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Similarities and differences between Debian and Wikipedia

I am using both Debian and Wikipedia. And at the time when I discovered them I was fascinated with those projects.
Fun – check it out here


While Debian has projects with another kernels (Debian GNU/Hurd, Debian GNU/FreeBSD and so on), it is hard to imagine that Wikipedia would do the same (like Wikipedia/Encarta, Wikipedia/Britannica and so on).
Wikipedia stable release is much less usable then Debian. (Surprisingly, Debian stable release may be used for something; while I am not so sure for what it may be used, I am sure that it may be used…)
According to the Great Priest RMS, Wikipedia is canonical, while Debian is not.
Wikipedia contributors usually don’t use Debian, while Debian contributors usually use Wikipedia.
It is not so likely that you will use Wikipedia’s derivate inside of you washing machine, while it is likely that you will use Debian’s derivate.

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