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Ubuntu and Dell gives better device support for Linux.

The benefits of the deal include device driver support for hardware components which were otherwise not compatible with Linux. Read it here Quote: The benefits include device driver support for hardware components which were otherwise not compatible with Linux. A couple of years back, I had to struggle getting my internal modem based on a […]

Retiring the lenny sparc32 port

The only option we have at this point is to officially declare that lenny will not include support for sparc32 hardware (this decision has been coordinated with the release, installer and kernel teams). Greetings, For the last couple of years the sparc32 port did not have an active upstream maintainer, so the task of kernel […]

Deep Ubuntu

I find myself in a good position to put Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty to work posting Web content via the Clickability publishing system and for the more mundane tasks of writing memos and reports, reading e-mail and the like. Read here Quote: Anyhow, I decided to do some of this work on my Xubuntu 7.04 system, […]

Ubuntu vs. Red Hat

Here's how Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, and OpenSuse stack up in terms of site visitors according to, hitwise and Google trends. See it all here Quote: Clearly, Ubuntu is catching up with Red Hat, at least in terms of the number of visitors to its website, and Debian (on which Ubuntu is based) […]

Ubuntu Evolution

I have seen tons and tons of screenshots of Ubuntu screenshots on the web. So I decided to set up this little evolution for the Ubuntu desktops Read it and see it here Quote: As I looked at them I remembered different moments in my last two years. It literally brought tears in my eyes. […]

Easy dvd-video authoring on Ubuntu Linux with Dvdman

I have made a simple standard-dvd-video with a custom basic menu, using only free software on Ubuntu (Feisty) for pc i386. Read it at Isotype Quote: I have tried different gui-dvd-authoring software for Ubuntu, experimenting some difficulties for each one.Actually (28 May 2007) the best choice, based on my personal experience, is Dvdman.DeVeDe has a […]

Analogic Controls Announces TS-7300 Board

The embedded FPGA Linux system is reconfigurable on-the-fly by the 200Mhz ARM9 CPU running Debian Linux when an additional real-time soft-coprocessor(s), DSP or specific additional peripheral logic is needed. Read the announcement Quote: Analogic Controls India Ltd has launched a multipurpose board — TS-7300 — designed specifically for customers needing extreme design security, flexibility and […]

Damn Small Linux 4.0 Alpha 1

It's announced: This is a very different version of DSL. It is based on a wish list as expressed in the forums. Read the announcement Quote: * New 2.4.34 kernel.* Easier to use user interface* A real desktop framework* Drag-N-Drop capability* Better and more flexible file associations* Closer coupling of the icons and file manager* […]

Setup Maxemum TV-Guide in Ubuntu

Maxemum TV-Guide is a KDE TV-guide. It is developed in C++, based on QT/KDE and uses XMLTV as it’s back end to grab listings. Read it at Ubuntugeek Quote: At present there are backends grabbing TV listings for Australia, Belgium and Luxemburg, Brazil, Britain and Ireland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary and Romania, Iceland, […]

Installing LAMP On Ubuntu For Newbies

In this guide I will show you how to install a LAMP system. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. The guide is intended to help those who have very little knowlegde of using Linux. Read it at howtoforge

Installing Sidux (Debian Sid) on Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad X61s

I chose Sidux as I wanted to have a nice current distro (also because of the current hardware), but I wanted some more support and testing done on it than just plain Debian Sid. Read it at Linux-on-laptops Quote: Unresolved issuesSuspend-to-Ram doe not work (so if anyone has this working, please tell me how!) More […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #48

In this issue we cover the imminent release of the next Gutsy Gibbon alpha release, Tribe 3. Mark Shuttleworth also brings us some some fresh open alternatives with Gobuntu and a proposal for a pure free-software-only laptop, the Launchpad people have released and open sources their first component, Scribes Team is highlighted for the hard […]

Google Linux Repositories for Ubuntu and Debian

Google’s Linux software repositories make it easier to download and stay up-to-date with current releases of Google Linux applications. See the news here or follow:

Debian GNU/kFreeBSD amd64 development machine

The Debian GNU/kFreeBSD porters are pleased to announce that there is now a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD amd64 machine available to the Debian developers. Hello world, The Debian GNU/kFreeBSD porters are pleased to announce that there isnow a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD amd64 machine available to the Debian developers. The machine name is “”. It is kindly hosted by […]

Windows Guy Tries Ubuntu 7.04

I’m Live Blogging my first attempt at the newest version of Ubuntu , version 7.04. Let me get this out of the way first – I am a hard-core Windows fan Read it here Quote: Ubuntu 7.04 lives up to the hype. I doubt it will replace Vista for my day to day use. I […]

CNet reviews Ubuntu 7.04

Conclusion: If you are product-agnostic with your software choices, and mostly use the Internet or Internet-based services, then you might prefer Ubuntu's overall stability and simplicity. Read it here Quote: The good: Ubuntu is free; will read Windows- or Mac-saved Office files; comes with Firefox and OpenOffice preinstalled; comes with several multimedia applications and a […]

Ubuntu Fatal Flaw?

This blog entry summarizes the claims by Informatioweek and why they are not quite correct. Read it here Quote: When you do your RESEARCH first, installing Ubuntu or SLED or Fedora.. etc is not difficult. To install Ubuntu (any flavor) in my Toshiba M45-S265 Satellite you will die durring install if, as I have done, […]

United States of Ubuntu

This blog showe the status of the local Ubuntu teams in the US. Read it here Quote: At this point, more than half-way to our goal date I wanted to give a status report. The initial growth of the project has been enormous. We now have more than double the number of Community Council approved […]

How To Check Hard Drive Disk Space

For Window users switching to Linux or Ubuntu, performing simple tasks can be a challenge. One simple task such as checking free and used hard drive disk space on Ubuntu Read more here Quote: Disk Usage Analyzer is a graphical menu driven application that reports disk usage in Gnome and Kubuntu environments. DUA can scan […]

Ubuntu vs OSX: Where Ubuntu wins

About half way through my Mini mac dramas, I wonder whether my Ubuntu (Feisty) installation on my laptop would fair any better. So in between my Apple downloads and installs, I start accessing the AFL website and all important audio broadcast on my Ubuntu setup. Read about the succes here Quote: I fire up Firefox […]

Ubuntu needs a secure remote desktop

If Ubuntu wants to be taken seriously in the workplace, it needs a secure remote desktop. Many people have a need to connect to their work computer from home using remote desktop technology. Read it here Quote: Currently, the Ubuntu Remote Desktop is a front-end for VNC, which allows you to remotely manage your desktop. […]

Ubuntu Linux on my Compaq Presario V2617TS

Ubuntu passes the J. Angelo Racoma test. It’s easy enough to install, and it works well enough without the usual headaches you would usually imagine having when doing a fresh OS install on your machine. Read the blog entry here Quote: Best thing is that even if my machine wasn’t too spiffy (it’s a Dothan […]

The Most Suitable Distros for Linux Dummy

The most suitable distros for a total Linux dummy are Freespire, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, and Ubuntu, according to online test called Linux Distribution Chooser. Read it here – where's SimplyMEPIS? Quote: 4. Ubuntu – Ubuntu is a free, open source operating system that starts with the breadth of Debian and adds regular releases (every six months), […]

Ubuntu install – First thing to do

A fresh install of Ubuntu lacks many programs, especially for people that are used to using their computer as a multi-media machine. In this article, I will show you the first thing that should be done after installing ubuntu. See it at Pimp your Linux Quote: In many of my other articles on pimpyourlinux, I’ve […]

Handling of inactive Debian Accounts

Joerg Jaspert: We are currently reviewing the account database and checking a list of developer accounts that *appear* to be inactive. Introduction———— We are currently reviewing the account database andchecking a list of developer accounts that *appear* to be inactive. Thepurpose of this review is simply to minimise the number of live butunused […]

Ubuntu Aftermath: Puncturing The Linux 'Urban Legend'

After his troubles installing Ubuntu on his laptop, Alexander Wolfe at Informationweek continues the blog-critique of Ubuntu and Linux. Read it here Quote: The rest of that “Linux is really better” myth goes something like this: If only the key business app I needed was open-sourced, and if only I had a little time to […]

SugarCRM OpenSource Edition On Debian 4.0

SugarCRM is a webbased CRM solution written in PHP. SugarCRM is available as an OpenSource edition and a ClosedSource version. Read it here Quote: With the modules My Portal, Calendar, Activities, Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Bugtracker, Documents and Email, SugarCRM OpenSource Edition offers everything that can be expected from a CRM solution.

More Gaming In Ubuntu Feisty

After recently putting together a list of 11 great games in Ubuntu, a few concerned readers politely suggested games that should have been on that list. As a result, I discovered many games I hadn’t even heard of, but turned out to be fun. Read it here Quote: Instead of changing the old list, I […]

101 Ubuntu Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

In this article we’ve compiled 101 list of Ubuntu tutorials. If you’re thinking of switching to Ubuntu from Windows, don’t waste your time thinking too much. Switch to Ubuntu now and you’ll never think about going back. I bet you can find most of the links from the article here at, but enjoy: Quote: […]

Preliminary Review: Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Alpha 2

Here we have the Alpha 2 release of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon for me to cast a preliminary eye over 3 months prior to release. Read it at Quote: Well the most exciting news for me is that we should be seeing Compiz Fusion (the window manager that merges both Compiz and Beryl). This […]

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