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Knoppix offers OpenVZ virtualization test-drive

Using a specially equipped Knoppix Linux 5.5.1 bootable CD, companies looking to see how server virtualization might fit into their IT plans can now run OpenVZ virtualization software instead of having to install and configure the full program. Read it here at Computerworld Quote: For users who want to see how the application works, the […]

Envy 0.9.3 STABLE adds the support for Etch and Ubuntu

Envy 0.9.3 STABLE adds the support for Debian Etch, restores the support for Ubuntu Dapper and fixes a few issues. Furthermore Envy adds the support for the Nvidia legacy driver 7185. Read the announcement here Quote: “Envy” is an application for Ubuntu Linux written in Python and PyGTK which will:1) detect the model of your […]

Some small quirks in Ubuntu .deb installation

A few days ago I blogged about the way we can now deliver a more robust .deb installation of our application on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. Now that I've released a first non-snapshot .deb package, I ran some more tests and discovered a little quirk. Read it here Quote: And now the small-but-annoying problem. I noted […]

Ubuntu on Thinkpad X41 – Working With Amarok

This is one of a number of posts detailing how to install Ubuntu 6.10 (codename Edgy) on a Thinkpad X41. This post focuses on using the amazing music player Amarok. Read it here Quote: Installing couldn’t be easier. Although Amarok is techically a KDE application, and I’ve installed Gnome on my Thinkpad, it will run […]

Ubuntu Kane and Abel community struggle

A comment made against my “6 biggest wins for Linux in 2007” has highlighted something that concerns me within the community. Read it here Quote: Because Linux has such a wealth of options; a lot of users have their system of choice and will defend it to the end. A lot of us will continue […]

Eight things I DON'T like about Ubuntu

Got to agree, it's the best Linux desktop distro ever and has some great solutions to your regular pesky Linux issues Nevertheless, it is not perfect and here are some of my pet peeves which stop me from giving Ubuntu a 10/10 rating. Read it in this blog Quote: Does not recognize wide-screen monitors My […]

Alioth upgrade

The Alioth team plan to upgrade Alioth (and possibly Wagner, thedom0 underneath) from Sarge to Etch this coming Sunday (2007-05-13). Quote: Hi all, We (the Alioth team) plan to upgrade Alioth (and possibly Wagner, thedom0 underneath) from Sarge to Etch this coming Sunday (2007-05-13).We'll try to be careful, but you may notice some downtime of […]

Set Gmail as Default Mail Client in Ubuntu

Now you can set Gmail as the default client in Ubuntu without any extra software. (Windows requires the Gmail notifier be installed) Read it here

Red Hat CEO Dismisses Novell, Ubuntu Threats

Red Hat is developing drivers to make its Linux distribution run better with Windows, but its CEO dismissed Novell's interoperability partnerships with Microsoft and Dell as a threat. Read more at Quote: Red Hat's CEO also praised the fast-rising Ubuntu Linux distribution but said government and corporate customers need greater security, management, document conversion […]

Wubi – another way to install Ubuntu

Press: “Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a few clicks.” Read it here Quote: How does Wubi work?Wubi adds an entry to the Windows boot menu which allows you to run Linux. Ubuntu is installed within a file in the windows file system […]

Debian Desktop Artwork reloaded

The Debian Desktop team is pleased to announce DebianArt. DebianArt is a place for high quality artwork and themes for the Debian Desktop. Read the short announcement here and enjoy the art at

Hddtemp with SATA Support on Ubuntu 7.04 and Debian

Aside, the currently available hddtemp package (0.3-beta15-33) of Ubuntu 7.04 is not capable of reading temperatures of SATA drives. I found that bug report, after fiddeling with the configuration files and init scripts. Read how to do it at this blog Quote: Maybe I could just have installed the binary Debian package or just wait […]

Fix "Password required" Error When Using Unrar in Ubuntu

If you’ve tried to use the built-in “Extract Here” functionality in Ubuntu’s File Roller to extract either a single or a multi-part zip or rar file and ended up with a “Password required” error, then you might just assume the files are password protected when in fact they are not. Read it at howtogeek

The Joy and Sorrow of Ubuntu

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols lists the take on how good or bad Ubuntu is from the Ziff Davis family of publications. Read it here Quote: Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't include a reference to Jessamyn West, a self-described rural librarian, who has recently discovered Ubuntu and really likes it a lot. It's a […]

Ubuntu Mobile to target MIDs, not phones

The “mobile and embedded” version of the popular desktop Linux distribution will be developed in partnership with Intel, and will target “mobile Internet devices” (MIDs), along the lines of Nokia's N800 web tablet. Read about it at LinuxDevices Quote: Carr declined to specify whether Ubuntu Mobile will also be built on traditional embedded architectures, such […]

Installing Virtualbox and Windows in Ubuntu

I have successfully installed Virtualbox in my Ubuntu Feisty Fawn desktop. Installation was pretty simple. I’m listing the steps I followed to get it installed and configured. Read it at Aruns blog Quote: Go to Virtualbox download site and download the binary file compiled for your OS. I installed it on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, so […]

Ubuntu Should Focus on Desktop, Not Mobile

Ubuntu's major objective, at this point, should be to continue to ensure that users won't have any such problems. The operating system has always been targeted towards desktop users, and has reaped great popularity as a result. Read the comment at Daniweb Quote: If a user purchases a Windows machine, has problems, and is forced […]

How goes the Ubuntu Developer Summit?

Jono Bacon blogs about hte progress on the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Read it here Quote: Kick arse. Kick arse. Those are the only ways to describe the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Here we are in Seville having a blast and getting some really productive work done. I have actually been here since Wednesday for the Ubuntu […]

NFS Server and Client Configuration in Ubuntu

The Ubuntugeek have a guide to setting up the NFS server and Client in Ubuntu. Read more here Quote: NFS was developed at a time when we weren’t able to share our drives like we are able to today – in the Windows environment. It offers the ability to share the hard disk space of […]

The Perfect Desktop – Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

This tutorial shows people who are willing to switch to Linux how they can set up a Linux desktop (Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn in this article) that fully replaces their Windows desktop, i.e. that has all software that people need to do the things they do on their Windows desktops Read it at howtoforge Quote: […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #39

In this issue we cover the new Mobile and Embedded Initiative, Launchpad's new mentoring framework, and Lo`Cos involved in conferences and installfests. Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #39 for the week April29th – May 5th, 2007. In this issue we cover the new Mobile andEmbedded Initiative, Launchpad's new mentoring framework, and Lo“Cosinvolved […]

D-Link LiveDVD features Kubuntu

The Fridge: “In a recent story published by Heise Online, D-Link is publishing a LiveDVD featuring the Kubuntu GNU/Linux operating system. ” Read it here Quote: This DVD features a router development environment for the HorstBox Professional VoIP router (page available in German only). The HorstBox Professional contains a WLAN router with ADSL modem as […]

Skype on 64-bit Ubuntu Feisty Fawn via i386 chroot

I use is just plain free software that has no source associated with it (like Skype and Gizmo Project). I took the challenge of wanting to run a 64-bit desktop. Read it at Colin charles weblog Quote: …Excellent, Skype is now installed. Exit the chroot. sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/do_dchroot /usr/local/bin/skype Now, run Skype! I did […]

Add the Trash Can Icon to Your Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu has an option for adding a Trash Can icon to the desktop, which might be a comfort for those of you migrating from Windows. Read it at howtogeek Quote: Just type gconf-editor into the Alt+F2 run dialog to open the Gnome Configuration Editor.

Ubuntu plans mobile Linux version

Ubuntu will develop a mobile version of its Debian-based Linux OS in collaboration with Intel Read more here Quote: Developers meeting at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, which runs through the end of this week in Seville, Spain, will discuss details of the new Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded project, announced on Saturday.

Making Ubuntu usable

In this chapter from the ExtremeTech book Hacking Ubuntu: Serious Hacks Mods and Customizations you'll learn how to set up the operating system to your taste Read it hered Quote: The startup music is one of the easiest items to change. From the menu at the top, select System > Preferences > Sound. This brings […]

Ubuntu is not ready for most, even from Dell

Linux needs to abandon command lines most importantly and make something like .exe files or .msi files and do away with repositories, dependencies, the whole system and start over Read it at this blog Quote: Linux lacks polish, its programs lack polish, it’s free but as always is not worth it in my opinion. In […]

Installing Ubuntu on Virtual PC for Windows Lovers

I recently decided to try out Ubuntu to see what all the fuss was about. My notes here apply to Virtual PC 2007. Read more here Quote: So now I have Ubuntu running in a virtual machine. It comes with Open Office, Firefox, etc… preinstalled. My next step is to install VMWare and MonoDevelop and […]

The 2007 Rave Awards to Mark Shuttleworth

Wired have given a Rave Award to Mark Shuttleworth for his work with ubuntu. Read it here Quote: Used to be, Linux was easy to champion but hard to use. That was before Ubuntu. The free open source operating system — complete with a word processor, Web browser, spreadsheet application, and PDF reader — is […]

Debian Etch, Backports, ACPI

In my somewhat never-ending quest to get a fully dose of ACPI suspend and hibernation, I took the Thinkpad T40 which had Ubuntu Feisty on it and went to Debian Etch. Read the blog entry here Quote: Debian 4.0 is pretty nice all in all; and I found out along the way that gnome-power-manager really […]

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