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Ubuntu 7.04 Vs Suse 10.2 Vs PCLOS 2007

This PCLOS user tries Ubuntu and Suse – comments it – and returns to PCLOS
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Now it was the time to test Ubuntu (as they say, the best distro ever. Windows replacement …etc). I started Ubuntu 7.04 live CD, once the destop was up there was an icon 'install” like PCLOS. I clicked it and it asked me few questions and started installation. I was surprised how slow the installation process is, PCLOS installs on my laptop in 15-20 mins but this guy took almost 1hr-10mins, I dont know what it was installing for that long, but ultimately my laptop was ready with Ubuntu and I had a smile on my face . I restarted my laptop and Ubuntu splash screen came, after 4 mins wait suddenly it gave me command line interface with the message that “apt-get not install, use command —————- to install apt-get. This pissed me off, PCLOS never gave me such a crap message after its installation, it seems that Synaptic is not installed by this live CD than I thought let try the command and install this but this command didnt work because my wireless network was not configured…..well by this time I was pissed off, I was angry on myself that why I removed PCLOS from the system, why I gave a thought to try these system which are no where near to PCLOS. I just did time waste, Money waste and energy waste.

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