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Ubuntu 7.04 reviews and impressions

Here's the reviews and impressions of Ubuntu 7.04. So far impressions from Technical Itch and ZDNet and reviews from Pinderkent, CLICK, 2xSeopher, 2xITwire,, The Tech Journal, OSnews,, enterpriseitplanet, Information week, Ubuntunews, APCmag, WindowsITpro, extremetech, TeamSugar Software in Review and Interact News. Screenshots at Phoronix, ZDnet, Interactnews, eWeek, TechbookReport and FOSSwire, Debianadmin and posts […]

Dell Offers Three Consumer Systems With Ubuntu 7.04

It’s finally here. Later today, Dell will offer U.S customers three different systems with Ubuntu 7.04 installed: the XPS 410n and Dimension E520n desktops and the Inspiron E1505n notebook. Read it at the blog at Direct2Dell Quote: To the worldwide Linux community, I wanted to thank you for all your support. Linux-related posts are the […]

Fun with Debian packages

The blogger Ken shows us different ways of how to get an audio pleasure out of Debian Read it here Quote: A considerably less easy way: If what you want still isn’t in Sid or in your distro of choice, then you may be able to find packages of it already made. First try the […]

Running ISPConfig On Port 80 Using Apache's Reverse Proxy Feature

This article shows how you can configure a Debian Etch system that has the webhosting control panel ISPConfig installed so that ISPConfig can be accessed on port 80. Read it here Quote: By default ISPConfig uses port 81 which is a non-standard port and is blocked by some firewalls and ISPs. By using Apache's mod_proxy […]

What is the Ubuntu W2L edition about?

We are working on a book about Ubuntu Linux that aims at Windows users who want to migrate to Linux or are considering it. Read the blog story here Quote: The book is a step-by-step migration guide, but also want to provide a wide overview of what Linux has to offer for office applications, multimedia […]

Is Ubuntu Linux for You, Too?

Inspired by the Ubuntu-Dell-deal, Wired have a look at what Ubuntu ucan do for you. Read it here Quote: Is Ubuntu compatible with my iPod?Yes, but you'll have to leave iTunes behind. Ubuntu ships with the Rhythmbox Music Player, an application that you can use to access your iPod and play music. To move files […]

Switching Desktops on Ubuntu

PCWorld shows how to test-drive the 'Big Three' desktop environments on Ubuntu Linux and switch among them at will. Read it here Quote: Several different permutations of the problem, yes, but a single, simple answer to all. Here, I'll lay out one not-too-complicated set of instructions for adding any of the “Big Three” desktop environments […]

Sun prepared to defend Ubuntu against MS patent threats

ZDNet comments that Sun is prepared to defend Red Hat and Ubuntu against Microsoft patent threats Read it here Quote: While it’s unlikely Sun will be joining the Open Invention Network (a shared software patent consortium formed by IBM, NEC, Novell, Philips, Red Hat, and Sony) any time soon, it is heartening to know that […]

Is Ubuntu the Linux OS for Law Firms?

This article at discuss whether it is time to choose something else than the Microsoft Family: Ubuntu 7.04. Read it here Quote: The analysts predict that “Ubuntu will make a play to compete for enterprise Linux server business against Red Hat, Novell and Oracle.” That prediction bodes well for Ubuntu as a business-ready Linux […]

Ubuntu 7.04 Vs Suse 10.2 Vs PCLOS 2007

This PCLOS user tries Ubuntu and Suse – comments it – and returns to PCLOS Read the entry here Quote: Now it was the time to test Ubuntu (as they say, the best distro ever. Windows replacement …etc). I started Ubuntu 7.04 live CD, once the destop was up there was an icon 'install” like […]

MythTV on latest Ubuntu – Guide

So, here’s a handy guide, straight from the Ubuntu community guide itself, on how to install it in as few of steps as possible. Read an intro about it here and how to do it for yourself right here Quote: A backend/frontend combo machine is the most common setup for people wanting MythTV for HTPC […]

Linux, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, and Me

But here's Ubuntu week 1, not edited or smoothed out. I'll understand points of pain, for sure. Read the experiences of this blogger Quote: A few minutes later, I had a Ubuntu install with KDE – but it was bare bones. The next step was to get online. That's the first snag. Ubuntu doesn't come […]

300+ Easily Installed Free Fonts for Ubuntu

Ubuntu offers a lot of fonts, in addition to the defaults installed, and the MicroSoft msttcorefonts package, in its repositories. Read about it [url=]here[/url] Quote: I will save the packages with the biggest collection of fonts for the end here. Since I have included screenshots of most of the fonts, and this article is […]

Ubuntu in The Top 20 Products of the Year

Very Short: PCWorld have put Ubuntu at #17 on the list of the 20 best products in 2007. Read it here

Dell Ubuntu 7.04 Offering—Technical Details

John Hull, Dell Manager of Linux OS Technologies gives an overview of what customers can expect from our initial Ubuntu offering. Read it here Quote: Software and Hardware Not Offered For hardware options not offered with this release, we are working with the vendors of those devices to improve the maturity and stability of their […]

Intention to drop sparc32 support for Lenny

The sparc32 port has been struggling for some time. Last month Jurij Smakov, currently the most active Debian Sparc porter, raised the question if support sparc32 should be dropped for Lenny Frans Pop: Quote: The sparc32 port has been struggling for some time. Last month Jurij Smakov, currently the most active Debian Sparc porter, raised […]

Ubuntu: Getting in with the Grunge Set

So it was that I decided to take the plunge and have a go at using Linux as my primary OS for a while: doing the dual-boot thing, of course. It's been a liberating experience. Read once more about moving from Windows to Linux Quote: Sometimes, it must be said, you get what you pay […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #41

In this issue we cover the new Torrent Team, progress of the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project, newly approved members and LoCos, Community Council and Forum Council meetings, and we set the spotlight on the Xubuntu Team. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #41 for the week May13th – May 19th, 2007. In this […]

Howto install a free NX Server on Debian 4.0

NoMachine NX is a Terminal Server and Remote Access solution based on open source technologies. It makes it possible to run any graphical application on any operating system across any network connection as if you were sitting in front of your computer. Read it at Quote: If you'd like to discover how NoMachine's servers […]

Debian package usage statistics reaches 50,000 contributors

The debian package usage counter, popularity-contest, reached 50,000contributors a few hours ago. This is the number of machinesreporting their list of installed packages and related informationevery week. Quote: —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 The debian package usage counter, popularity-contest, reached 50,000contributors a few hours ago. This is the number of machinesreporting their list of installed […]

How to share files and folders in Ubuntu

This brief tutorial will outline how to enable file sharing in Ubuntu. Plenty of screenshots. Read it here

Adobe Flex Development On Ubuntu

Adobe Flex is an API that works in tandem with Flash 9 player, is available as an SDK. There is a free version of the SDK that allows you to develop Flex applications. Read how to do it here Quote: Conclusion At this point, your Flex development environment is already set up. And if you […]

Debian Etch (4.0) Review

I thought i should do a review of quite possibly my FAVORITE linux distro, Debian…note this might be a little bit biased, here we go Read the blog here: Quote: Pros:1. Debian is fast, stable and customizable.2. Debian has Apt which is great package managment.3. It’s a reasonably easy to use distro and you learn […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.5 – Simply Easy

Techeimoe finds it relatively easy to install, solid and fully-customizable Debian/Ubuntu based distribution. Read it at Techiemoe Quote: In short, Mepis is a stable, relatively easy to install distribution based on Ubuntu. There's nothing terribly unique about it, but you could do a lot worse.

Wine 32bit on amd64 in Debian

Just for the records, I like to see wine 32bit packages on x86_64 archs, and I'm also a fan of highly crackpiped hacks, but I think what Debian did, isn't the right way. Read the blog entry here Quote: So, for having a 32bit wine on x86_64 architectures, we should (disregarding the fact, that Debian […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue40

In this issue we cover the long awaited stable release of Ubuntu Studio, the new Ubuntu Central American LoCo Team, the growing media coverage on Ubuntu (both press and blogs), and we highlight the amazing work done by the MOTU Team. Read the full newsletter Quote: An Ubuntu Central American Team has been created with […]

The Big Ol' Ubuntu Security Resource

Ubuntu is billed as ultra-secure, but its default install has flaws. Here are the mods you need to make to protect your system. Read it here Quote: An often overlooked yet highly vulnerable area of computing is protection for machines while they're booting up. While simply keeping unauthorized users from having access to your computer […]

A Feisty Tale – Ubuntu Upgrade and Install Issues

I have been an adamant Ubuntu supporter since I was ‘converted’ to it – but I have been quite disappointed with Feisty (AKA: Version 7.04). Not Feisty itself, but the process. Read it here Quote: A week or so ago I tried to upgrade to Feisty from Edgy using the Update Manager (as suggested in […]

Hacking the Ubuntu Installation

This is the first chapter in the ExtremeTech book Hacking Ubuntu: Serious Hacks Mods and Customizations. This feature explores options for installing and configuring devices in Ubuntu's installation process and much more. Read more at Extremetech Quote: Warning: This article deals with drive partitioning, formatting, and installing operating systems. If you play with a working […]

What is new for Debian-Med in etch?

The Debian-Med project strenghtened its current three main areas of activity: imaging, bioinformatics, and medical practice. But of course, it also benefits of all the other improvements of Debian etch. Read it here Quote: More possibilities for neuroscience researchDebian-Med offers tools to work with medical imaging data obtained from various techniques such as magnetic resonance […]

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