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Open Source and Microsoft Free – use ubuntu

I have now been Microsoft-Free at work for about 7 weeks. I have also found solutions for almost all of the initial hurdles I encountered in the first week.
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Before all of the Microsoft defenders start slamming me, let me put my disclaimers out. My goal of this article is to prove that people can be productive at work without the need of Microsoft software. I am not saying that because I can be productive that everyone should abandon Microsoft and start a project to implement Linux corporate wide. However, I do recommend to those who are open to exploring alternatives that they should start a small pilot project with a handful of desktop users. I think a 5-10 person pilot with Ubuntu or Mepis would be a great way to learn about the opportunities and challenges that an Open Source OS presents. This is low risk and high return. A pilot like this will give your IT shop an opportunity to try out alternatives without disrupting the day to day business.

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