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Kubuntu v.s. PC-BSD

I played a bit with Kubuntu this morning in preparation for the article “PC-BSD for Ubuntu Users”. It made sense to me to compare the two operating systems if they were both running the same window manager.
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Still wishing to pursue the KDE theme, I installed kubuntu-desktop from Synaptic. I'm still waiting for the 225 packages to download and install. Synaptic looks very similar to Yum–I'll let you know if it works any better or if it also breaks half the software on the system. (you don't want to get me started on yum….)

/* begin rant

If I'm sounding fiesty (pun intended) it is because installing software shouldn't be rocket science, even for new users. It's the job of the package manager to properly handle dependencies, not the user, not even the superuser. And having software repositories spread all over god's half-acre is a lousy way to distribute software. Give me or anyday.

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