of the
Ubuntu Brazilian Translators and has represented the Brazilian Team at
FISL 8.0 throughout the conference. Duda works on the Brazilian Team
wiki extensively, creating documentation relevant to the Brazilian

* Dax Solomon Umaming
Dax has provided Xubuntu training to faculty and staff at Our Lady of
Lourdes College Foundation and has been invited back to do a two day
training/seminar on Xubuntu and FOSS. He has also been invited to
deliver a talk about Implementing FOSS in School at Saint Louis
University. Dax will continue to focus on usability, quality, and
documentation for Xubuntu and Edubuntu and hopes to get his LPI
certification and become an Ubuntu Certified Engineer.

* Murat Güneş
Murat has been on Ubuntu Forums since March 2005 and has over 5000
posts. As one of the leaders of the Forum Ambassadors Team, Murat
keeps track of user ideas submitted to the Gutsy Gibbon Idea Pool. Two
such ideas were turned into blueprints and discussed at UDS-Sevilla.
Murat also contributes Turkish translations and hopes to be a MOTU in
the future.

* Dave Walker
Dave is a member of BugSquad and actively triages bugs. Recently Dave
has been nominated for the proposed IRC Jury/Panel. He is a maintainer
for Ubuntu MythTV and active member of the Ubuntu-UK LoCo, as well as
channel operator for #ubuntu-uk. Dave hopes to be a MOTU in the

=== New Torrent Team ===
Andrea Veri has announced the creation of the MOTU torrent team, and
they need your help! The torrent team will take care of and develop
packages related to the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol, while
working closely with upstream. It's also the bug report contact for
all torrent packages in Launchpad. They are currently interested in
universe and main sponsorship and are looking for more packagers too,
so if you are someone who is interested, ping Andrea Veri (bluekuja)
on #ubuntu-motu-torrent on, or just apply to join the
team in launchpad. As is the custom across Ubuntu you can keep an eye
on them via their wiki page. Launchpad: Wiki:

=== Ubu(un)con-Boulder ===
Ubucon-Boulder is a free, all-day gathering of Ubuntu-related demos,
talks, chats, to show each other what *buntu can do, and Google's
Boulder office is where all the proposed action is. Jim McMaster, a
developer at Google and Leslie Hawthorn, of Google's Open Source
Program Office in California are the gracious hosts for the venue of
this unconference-like Barcamp. Due to space constraints, it will be a
small gathering of around 20 people, and registration is first-come,
first-served.

=== New Story Submission Address ===
The Marketing Team has created a new mailing list you can submit any
idea or story relevant to any of the Marketing Team projects (UWN,
Full Circle, The Fridge, etc). Send us your scoops to:

=== Forum Council News ===
The Forum Council met to discuss username changes, how to deal with
problem staff members, staff renewals, and staff selections:
* Usernames will not be changed unless there are extenuating
circumstances. Make the case to an admin, and they can decide whether
or not to change it.
* Forum staff problems will be dealt directly with the problem staff
member. If agreement cannot be reached, it will be dealt with in a
public meeting.
* Staff renewals will be done with a simple private message on the forums.
* Staff selections will be continue to be by word of mouth.

=== Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project Underway ===
Matt Zimmerman has announced more details about the Ubuntu Mobile and
Embedded project (UME). The purpose of UME is “to build a complete
mobile OS based on Ubuntu, with all of the necessary components
integrated into the Ubuntu package archive, ready to install and run,
or to tailor for custom mobile applications.” A mailing list has been
created, along with the beginnings of some technical specifications
and code.


For a more technical overview of UME, see

== LoCo News ==

==== Newly Approved LoCos ====
The Argentina Team has over 100 launchpad members and the most active
LoCo forum. Among the many open source conferences the Argentina Team
has taken part in, they organized and participated in the Flisol
installfest where Ubuntu was set up on over 80 computers. Martin
Albisetti will be giving two talks in the near future to local Linux
conferences. The team also plans to help distribute ShipIt CDs locally
and create videos aimed at Windows users to show how easy it is to use

The Catalan Team has over 200 launchpad members and second most active
community on Ubuntu Forums. A website has recently been started and
the planet consists of two daily news feeds and 14 bloggers. The team
supports translations teams and has translated the Education
Department's Ubuntu tutorials into Catalan. While 50 members of media
were notified of their recent Feisty party, the team has promoted
Ubuntu on several different radio shows. The Catalan Team also boasts
the first humour section on the wiki for a LoCo.

The DC Team has been active in promoting Ubuntu at many conferences
and conventions. They also provide introductory computer classes in
Spanish to Tenants and Workers United, as well providing labs for
libraries. The team is in the process of organizing the Free/Open
Source Software in Education conference and setting up more community
computing centers with Edubuntu.

== In The Press ==

* Alison Hunt, at Motley Fool, says that for most people who just use
their computers for email, surfing the web, and photo management, a
fast machine with Windows Vista is not necessary. There are free
alternatives to Windows like Ubuntu and installing it is painless.
Since Ubuntu comes with Evolution, Firefox, Open Office, F-Spot, and
Rhythmbox, the user is ready to go. Alison likes that Ubuntu promises
to remain free and will not charge for upgrades. Read the full

* James Bannan, at APC Magazine, provides a tutorial on how to
install Ubuntu and dual boot with Windows XP. James provides
screenshots as he walks through loading the Live CD and running the
installer to set the default language, time zone, keyboard layout, and
user account. He continues with partitioning the disk and modifying
GRUB to change the default operating system and boot menu timeout.
James calls GRUB “an excellent and highly flexible bootloader.” Read
the full article at:

* Brian Provost, at IT Security, discusses way to secure a default
installation of Ubuntu. He suggests disabling ssh root login, limiting
access to “su,” and enabling automatic security updates. Antivirus
software is recommended to protect inbound and outbound files
transmitted from other Windows computers. Firewalls should be used to
keep attackers away and various network tools allow for monitoring and
securing networks. Read more:

* The BBC has a programme covering Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth. Mark
discusses how Ubuntu makes Linux more accessible by focusing on
everday user experiences like working better on laptops, extending
battery life, and providing improved wireless networking. Ubuntu's
partnership with Intel is mentioned along with a test-drive of the
Freedom Toaster, a kiosk which will burn different pieces of open
source software onto a CD. Details of the programme can be found at
A short clip can be see at

== In The Blogosphere ==

* Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, at ZDNet, discusses the process of
installing LAMP on Linux. After researching for the easiest way to
make this happen, Adrian decides to down and install Ubuntu 7.04.
Adrian uses the server ISO and uses the text installer. He considers
the lack of graphics during the installation refreshing compared to
Windows. The installation routine was relatively easy and Adrian is
surprised since he expected to do lots of command-line work. Read

* Sal Cangeloso, at XYZ Computing, wonders if Dell is good for
Ubuntu. Without Wine or any virtualization software set up by default,
some Windows users may shy away if certain Windows specific products
do not work on Ubuntu. Special attention must be paid to the impact on
smaller system builders like System76, who will have a tough time
competing with Dell's prices. Still, with all the uncertainties of the
Dell/Ubuntu partnership, Canonical will want to make sure Dell's
support for Ubuntu doesn't reflect badly on them and Sal believes “the
fact that it was made is a great sign for the future, especially for
the ever-expanding legions of Ubuntu fans.” Read more:

* “Only Ubuntu Linux” shows how to install a LAMP server using Ubuntu
7.04. Screenshots of the install process are provided along with
instructions on how to set up a ssh server and configuring a static IP
address for the server. Read more:

* Alphonse Leong, at PerformancePC, describe Ubuntu Studio as “an
ambitious attempt to bring Linux multimedia creation to the
mainstream, and the results are surprisingly good.” Alphonse provides
a quick synopsis of the various graphics and audio tools availabe on
Ubuntu and thinks the interface is inviting and the simple
installation makes the user productive quickly.

* Gary shows how to install and set up MythTV on Ubuntu. He shows how
to test if a digital video broadcasting cards will work with the
kernel and how to test the output using mplayer and gxine. Gary
continues with instructions to install the MythTV software and testing
the configuration.

== Meetings and Events ==

=== Sunday, May 20, 2007 ===
==== Xubuntu Developers Meeting ====
* Start: 17:00
* End: 19:00
* Location: #ubuntu-meeting
* Agenda:

==== Georgia US LoCo meeting ====
* Start: 19:00
* End: 20:00
* Location: #ubuntu-georgia
* Agenda:

==== Catalan LoCo meeting ====
* Start: 20:00
* End: 21:00
* Location: #ubuntu-cat
* Agenda:

=== Tuesday, May 22, 2007 ===
==== Technical Board Meeting ====
* Start: 20:00
* End: 22:00
* Location: #ubuntu-meeting
* Agenda:

=== Wednesday, May 23, 2007 ===
==== Edubuntu Meeting ====
* Start: 20:00
* End: 22:00
* Location: #ubuntu-meeting
* Agenda:

=== Thursday, May 24, 2007 ===
==== Ubuntu Development Team Meeting ====
* Start: 20:00
* End: 22:00
* Location: #ubuntu-meeting

== Community Spotlight ==

=== Xubuntu Team ===
The aim of the Xubuntu Team is to provide a nice Ubuntu desktop
experience (even on older hardware) by using Xfce4 as the desktop
environment and GTK+ 2 applications wherever possible.
The Xubuntu team takes care of Xfce and other packages that are part
of the default Xubuntu installation. The team's tasks include
packaging, coding, artwork, documentation, translation and testing.
To find out more on them or to join the team, check out:

== Updates and security for 6.06, 6.10, and 7.04 ==

=== Security Updates ===

* USN-459-1: pptpd vulnerability –
* USN-460-1: Samba vulnerabilities –
* USN-461-1: Quagga vulnerability –
* USN-436-2: KTorrent vulnerability –

=== Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates ===

* pptpd 1.2.3-1ubuntu0.1 -
* samba 3.0.22-1ubuntu3.3 -
* squirrelmail 2:1.4.6-1ubuntu0.1 -
* quagga 0.99.2-1ubuntu3.1 -
* ktorrent 1.2-0ubuntu5.2 -

=== Ubuntu 6.10 Updates ===

* pptpd 1.3.0-1ubuntu1.1 -
* samba 3.0.22-1ubuntu4.2 -
* squirrelmail 2:1.4.8-1ubuntu0.1 -
* quagga 0.99.4-4ubuntu1.1 -
* firestarter 1.0.3-1.2ubuntu3.2 -
* ktorrent 2.0.3+dfsg1-0ubuntu1.2 -

=== Ubuntu 7.04 Updates ===

* pptpd 1.3.0-2ubuntu2.1 -
* squirrelmail 2:1.4.9a-1ubuntu0.1 -
* samba 3.0.24-2ubuntu1.1 -
* quagga 0.99.6-2ubuntu3.1 -
* liferea 1.2.10c-0ubuntu1.1 -
* bootcd 3.00ubuntu0.1 -
* hydrogen 0.9.3-2ubuntu0.1 -
* lzma 4.43-3ubuntu0.1 -
* pythoncad 0.1.33-2ubuntu0.1 -
* ktorrent 2.1-0ubuntu2.1 -

== Bug Stats ==

* Open (30639) -7 # over last week
* Critical (23) +0 # over last week
* Unconfirmed (15236) -133 # over last week
* Unassigned (23011) -94 # over last week
* All bugs ever reported (101628) +1174 # over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started,
please see

Check out the bug statistics:

== Did you know… ==
Did you know that Planet Ubuntu has a “Ubuntu Solar System” section
where other Planets in different languages are featured?
It's on the right side just below the “Subscribe” links. If you want
to get your Planet on there, get in touch with us at the marketing
team and we'll help you through the process

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== Conclusion ==

Thank you for reading the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.

See you next week!

== Credits ==

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* Martin Albisetti
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* And many others

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