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Encrypted home in Ubuntu

This article is like a second edition to Encrypted home in Ubuntu (or Kubuntu… or Debian…). Important changes include that I have tested it for Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn and it works, but the devices are sd instead of hd due to all hard disk being viewed as SCSI.
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The level of security is not high and if you are a real paranoid you should be reading some other tutorials. I am using just a pass-phrase for the encryption so I am susceptible to dictionary attacks, my swap is not encrypted, so some personal information would be available there. But that’s Ok. I am not trying to protect from the people with enough sophistication to perform the needed operations to retrieve that information. And if the thing becomes really nasty I bet people can find other ways to access my information. My goal is to protect from the regular thieve or from loosing it… so I will mourn for some dollars being lost but I will sleep well at night.

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