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10 Things To Do After You Install Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a great distro, but it still needs some slight tweaking to get it just right. I’m going to show you how to use Automatix2 to get your OS perfected. Read it here Quote: 3. Install Swiftfox and Plugins Swiftfox is an optimized version of Firefox that is tuned to your specific processor. The […]

Sharing Internet Connection in Ubuntu

After all, you’ve successfully networked your computers together and even shared files with all your home computers, so why not the Internet? Read it at Ubuntugeek Quote: Well if you have a small home network of computers all connected and have tried to open up a browser, you’ve probably found out that things aren’t quite […]

How to install Skype on Ubuntu

This how to will show you how to install a Skype client in Ubuntu & Debian base operating system. Quote: Skype is perhaps the most popular client to make calls from your computer to any phone lines in the world. With SkypeIn subscription, you can even get an international phone number for everybody to call […]

Ubuntu: The Switch – Conclusion

Now that the Vista to Ubuntu switch is complete and I have had some time to use Ubuntu in a productive environment… I can say that I love Ubunutu Read it here Quote: Everything was not all smooth sailing, especially when it came to setting up my two monitors, both on Ubuntu and on VMware. […]

How to revive an old PC

This article at The inquirer shows lightweight Windows and Linux for low-end machines with DSL and Xubuntu and several other distributions. Read it here Quote: Xubuntu is an official variant of Ubuntu based around the Xfce desktop and GTK+ applications instead of the standard Ubuntu's GNOME desktop and apps. It's not vastly slimmer than vanilla […]

Ubuntu root access.

The other day it was pointed out to me that a “flaw” was that if ubuntu was booted into recovery mode that the user was then given root access without the need of a password. Read it here Quote: One of the greatest features that Linux has to offer, is the ability to customize your […]

Why Ubuntu was on the Windows Marketplace

Ubuntu was being offered as a free download on the Windows Marketplace. How could such a thing happen? Read it at CybernetNews Quote: The Windows Marketplace indexes several popular download sites for software, and CNet is one of those sites. Someone had actually submitted Ubuntu to CNet as an application that runs on all versions […]

Running Ubuntu: 5 First Impressions

I’ve finally had a chance to run my Ubuntu PC from Dell. I can see why the systems aren’t quite ready for all users. Read it here Quote: Advanced users who are tired of spyware and bloatware will surely welcome Ubuntu. I’m not saying Ubuntu is more secure than Windows. But it certainly isn’t a […]

Installing And Working With Xoops Under Ubuntu 6.10

I want to show you how to install Xoops on Ubuntu. I used the Ubuntu 6.10 Server Edition, but it will probably work on other systems as well. It's at howtoforge Quote: Xoops is a modern Content-Management-System which can be extended with a variety of modules. Further information about Xoops can be read on the […] Automated Warnings for Debian Security Updates (Debian Security Check) is a Python script that automatically notifies a machine’s administrator when installed packages require a security upgrade. Read about it here Quote: This week there were 9 Debian security advisories released, and I don’t always know which ones apply to my server. This is especially hard in the case of libraries […]

Getting Sun Java 5 On Debian 4.0: So Easy

And the official Ubuntu and Debian releases now does indeed include packages for Sun Java. With this addition, installing Sun JDK is easy to install. Read the description in this blog Quote: Running apt-get install sun-java5-jdk caused apt-get to include several other dependencies and suggested other packages to install. I installed the suggested packages as […]

Looking for new release assistants

the development cycle for lenny just started off. We would like to bringnew people into the loop for lenny now to better distribute the workload,and look out for new release assistants. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Hi all, the development cycle for lenny just started off. We would like to bringnew people into the loop […]

USB ADSL Modem Speedtouch 330 in Ubuntu

USB ADSL Modem Speedtouch 330, the popular or even the default ADSL modem in some contries, is also one of the item that is difficult to make usable in Linux. See the help at Tuxmachines Quote: Using the package from the project, Ubuntu user now can use their USB ADSL Speedtouch modem to connect to […]

Free Online Ubuntu Linux Books

VnTutor has compiled a list of the best online Ubuntu books and put them all in one easy to find spot. Read the short notice here and find the books at

Full-length review: Ubuntu, Xubuntu and Ubuntu Studio 7.04

This long blog post takes a look at the Ubuntu family and dyne:bolic 2.4.2 Read it here Quote: Ubuntu Studio 7.04:Friendliness: 5/5- See notes for Ubuntu 7.04.Performance: 2.5/5- In multimedia creation, low performance can have a serious effect on sound quality, even with a low-latency kernel.Features: 5/5- It's a complete studio.Packaging: 4.5/5- See Ubuntu 7.04.Overall: […]

Media support in Ubuntu 7.04

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDNet have had a small look at the media support in Ubuntu Feisty Youp, at the blogs at ZDNet Quote: The test is simple. Save these files onto the Ubuntu desktop, double-click and see what Ubuntu does. I already know that Linux will try its best to find a way to run […]

HowTo install openfire (former wildfire) on Debian

The title says it all, and this has been done on a Debian Sarge installation but it should work on Etch also, Read it here

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #45

In this issue we cover Mark's debunking a rumour of a possible Microsoft deal, Gutsy translation opening, an interview with Matthew East and much more. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 45 for the week June10th – June 16th, 2007. In this issue we cover Mark's debunking arumour of a possible Microsoft deal, Gutsy […]

Ubuntu's "Gutsy" Release Features Outlined

Now that the set of feature goals planned for Ubuntu 7.10 (“Gutsy Gibbon”) has been largely finalised, it seems like an appropriate point to announce the plan to the world. It's copied from OSDir Quote: While this is based on the approved blueprints for gutsy[0], which are expected to be implemented in time, we do […]

Windows Mobile and Ubuntu Linux

Despite my generally positive experience with Ubuntu, I was almost sure that there would be no way to synchronize my Windows Mobile Outlook information (contacts, tasks, schedule, etc.) with Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: In order to start synching my Windows Mobile device with Evolution I had to install two programs: SynCE and Multisync. Installation […]

Damn Small Linux 3.4 RC1

Robert Shingledecker has announced the availability of the first release candidate of Damn Small Linux 3.4. Read the announcement Quote: Change Log for DSL v3.4RC1 1. Updated MurgaLua to v0.4.12. Added Added acpid. Use boot option “acpid”4. Added bcrypt. Dropped des5. Improved emelfm for better CLI support6. Fixed user umount Debian Woody bug.7. Updated […]

Debian Day 2007 – From Business Point of View

I decided to attend Debian Day with a point of view that I had heard that Open Source software could help my small business to reduce IT costs and bring competitive advantages. Here is a quick review of the talks from the event. Read the overview and see the relevant shows here

Playing Movies In Ubuntu 7.04

The default movie player under Ubuntu 7.04 is Totem and this blog post describes it and how to use it best. Read it here Quote: When you have a file you want to play. simply double clicking on it should open Totem. If you want to play multiple files in a row, drag the files […]

Yet Another Feisty Review

And here's a review from that sees it as a positive evolution of Linux. Read it here Quote: RecapFeisty Fawn isn’t a revolutionary release. We should rather talk about evolution but with well defined direction. Ubuntu developers have surely a certain vision they adhere to and some positive results are shown to us in […]

Fix for Sendmail Boot Error in Ubuntu

Sendmail is a Mail Transfer Agent, which is the program that moves mail from one machine to another. Read about the error and fix here Quote: The cause of bug relates to the starting of network interfaces during the /etc/rc0.d/ phase of startup, and the contents of these files are responsible

19″ Linux Digital Photo Frame Kit

RedPost inc. announced the launch of RedPost/Kit, a do-it-yourself digital photo frame kit that comes with everything you need to get up and running. It is based on Damn Small Linux. Read it at announced at their website Quote: The specs: 19″ LCD monitor 200MHz fanless x86 CPU / 128MB on board memory Boots modified […]

How to: 3G modem on Ubuntu Feisty

I recently got my hands on a Vodacom 3G USB modem and was faced with the challenge of getting this piece of hardware to work Read it here Quote: The post rgave a link to a 3G device manager that was developed through funding from Vodafone Spain and had been tested on the following distros: […]

Install Debian with VirtualBox via 'netinst' image

Very short, this guide shows you how to install Debian with VirtualBox via 'netinst' image Read it here Quote: 2. I open VirtualBox and mount the [netinst] image. See How to install CentOs v5 on Ubuntu 7.04 using virtual box topic that I post before. Install Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 with instruction.

How to make a Ubuntu File server and more

I have over the last few days been working on setting up my own File server. This project has sort of evolved over the course of its progress from a simple Windows XP desktop that had an FTP server, VNCserver and shared drives that could also be used as a desktop. Read it here Quote: […]

Ubuntu Linux Just Plain Rocks!

Yet another blogger finds the pleasures of Ubuntu.. Read it here at LockerGnome Quote: After running Ubuntu at home, I also installed it on my primary maintenance box at work. Since I’ll need access to a Windows Server 2003 box from time to time for domain related maintenance, I installed the totally free VMWare Server […]

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