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Why the Dell/Ubuntu Deal Won't Improve Linux's Market Share

Despite the fact that this is a huge step towards making a Linux distro mainstream, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes firmly believe this move won’t have any significant positive effect on the Linux market share.
Read his argumentation:


There are other flaws in the way that the deal was implemented. The limited range of PCs that are offered with an Ubuntu install is a problem. There’s one notebook model (the Inspiron E1505n), one budget desktop model (the Dimension E520n) and one from the high-end XPS system (although it’s a low-end 410n). The base price for the E520n and E1505n notebook is $599 while the base price for the XPS 410n is $849. When you compare the prices to comparable systems running Windows Vista Home Premium, the difference in price is $50. But dig a little deeper and that $50 doesn’t seem like much at all, considering what you get. When it comes to software support for the Ubuntu systems, users have the choice of “serve yourself” support at the Dell Community Forum or paying Canonical for a support package. No free telephone support from Dell for Linux.

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