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How to install memcache on Debian Etch

This article walks through the steps needed to install the libevent, memcached and PECL memcache libraries on Debian 4.0 (Etch). These are the prerequisites to being able to use the Drupal memcache module. Read it at lillabot Quote: Memcache consists of two parts; a server library which runs the caching daemon and a client library […]

Debian and Kraken, Like the Wolf and the Falcon

I'm still doing research on Debbie and Kraken. I found that the only way to use the backup facilities of either was to use an agent included with each of the respective backup aps that is installed on the target desktops. Read the blog entry here Quote: Windows Home Server (Kraken) uses a install module […]

Ubuntu System Monitoring Tools

To keep your system in optimum shape, you need to be able to monitor it closely. Ubuntu provides a wealth of utilities designed to give you as little or as much feedback as you want. In this sample chapter, Paul and Andrew Hudson look at some of the basic monitoring tools and cover some tactics […]

Virtualbox on 64-bit Ubuntu works like a charm

However, my main PC at home utilizes a 64-bit version of Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, and Virtualbox didn't support 64-bit OSes — until this month. Now that I've tried it, I'm happy to report it works just as well as its 32-bit sibling. Read it at Quote: Other than a few minor annoyances, everything […]

full circle magazine – issue #2 now released!

Full Circle – the Ubuntu Community Magazine are proud toannounce our second issue. full circle #2 Full Circle – the Ubuntu Community Magazine are proud toannounce our second issue. It contains : * Kubuntu install step-by-step * How-To : Install Ubuntu on Intel Mac Mini, Virtual Private Networking, Learning Scribus part 2 and Ubuntu for […]

Installing Xen On An Ubuntu 7.04 Server From The Ubuntu Repositories

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Xen on an Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) server system (i386). You can find all the software used here in the Ubuntu repositories, so no external files or compilation are needed. Read it at howtoforge Quote: Xen lets you create guest operating systems (*nix operating systems […]

Why you should be excited about Ubuntu 7.10

Even if you’re not as passionate about new operating systems as I am, if you’re at all a Linux fan you should be excited about the latest Ubuntu release. Why? Because it’s going to fix one of the four major issues keeping Linux off desktops. Read more at arsgeek Quote: So what the heck are […]

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 2 Released

Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 2, which will in time become Ubuntu 7.10 has just been released for testing. And we have screenshots too. Here's the announcement Quote: Pre-releases of Gutsy are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are, however, recommended for […]

GCC 4.2 transition

GCC 4.2 was released on May 13 and has been in unstable since roughlythat time..This message is a call for help for this GCC 4.2 transition from Martin Michlmayr. Quote: GCC 4.2 was released on May 13 and has been in unstable since roughlythat time. The default version of gfortran was recently switched to4.2 and […]

NGO-in-a-Box uses Ubuntu

The Base Edition of NGO-in-a-box is a collection of essentialtools for running a small-to-medium sized NGO [Non-GovernmentalOrganization]. From their web site: The Base Edition of NGO-in-a-box is a collection of essentialtools for running a small-to-medium sized NGO [Non-GovernmentalOrganization — KJC]. You can use this toolkit to set up andcoordinate your office, organise and manage […]

Dell to offer Ubuntu on more systems

Dell isn't resting on its recent consumer Linux PC laurels. The computing giant has added a new laptop — the Inspiron 1420 Notebook — to its Ubuntu Linux 7.04 offering Read the report at Desktoplinux Quote: The new Inspiron 1420N is powered by a 1.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 processor. This chip set also […]

Trojan Horse Loaded Version Of Ubuntu 7.04 Spreading

Many of the recent torrent site downloads of the new version of Ubuntu 7.04 have been loaded with well hidden trojan horses. Read about it here Quote: Many are reporting to have found keyloggers and auto ad loaders buried within the new operating system. The totally free of charge operating system as been reported to […]

Smartest Linux Move Ever? And Why Ubuntu will Fail

I’ve always said that for Linux to have a chance on the desktop it must be turned into Windows. I know how that might sound to most, but that statement is completely true. Read the blog here Quote: The majority of the desktop user-base want their hand held and told that everything is okay. And […]

Installing Xen on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn – the complete newbie’s guide

So I think it’s a good idea to write this down somewhere for the next time I have to do the same bloody thing over again on any new servers. Read it here Quote: I had to constantly refer to the different sources since there wasn’t a complete page which had everything I needed for […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #46

In this issue we cover Dell's live thread about Ubuntu, Jordan Mantha joining the Ubuntu Core Team, planned features for Gutsy, the release of Launchpad 1.1.6 and much more. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 46 for the week June17th – June 23rd, 2007. In this issue we cover Dell's live threadabout Ubuntu, Jordan […]

Will HP Follow Dell With Ubuntu Linux PCs?

After a few days of testing, I'm a [Ubuntu-Dell] skeptic no more. And I'm not alone. Dell insiders tell me that the Ubuntu PCs, introduced in late May, are selling well — though they decline to share exact sales figures with me. Read the blogger here Quote: Dell's initial success with Ubuntu apparently has caught […]

Take Linux for a test drive — it's free, after all

Chicago Sun-times tries Ubuntu and sees it as perfect for a 2nd PC and that you can run it alongside Windows if you want Read it here Quote: So with Ubuntu, for example, getting your display running at full resolution merely requires that from the menu bar, you click on System >Administration >Synaptic Package Manager. […]

Desktop Debian Etch (and Ubuntu)

I started using Debian in late 2002, today I am a Debian package maintainer and use it full time every day at my job as a Debian Sysadmin. On the flip side I’m also an Ubuntu enthusiast and now an official Member of the project. Read the blog entry here Quote: With the release of […]

Postfix Monitoring With Mailgraph And pflogsumm On Debian Etch

This article describes how you can monitor your Postfix mailserver with the tools Mailgraph and pflogsumm. Read it here Quote: Mailgraph creates daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs of sent, received, bounced, and rejected emails and also of spam and viruses, if SpamAssassin and ClamAV are integrated into Postfix (e.g. using amavisd-new). These graphs can […]

Wubi: Making it easy for Windows Users to Install Ubuntu

We’ve seen this Ubuntu installer for Windows before, but now it has new features and a new name: Wubi Beta. It uses no confusing lingo, and even lets you choose a variety of options that similar applications don’t offer. Read it here Quote: Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “why not just use a LiveCD […]

Book:Ubuntu for non-geeks, 2nd edition

Ubuntu for Non-Geeks is a pain-free, project-based, get-things-done guidebook. It even says so right on the cover. Read the overview at arsgeek Quote: The book consists of 18 chapters, The first three chapters introduce the reader to some basic Linux concepts and walk them through installing and first starting up Ubuntu, including a look at […]

DebConf 7 positions Debian for the future

Throughout the conference, socialising Debian developers could be heard discussing the finer points of programs they maintain and use and ways things could be improved. Here's the Debconf coverage from Quote: The conference itself was held at the Teviot Row House in Edinburgh, just a few minutes south of the downtown core of the […]

Damn Small Linux plus pendrive equals portable paradise

I recently acquired a 256MB USB pendrive that I use for storing personal documents and work-related stuff. As a Linux fan who wanted to make the most of his new toy, I went looking for the simplest, smallest distro I could find that could boot from a pendrive. Read it at Quote: My conclusion: […]

Ubuntu’s User Interface: No Learning Required

Let me put it simply: If you have any experience using Mac OS or Windows, you’ll master Ubuntu in a matter of minutes. Read the blog: Quote: I showed her OpenOffice and Firefox. She was surfing the web and typing away on our Ubuntu PC in a matter of minutes. Fast forward two days. She […]

Debian VPS setup

These articles will take you from a 'barebones' Debian VPS to a secure, up to date and working VPS. Not only that, you will have a deeper understanding of what is going on and, more importantly, why it's going on. Read it here Quote: You have a newly ordered or reinstalled VPS and have chosen […]

Ubuntu on a $99 computer

That said, his box now sports Ubuntu, and he provides a step by step description of how he installed version 6.06 on his decTOP. Read it at p2pnet Quote: For a while, AMD was offering a $185 Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) designed to, “bring Internet access to 50 percent of the world's population by 2015”.

Ubuntu Hug Day

The focus will be the packages samba, php5, openssh, mysql, apache2, postfix, and openldap2.3. Time for some bug chasing Quote: The list of specific bugs will be finalized shortly before the start of the 27th to ensure that all the bugs on it still need attention. Our goal is to deal with all of the […]

How to Access Your Ubuntu Remotely

Now that I have truly upgraded to Ubuntu, I want to be able to access my machine remotely. This blog post describes two methods. Read it in this blog Quote: First things first. You must make sure you can access your computer through the Internet. If you don’t have a static IP address, this means […]

How To Run PHP 4 and 5 in Ubuntu Without CGI

As you probably know, CGI is not scalable and we needed to scale in PHP4 and PHP5 since we needed to server millions of hits in both configurations. Read what to do here Quote: 1. Run Apache 2. Use mod_php for both PHP versions. 3. Run eAccelerator with both PHP versions. 4. Use as many […]

Virtual Hosting With vsftpd And MySQL On Debian Etch

This document describes how to install a vsftpd server that uses virtual users from a MySQL database instead of real system users. Read it here Quote: For the administration of the MySQL database you can use web based tools like phpMyAdmin which will also be installed in this howto. phpMyAdmin is a comfortable graphical interface […]

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