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installing Xen domU on Debian Etch

I have just been installing a Xen domU on Debian Etch. I’ll blog about installing dom0 later when I have a test system that I can re-install on (my production Xen machines have the dom0 set up already). Read it here

Server Upgrade from Debian Sarge to Debian Etch

Before you decide to upgrade your server you should consider the following: Does my system run stable? Do I need newer versions of software I am using? The system may not work any more after the upgrade. Read it here Quote: For me the decision was not too hard. I experienced some problems with Web […]

Retrieving Emails From Remote Servers With fetchmail

Fetchmail is a program for retrieving emails from remote servers. Imagine you have five email accounts on five different servers. Of course, you don't want to connect to each of them to get your emails. This is where fetchmail comes into play. Read it here Quote: Or imagine you have an email account at a […]

Finally took the plunge – Ubuntu

I've used a lot of Linux distributions over the years starting with Red Hat 4 (back in 1995 or 1996?). Since then I've tried many including Debian, Mandrake, Fedora Core, SuSE / OpenSUSE and MEPIS among others. Well I finally took the plunge and switched from OpenSUSE 10.2 to Ubuntu 7.04. Read the enthusiastic report […]

DebConf7 Schedule available

The subject says it all: The schedule is now available in various formats. Quote: Schedule——– The schedule is now available in various formats: – No login is required to access this export, it is regenerated every 10 minutes. –[ics|xcs] If you have a PDA or mobile phone thats capable of using iCal or […]

Canonical refines mobile Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu backer Canonical has pinned down some broad feature lists for its upcoming version of Linux for smaller mobile devices. Read it at Quote: At the Computex trade show in Taiwan, the company announced particulars of a mobile version of Linux, Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition. The first full release of the software, which […]

After Ubuntu, Windows Looks Increasingly Bad

Well, Ubuntu takes Linux where I've long hoped it would go – easy to use, reliable, dependable, great applications too but more on that later. It has some elegance to it – bet you never heard that about a Linux desktop before. Read it at Linux.sys-con Quote: In sum, what's changing about software? The installation, […]

Ubuntu desktop imitating OSX

This is the second article from Lauri Tamila about how to modify your Gnome Linux Desktop to look like OSX desktop. Read the cool stuff here Quote: I decided to write another guide, because my first guide became surprisingly popular. There are about 1000 unique visitors per day on my site and 26000 unique users […]

Ubuntu 7.04 — Cool, Fresh and… Unstable

It has been a long while since I have written my last review of a GNU/Linux distribution. Lack of time was one of the reasons, second being the fact that my Ubuntu system just worked and I haven’t been in a mood to experiment lately. Read more here Quote: SummaryUbuntu 7.04 is a great OS […]

Jumpstarting Ubuntu 7.04

NetworkWorld have tried Ubuntu and recommends it warmly. Read it here Quote: Tired of the Micro$oft monoculture? Tired of buying new versions of Windows every few years, only to find the new version won't run on your current hardware? Wishing for something better/faster/cheaper? The latest distro from Canonical, Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn”, is an amazing […]

Configure Tomcat 5.0 for Monitoring in Ubuntu

Setting up Tomcat Monitoring in Hyperic is easy by reading the documentation. I set up tomcat monitoring on Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris and Ubunbtu 6.06 LTS Here it is: Read it here

VMWare on Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

I am continuing to investigate Ubuntu, and continue to be happy with the release Feisty 7.04! I decided to load a system with the server distribution and take a shot at creating a VMWare server. The rest of the blog post is found here Quote: Keep in mind, there are easier ways to do this. […]

Operating Systems – Linux or Windows? Long Live UBUNTU!

Ugur Akinci, at American Chronicle have used Ubuntu on one of his machines for over a year now and have nothing but qualified praise for it. Read it here Quote: One shortcoming of Feisty Fawn distribution – it's energy-saving screen- and machine-sleep modes are not perfect and don't work well. When the machine goes to […]

debian-volatile: Service Update

In the past few weeks, there have been a lot of improvements to thedebian-volatile service. As a couple of them are infrastructuralchanges, please read this mail, especialy if you plan to upgrade toEtch. Hi, In the past few weeks, there have been a lot of improvements to thedebian-volatile service. As a couple of them are […]

DWM Debian Howto

dwm is a dynamic window manager for X. It manages windows in tiled and floating layouts. Read it at dev/null Quote: Since all of dwm's configuration is done via source code and building dwm is such a trivial process, there is very little point in using the precompiled debian packages. So the first step is […]

Ubuntu Linux on my Dell XPS M1210

While I could find no evidence that Dell is planning to offer this laptop with a Linux based system, I had no problem downloading the free Ubuntu operating system and installing it on my notebook. The blog store is found here Quote: Ubuntu also makes a great operating system for the chiropractor on the road […]

Is the world ready for Ubuntu’s six month release cycle?

With Ubuntu hitting the main stream, ArsGeek have been thinking about their constant upgrade/release cycle among other potential obstacles that may stand in the way of more widespread adoption of my favorite operating system. Read it here Quote: Granted there’s a shift in computer literacy right now, as more and more kids grow up with […]

What I Learned From Ubuntu

Mark Shuttleworth and a few Ubuntu developers stopped by the Sun Menlo Park. I'm not working with Ubuntu, but since I'm involved with the Solaris Companion and with general OpenSolaris issues, I wanted to see what they had to say Read more here Quote: The other major topic that I was interested in was how […]

Mark Shuttleworth Interview

Mark Shuttleworth Talks Dell, Hardware, Ubuntu 7.10 & More with Phoronix. Read it here Quote: Phoronix: Many people believe the success of Ubuntu is dependent upon your technical and financial wealth. Do you believe Ubuntu would be where it is at today if it were not for your fame and fortune? Mark: That's an interesting […]

60 days with Ubuntu

I have been using Ubuntu for approximately 2 months now. This has been a fairly monogamous relationship, I think I booted Windows all of twice. So how was it like? Read the blog entry here Quote: So this is it: I am staying in Ubuntu/Linux/GNU. No going back: this is a great OS and I […]

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