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Two hours after trying Ubuntu

Finally I got some time away from my work and I decided to explore something new. I decided to install Ubuntu.
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What I don’t like about Ubuntu:

There ought to be a much easier way of installing themes, learn a thing or two from Mozilla Firefox. Installing themes is just too user-unfriendly in Ubuntu.
It’s not easy to install programs that you download from somewhere other than the Ubuntu repository. I am all for the idea of setup wizards actually. It’s easy to use and quite customizable.
Somehow… I could get my display driver to use 1440 x 900 pixel desktop. I have to use 1280 x 800 instead which kinda upsets me for the past hour.
And the fonts aren’t as pretty as the ones found in Windows or Mac. There isn’t much to choose from too. I would prefer a more familiar-looking font to ease my transition towards Ubuntu.
I really missed things like iTunes, Windows Live Messenger, Photoshop and Microsoft Office 2007. My friend is telling me that I can use Wine to get those back but it’s okay I guess. I intend to use Ubuntu for development and testing. [GIMP is not Photoshop, stop promoting it as a Photoshop alternative. It’s so insulting for Photoshop.]

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