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Ubuntu Aftermath: Puncturing The Linux 'Urban Legend'

After his troubles installing Ubuntu on his laptop, Alexander Wolfe at Informationweek continues the blog-critique of Ubuntu and Linux.
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The rest of that “Linux is really better” myth goes something like this: If only the key business app I needed was open-sourced, and if only I had a little time to learn some of that command-line mumbo jumbo, I'd take the plunge and move to Linux. And, boy, it'd be great, because it's free, no more Microsoft tax, yada, yada, yada. . .

Well, these days that key business app most likely is available under Linux today. Moreover, you no longer need to know how to type in command, because Linux has gone full-tilt GUI. As ever, Linux remains free (or fairly cheap, if you're talking a commercially supported distro), and Microsoft is more expensive than ever.

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