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Debian stays true to its roots

It’s a busy time for the members of the Debian Project. Sam Hocevar took over as the new Debian Project leader in April, right around the time the long-awaited Debian 4.0 or ‘Etch,’ hit the streets.
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Debian continues to thrive after 14 years. As I roll the clock forward, I realize that derivatives will come and go, but — unless the Debian Project loses its way in the next five to 10 years — it will still be around, still be an industry enigma. There will always be people who don’t understand how it works or why we volunteers do what we do, but Debian will continue to fuel technical innovation and evolve its social processes. People will still have fun working together and making an extraordinarily significant contribution to computer users around the world.

And that’s enough to keep me on board.

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