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Linux, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, and Me

But here's Ubuntu week 1, not edited or smoothed out. I'll understand points of pain, for sure.
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A few minutes later, I had a Ubuntu install with KDE – but it was bare bones. The next step was to get online. That's the first snag. Ubuntu doesn't come default with an easy GUI way to connect to a wireless access point. I had to go command line in order to get online. I imagine if I was wired, it would automagically work (that's been my experience in the past.) So I had to dig out of my memory (and do some online looking) about iwconfig. I also ran into a weird problem with a daemon called “avahi-daemon” which is basically the Linux implementation of “Bonjour”. I'm glad it's there, but it mucked with my network, and it seemed strange that it was on by default.

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