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Debian Art: licencing choices

The Debian community has grown a new limb in the form of Debian Art, a project to collect and coordinate wallpapers, splash screens, sounds, icons, logo, banners and similar art work for Debian releases. Read it here Quote: Interesting, all the artwork is licensed under the GPL2 or released into the public domain. The GPL […]

How to use Amarok to manage your iPod in Ubuntu

This tutorial will take you through the steps to do just that, and it will also show you how to make Amarok the default program that launches when your iPod is connected. It's at Quote: 1. When you plug your iPod into your computer, Rhythmbox will launch by default. Close it down, and open […]

Debian Weekly News – July 3rd, 2007

Ulrich Hansen created a set of nice looking CD and DVD covers for the just released Debian GNU/Linux 4.0. Roland Mas announced that Alioth has been upgrade to etch. Kurt Gramlich announced a Skolelinux Youngster Meeting on July 20th to 26th in Chemnitz, Germany. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – July 3rd, 2007————————————————————————— Welcome to […]

Slowly Closing Old Windows (Living On The Etch)

I’ve been delving deeper into Debian Etch just lately, in fact, I’m writing this text on my Debian machine (in Gedit). Read it at LockerGnome Quote: The best tutorial I found for adding multimedia capabilities to Debian Etch was from a fellow who calls himself Machiner. When I got confused and couldn’t make sense of […]

Automatically update your Ubuntu system with cron-apt

We'll show you how to combine the apt package management system with a task scheduler to automatically update your system. Read it here Quote: If you've been using Linux for even a short time you'll surely have experienced the wonders of having a package management system at your disposal. For Debian and Ubuntu users the […]

Debian Menu transition

With the upload of menu 2.1.35, the transition to implement the new menu hierarchy discussed in bug #361418 officialy start. Dear developers, With the upload of menu 2.1.35, the transition to implement the new menuhierarchy discussed in bug #361418 officialy start. The menu is now in transitional mode until packages are fixed. Menusections translations will […]

WPA In Ubuntu – Sputnik, Inc – Are You Listening?

Access to WPA is the single biggest hassle when trying to get people to take their notebook PCs and switch to Ubuntu Read it here Quote: Now consider this: If Sputnik simply created a their product, offered the Device and User Database options, kept the client isolation intact, blocked private network while limiting the number […]

My Experiences With Mepis

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and I’m getting fairly well settled in. Something happened to my attempt to install Win2K on my Dell, but that’s okay, because frankly, I no longer use Windoze on the Dell at all. Read it here at The Daily Pundit Quote: Still, I have to say I’m pretty […]

Is Ubuntu the way forward for Linux?

IT PRO speaks to Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth about the future for Ubuntu and Linux as a platform. Read the interview here Quote: The other big obstacle to desktop adoption of Linux is the issue of patents, which prevents some Linux vendors from supplying native MP3 support on their desktops. Microsoft recently lost a judgement […]

Securely remote control your Ubuntu via putty from a windows host (VNC+SSH)

Last time I had the following situation: I wanted to remote connect to my workstation from another workstation. Read it here Quote: ….Setup Server(SSH+VNC): You have to install SSH and activate the VNC-Server, to be able to securely connect to your server.

SUSE vs. Ubuntu – first impressions

That being said, I think I actually prefer SUSE. My seat of the pants impression is that it is considerably faster than Ubuntu and seems to handle multitasking better. The blog is at ZDNet Quote: I also prefer (and this is very much a personal preference) YaST, the control panel application. Although it requires that […]

Install Songbird on Ubuntu

Songbird is a media player built on Mozilla and often described as the Firefox of media players. Installing it on Ubuntu is a breeze using a hand little script available on the Internet. Read it at Tectonic and see how to do it right here Quote: Although Songbird can be run on just about any […]

Burning Debian packages and repositories to disc

The recently released APTonCD utility allows users of Debian-based distributions to create backup CDs and DVDs of as many Debian packages as they can download. Read it at Quote: APTonCD is in the repositories of Ubuntu Feisty and Debian testing and unstable, but if it's not available for your distribution, you can download it […]

Damn Small Linux 3.4

I took a little side trip while working on 4.0 to make a much asked for version of DSL. dsl-3.4-initrd.iso version has the KNOPPIX image packed in the initial ramdisk. It also means the entire system always loads into ram. Read the announcement Quote: 1. Updated MurgaLua to v0.4.12. Added Added acpid. Use boot […]

From Windows to Ubuntu

The decision to switch to Ubuntu wasn’t a hard one. After all the problems I was having with Vista, it was a no brainer. Read it at Technogab Quote: Now I’m finally starting to see what all the hype is about with Ubuntu. I’ve tried other flavors of Linux such as Redhat,Mandrake, Suse and others, […]

Ubuntu is …

I've been using Ubuntu Edgy exclusively for half a year and I talked a friend into dual booting. We're both back to where we came from (Debian and Windows XP). Read the thoughts about Ubuntu here Quote: I may have missed something but it seems there's no Ubuntu way of doing (even simple) administrative tasks […]

10 Years of Debian

David N. Welton gives a flashback to how working on Debian was like 10 years ago. Read it here Quote: I'm not sure of the exact date – if my memory serves me correctly, it was sometime during the summer of 1997 – I was given an account on Debian's server (located, at the time, […]

Install Ubuntu on PlayStation 3

This page gives instructions on how to install Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu onto a PlayStation 3 Read it here Quote: The instructions contained in this page will work if you have the PlayStation 3 firmware version 1.60 or greater installed.

How to find .debs (even if you think they don't exist)

Unfortunately, the official repositories aren’t always the best. Some programs aren’t always up to date. How do you find good Debian software? It's at Freesoftware Magazine Quote: I first stumbled across GetDeb when looking for a Kompozer .deb. A kind Ubuntu Forums member pointed me towards the site, calling it the go-to place when the […]

Tweak Ubuntu for speed

You want your Ubuntu desktop to be more responsive? It will take less than a half hour to perform all these tweaks. Read it here Quote: These tweaks will make your system faster and more responsive without a doubt. Read on to perform the tweaks and enjoy your faster system. From what I understand these […]

Google Desktop on Ubuntu Linux 7.04

Google Recently released their popular search tool Google Desktop on the Linux platform , till now it was only available on Windows and Mac OS X Read it at Linux at desktop: Quote: Now once installation of Google Desktop is complete, it automatically starts searching for files and information on your computer and stores it […]

Please don't upload ffmpeg/flac/vte/apt/gail/eel/… r-dependencies

The release of etch has triggered a lot of uploads of new major libraryversions.We have been able to fix a lot of problems and should be ready to hint everything into lenny in the next few days without breaking too much, but this will only work out if you hold uploads of packages involved in […]

Ubuntu Linux Install Oracle Database XE Server

The Oracle database has had a reputation among new Linux users as difficult to install on Linux systems. Now Oracle Corporation has packaged recent versions for several popular Linux distributions in an attempt to minimize installation challenges beyond the level of technical expertise required to install a database server. Read it here

Why Is It Called Iceweasel Again?

Scott Ruecker explain a few things and find out why the Mozilla browser is called “Iceweasel” in my continuing adventures in Debian-land. Read it here Quote: I want to commend the Debian Developers who did all the work in making it possible to include IceWeasel in the Debian repositories. I would thank the Mozilla people […]

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