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What is the Ubuntu W2L edition about?

We are working on a book about Ubuntu Linux that aims at Windows users who want to migrate to Linux or are considering it.
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The book is a step-by-step migration guide, but also want to provide a wide overview of what Linux has to offer for office applications, multimedia (audio, video, graphics and webdesign) and communications (chat, blogging, e-mail, newsgroups, peer2peer, voip and browsing). We made the decision not to use the default Ubuntu CD or create a multiboot Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu DVD, but to integrate the three desktop environments and add about 80 more programs. In this way no install or download is needed to follow all that is discussed in the book. We use the perspective of the Windows user (the graphical interface) as a starting point and go deeper into the system from there on. We don’t shun the commandline, but introduce it gradually and provide more information later in the book. Sorry (and I don’t want to spoil things here) but the book will be in Dutch. Our deadline with the publisher is June 1st (no we are not worried yet ) and the book will be in the stores late August, early September.

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