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Ubuntu Really IS Easy…Sort of

I spent the past couple of days exploring Ubuntu and since I came away pretty impressed, I wanted to blog my thoughts.
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Initially, everything is very easy. It’s easy to install, easy to get started and easy to do things like email, browse the web and use everyday applications. Once you get beyond that however, it gets very difficult very quickly. But overall I really enjoy using it. As a kid who grew up with DOS I really like using the terminal for more tasks. It’s also amazing to see how many different projects there are out there. Beryl is the desktop manager I’m using and it’s a slick bit of software. Ubuntu can’t compete with Vista in my opinion. I just like Vista more (and I know how to use it), but I do suggest that everyone take a chance to play in the Ubuntu sandbox. If nothing else you can just boot from the Live CD and give it a whirl without having to install anything.

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