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Building the ultimate Linux-based music server

This article describes how to build your own silent, fast, eco-friendly Debian-based PC for use in the living room. Read it at LinuxDevices Quote: Yet, a real Linux computer is a toolbox that can do anything the user is capable of doing with it. For about the cost of an entry-level Sonos setup, the system […]

Ubuntu lives in a closed system

Ubuntu, the Linux distribution which tops the charts these days, is developed using this closed system. Kind of a contradiction in terms, one would think. Read the comment at ITWire Quote: The mind harks back to the BitKeeper affair. In 2002, Linus Torvalds decided to start using the BitKeeper source code management system for developing […]

50 Things You Need to Know About Ubuntu

So, it’s the perfect opportunity for a big countdown: 50 things you need to know about Ubuntu. They start here Quote: 45. Students Are Embracing Ubuntu: During several case studies, professors, teachers and IT managers described how Ubuntu is emerging as a solution in schools across California, Oregon, Maine and other states. The real challenge […]

Printer Setup on Ubuntu: Not the Friendliest

More on my non-techie experiments with running an Ubuntu desktop on our Windows network here at IT Business Edge. Read it here Quote: I’m posting this follow-up not because I think Ubuntu has failed me in some broad fashion; only to clarify that it, in fact, did not miraculously resolve an issue I assume can […]

Fedora vs. Ubuntu and Target Audience

Is simply comparing Fedora to Ubuntu a valid comparison in the Linux distro category? It depends. Read it here Quote: Mike Mcgrath started an important topic on fedora-adivsory-board-list here and one that I have been thinking about for a long time… “Who is our Target Audience?” Some of the follow ups are thought provoking and […]

Ubuntu targets IT in coming year

In the coming months, Canonical Ltd., the London-based commercial backer of Ubuntu, plans to focus on its server software for many of its system improvements It's at Computerworld Quote: In a keynote speech yesterday at the Ubuntu Live conference here, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, said that over the next year “there will be increased […]

Review Of Nokia N800 now with Skype

Article reviews the Debian Linux based Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. The basics of the internet tablet are covered as well as the new features available after the latest July firmware updates. Quote: While I enjoyed using the Nokia N800 prior to the firmware upgrade, once having Skype installed, made the Nokia N800 an almost indispensable […]

Compiz Up and running in Debian

Befor starting to act on the below listed steps, you should know about the basic requirement of the compiz manager, The bare minimum is 3D capable Graphic’s card and atleast 512 MB of ram. Read one way of doing it here

New tools in Ubuntu land: build service, eBox and TimeVault

While the Ubuntu people are meeting at the Ubuntu Live 2007 conference at the moment I recently noticed some very interesting projects driven or supported by Ubuntu. Read it here

Change CPU Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu

This howto at Ubuntugeek shows you how to install cpufreq-selector and use it Read it here Quote: Unfortunately, CPU frequency scaling can currently only be monitored on Linux machines that have support in the kernel. It can however, support the several generations of frequency scaling interfaces in the kernel.

Ubuntu’s best move ever

Ubuntu’s best move ever has happened quietly, and it’s on its homepage. Read why in this blog Quote: I believe the Ubuntu people deserve a great round of applause for this move. For me, starting to use the slightly heavy term “free software” term instead of the convenient “open-source” one, was a big step forward, […]

Mini VAR Case Study: Ubuntu Linux in K-12 School

OpenSourcery CEO Brian Jamison, a solutions provider in Portland, Oregon, has embraced Ubuntu as a potential platform for high school teachers and students. Read it covered here Quote: OpenSourcery has rolled out Ubuntu Linux on 60 student laptops and five instructor laptops at a Portland-area high school. The school’s project requirements were: Ability to run […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #49

In this issue we cover the release of Gutsy Tribe 3, Canonical's launch of training courses, the first Ubuntu conference in Germany, a State of the Union Summary of the Ubuntu US Lo“Co Teams, the release of Launchpad 1.1.7, a new ATI driver in Gutsy, and much much more. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, […]

2x Ubuntu

A couple of press releases from Ubuntu-land: “Ubuntu Launches Update Service for Support Subscribers” and “Canonical Creates Personal Package Archive Service for Ubuntu” Read more about update service and personal packages Quote: Individuals and teams can each have a PPA, allowing groups to collaborate on sets of packages, and solo developers to publish their own […]

[RFH] Listmaster team needs more manpower

the current listmaster team needs a bit more manpower, so we currently look for 2-4 persons who would be willing to help out withlistmastering —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Hi, the current listmaster team needs a bit more manpower, so we currentlylook for 2-4 persons who would be willing to help out withlistmastering. Before you […]

Carmarthenshire county Welsh council, UK, uses Debian

A Welsh council has introduced an open-source email system coveringmore than 150 schools with around 30,000 users.” “A Welsh council has introduced an open-source email system coveringmore than 150 schools with around 30,000 users.” “Carmarthenshire [0] county council [1] moved to open source for theschools’ email system, migrating from a POP3 email system provided byits […]

Setting up slrn for Ubuntu Linux

This page aims to facilitate the installation of the newsreader slrn amongst the users of Ubuntu Linux. Read the tutorial here Quote: Setting slrn up correctly requires a little preparation. It is not simply a matter of downloading a repository package and firing up the program, rather we will be compiling our own copy from […]

Next Release of Ubuntu LTS Announced

In this morning's first keynote of the Ubuntu Live conference here, Canonical Ltd. founder Mark Shuttleworth announced the next Long Term Support release of Ubuntu. It's covered at Linux Today Quote: According to Shuttleworth, addressing a crowd of approximately 300 developers and vendors, the next LTS release for the popular Linux distribution will be Ubuntu […]

Gnome File and Program Associations in Debian

One niggle I’ve had with Gnome for a while is that when I click a link in Icedove (Debian’s name for the Thunderbird mail program) it loads the page in Epiphany, the Gnome browser, instead of Iceweasel (Debian’s version of Firefox). Read the blog here Quote: Program associations are handled via the update-alternatives program which […]

First call for vortes: GR: Accept the concept of Debian Maintainers

The following ballot is for voting on a General Resolution on theconcept of Debian Maintainers. Voting period starts 00:00:01 UTC on Sunday, 22nd Jul 2007 Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC on Saturday, 04th Aug 2007 The following ballot is for voting on a General Resolution on theconcept of Debian Maintainers. The vote is […]

A Non-Techies’ First Impressions of an Ubuntu Install

I was so impressed with a review of the then-new Ubuntu release, Fiesty Fawn (or for the more serious, 7.04), that I promised in a blog that I would play around with the Live CD trial mode of the Linux OS myself. Read it here Quote: Before I give you my initial impressions, let me […]

Manual P2V of Debian Sarge

Now that we have a new and shiny setup of VMware VI3, I had to migrate several of our Debian 3.1 Sarge servers. Some of them had custom kernels, because of specific hardware. Read it here Quote: This article documents all the steps needed. It assumes your old PM is running Debian Sarge with one […]

Debian Software RAID Setup

The initial plan was to create a RAID-0 array (striping for performance), re-install Debian, copy all data, and remove the older drives for noise and heat reasons. Ths story is told here Quote: Over the past few years space on my server would increase based on the deals found on sites like Slickdeals. After some […]

10 Simple steps to a faster Ubuntu booting.

No sweettalk, just the ten steps here from blogger Akshay Ranganath Read 'em here Quote: Open the file /etc/fstab in gedit (Applications > Accessories > Text Editor)This file will have the partition details of .the hard disk. For all the Windows partition, it will have data of the following format: UUID=9877-489A /media/sda1 vfat defaults,utf8,umask=007,gid=46 ….

Dual-Booting Windows XP/Vista And Ubuntu 7.04

In this tutorial HowtoForge will teach you how to dual-boot between Windows XP/Vista and Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: This tutorial will be split up into two parts: Part one for people who have no operating system installed. Part two for people who have Windows XP/Vista installed and don't want to re-install Windows.

Upgrade/Compile linux kernel in Debian

After reading/research documents in net, I setup my step-by-step Linux kernel up-gradation (Bash Script) in Debian. up-till now I upgraded more than 5 Debian kernels without any problem. Read what to do here And it's all done to avoid this problem:Quote: I never found good documentation on upgrading/compiling linux kernel in Debian, Most of the […]

TrueType fonts on Ubuntu

Have you ever wanted to just grab any old TrueType font of the web and start using it in applications on your Ubuntu machine? Read the rest at arsgeekQuote: First you’ve got to find a font you want to install. Open up your favorite search and look for true type fonts or .ttf files. I […]

DI: Experimental support for Serial ATA RAID

The Debian Installer team is happy to announce that daily built imagesof Debian Installer (for Lenny) now include experimental support for installing Debian on systems configured with Serial ATA RAID, as supported in Linux by using the dmraid utility. (Please reply to The Debian Installer team is happy to announce that daily built imagesof […]

Ubuntu 7.10 Tribe 3

Tribe 3 is the third in a series of milestone CD images that will bereleased throughout the Gutsy development cycle. And as usual, Phoronix have the screenshots. Read the announcement Quote: This is quite an early set of images, so you should expect somebugs. Among these are the following (so you don't need to botherreporting […]

Automatix can break your Linux Ubuntu Install

Pimp your Linux have an article about that it still seems that Automatix can break your Ubuntu installation. Read it here Quote: However, as helpful as the program may seem, there exists a problematic side to Automatix. It seems to be breaking systems all over the world. I’ve compiled some of the problems that quite […]

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