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UPnP AV streaming in Ubuntu with a D-Link DNS-323

I’m writing this little tutorial because I couldn’t find the info nicely laid out anywhere else on the web. So, about month ago I bought myself a D-Link DNS-323 NAS device.
Read how to do it here


So far, it’s been pretty awesome (after I upgraded the firmware, at least), allowing for networked RAID-1, a built-in iTunes server, print server and streaming UPnP AV support, all for a pretty decent price. The first three on those list are a snap to set up, the fourth is a little more cryptic. UPnP, as far as I can tell, is usually meant to be used with a media server (something like a MythTV setup), rather than just for desktop users. I found very little info about how to connect to and play content from a UPnP AV server using a desktop software client. I did find, however, mention of djmount, a utility that allows you to mount a UPnP AV server’s content as a filesystem. Sounds great! However, getting it set up and functioning on my Ubuntu box was still anything but straight-forward. Here’s how I did it in Feisty.

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