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Getting Ubuntu 7.04 Fully Working in VPC 2007

I successfully got Ubuntu 7.04 working with mouse support in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and I thought I should share my findings. Read it in this blog Quote: Initially I tried the instructions for fixing Ubuntu found below but if you install all updates to the base installation the kernel will be upgraded to 2.6.20-16 […]

Ubuntu getting Xorg.conf GUI

Remember the good old days when to change a screen resolution or driver, you had to edit xorg.conf or reconfigure Those fine times are now over, or they will be, with the release of Ubuntu 7.10. Read it at Fosswire Quote: As of an update from a few days ago, users are now able […]

MEPIS 7.0 Beta1 is Available For Testing

MEPIS has announced the upload of the first official Beta of the upcoming 7.0 release of SimplyMEPIS. Read the announcement Quote: MEPIS 7.0 is based on a Debian Etch core combined with up-to-date user applications that are recompiled by MEPIS from upstream Debian and Ubuntu common source code. Debian Etch users are welcome to get […]

Ubuntu 7.04 on a Thinkpad T61P

This blogger finally got Ubuntu running on the T61P and describes the issues he faced. Read them here Quote: The official 7.04 disc could not boot. I believe this is due to the fact that the CD drive is connected via SATA rather than IDE/PATA. I've had the same problem with recent desktop machines, too. […]

How to install Ubuntu Linux on the decTOP SFF computer

I recently bought a decTOP small form factor (SFF) computer. My goal was to build a cheap, fanless, quiet, and low power consumption Linux server. It's at Librenix Quote: This is a tiny computer, about the size of a Mac Mini. But, because it has no fan, it runs a bit quieter and, with the […]

And Debian is 14 years old!

Debian was begun in August 1993 by Ian Murdock, as a new distribution which would be made openly, in the spirit of Linux and GNU. Read a bit of history here Quote: Debian was meant to be carefully and conscientiously put together, and to be maintained and supported with similar care. It started as a […]

Book Review: The Official Ubuntu Book

The Official Ubuntu Book is out in a new edition to match the 7.04 release of the software. Read it at Techbookreport Quote: As mentioned previously, there are chapters devoted to some of the other Ubuntu 'projects'. For example there is a chapter on Kubuntu, which is a version of the operating system that uses […]

Aptitude vs Apt-Get

Aptitude is the superior way to install, remove, upgrade, and otherwise administer packages on you system with apt. For one, since it’s inception, aptitude has been solving orphaned dependencies. Read the comments here Quote: So, as any new user to the world of apt learns, apt-get is the way to install software in your system. […]

Linux Newbie’s Survival Guide – Ubuntu Edition

I wrote this document for new Ubuntu Linux users who are trying it for the first time solo, that is, without a friend or colleague who is experienced with setting up and supporting Ubuntu Linux. Read it here

Ubuntu 2.6.22-9-generic Vs Ubuntu 2.6.22-9-My-architecture

In Ubuntu it is assumed a kernel for generic x86 support should be about as fast as a kernel suited for your arch. So lets see how true this is. Interesting stuff: Quote: Verdict:Snappier? ….YesFaster? …….YesIs it worth the effort for the average user? No absolutely not, If I would use Ubuntu tomorrow with the […]

DSL v4.0rc1

Damn Small Linux release candidate 1 for version 4.0 is here Read the announcement Quote: * New pendrive usbhdd installation script now uses grub with DSL on 2nd small partition.* Removed pendrive usbzip install script, syslinux and mtools.* Changed default root menu from dfm to chosen WM menu.* Updated “Getting Started” to reflect changed defaults.* […]

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated

The Debian project has updated the stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename Etch). This update adds security updates to the stable release, together with a few corrections to serious problems. As always, the first point release also corrects a few issues that have been noticed too late in the release process to stop the release, […]

How to install Ubuntu 7.04 in OS X using Parallels Desktop 3.0

This tutorial will take you every single step of the way through installing Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) using Parallels Desktop 3.0 (Build 4128) for OS X. In other words, even your parents should be able to follow along. Read it here Quote: This tutorial is for anyone with an Intel based Mac who is curious […]

How to install Tor with Vidalia GUI on Ubuntu

Tor is the open source leader to anonymous connections on the internet, you can anonymize your internet presence from AIM/ICQ/MSN/ Jabber/IRC/WWW/FTP Read it at Ubuntugeek Quote: Vidalia is a cross-platform controller GUI for Tor, built using the Qt framework. Using Vidalia, you can start and stop Tor, view the status of Tor at a glance, […]

Linux Command-Line Cheat Sheet

While instructions are specific for Ubuntu Linux, most commands will work with other Linux distributions. At Computerworld Quote: This article is reprinted from The Official Ubuntu Book, 2nd Edition, by Benjamin Mako Hill and Jono Bacon, with permission of publisher Prentice Hall Professional, copyright 2007, all rights reserved.

Installing Webmin On Ubuntu 7.04

This document describes how to setup Webmin on an Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) server. Read it at howtoforge Quote: The only changes I had made to the setup shown there was to install Mondo for backups and also revert the dcc-client and dcc-server back to version 1.2.74-2. I had to do this to get the […]

Change SSH Welcome Banner on Ubuntu

Every time I connect to my Ubuntu development server through my ssh client, I receive the same message and I'm getting tired of seeing it, so I decided to change the message to something else. Read it at howtogeek

Linux for Parents – A Beginners Guide to Ubuntu

If you’ve recently upgraded a family member from Windows to Ubuntu please feel free to share your experiences and offer any suggestions for FAQs/tutorials. Read it at simplehelp Quote: This page will serve as a central location for all of the beginner-to-intermediate Ubuntu “how-to” tutorials that I create (so my mum can bookmark one page […]

Ubuntu Kills Linux, Then Self, Dell Suspected of Foul Play.

This blogger has some conspiratory thoughts – and the comments to the blog lets him know it. Read it here Quote: This is Linux-fever journalism at its worst, and an example of a simple lie being easier for people to swallow than the complex truth. Now I want you to take a deep breath at […]

REVIEW: Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, 2nd Edition, Rickford Grant

I will try to be as balanced as possible in this review, but of course my judgement is influenced by my experience as an Ubuntu user, as a moderator on and as a (geek) troubleshooter (and developer). Read it in this blog Quote: Conclusions Apart from my concerns on not warning the readers against […]

Ethernet Bonding on Debian Etch

I have previously blogged about Ethernet bonding on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Now I have a need to do the same thing on Debian Etch – to have multiple Ethernet links for redundancy so that if one breaks the system keeps working. The blog is here

Sun "Debian-izing" Solaris

Earlier this spring, Sun announced that it had hired Ian Murdock, the creator of the über-geeky Debian distribution, naming him the company’s chief operating system platforms strategist. Since then, Murdock has worked quietly on Project Indiana, an effort to remake Solaris in Linux's image. Read about it here Quote: While the new installer is being […]

Vista Ultimate vs. Ubuntu 7.04 – Which Install Is Easier?

Only this time, Vista was going to have company – and maybe competition. This time, Ubuntu 7.04 was getting an equal share of the drive. It is time to really see which one is easier to install. Read it here Quote: So less than 3 hours into this experiment, I have both Vista and Ubuntu […]

Ubuntu Hosted Servers Compromised

This last week, 5 of the 8 servers that are loco hosted but Canonical sponsored, had to be shut down due to reports that they were actively attacking other machines. Read it here or here Quote: A Cannonical spokesman said that it was not surprising that the servers were feeling disaffected and socially isolated. While […]

First Impressions: My Ubuntu-based Dell

The 1505N arrived at my door yesterday, but my first impression of the machine came about a week or so earlier, when I noticed that Dell had discontinued it from their product line. Read the rest here Quote: If you’re an experienced Linux user who knows how to select hardware appropriately, there’s no supremely compelling […]

(K)Ubuntu On A Dell E1505

I recently installed Kubuntu via Wubi, uninstalled Kubuntu after a bunch of things didn’t work, installed Ubuntu via Wubi, found out that a lot of things didn’t work, got those things to work, installed kubuntu-desktop, and uninstalled ubuntu-desktop. Here's the status Quote: Anyway, stuff that didn’t work out of the box. 1280×800. It didn’t let […]

Mini-howto: using Envy on Debian Testing or Unstable

Etch is the only Debian distribution currently supported by Envy, however many users keep asking me how to use Envy on Debian Testing (Lenny) or Unstable (Sid). Read it at Alberto Milones blog

How to Install Tor to Surf Anonymously in Ubuntu Feisty with Firefox

This article explains how to set up Tor in Feisty based on my own experience (with Gnome interface). Read it here Quote: Tor is a program that allows one to surf through a local proxy with a routed IP address (so the webpage you surf does not have a record of your own IP address). […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #52

In this issue we cover the release of Tribe 4, promoting Ubuntu through the use of viral videos, progress of the US Loco Teams Project, security breaches in community hosted servers, and much much more. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 52 for the week August5th – August 11th, 2007. In this issue we […]

Why Is PCLinuxOS 2007 Better Than Ubuntu ?

I am very impressed with PCLOS 2k7, even more than i was with Ubuntu. So i though why not write something which may help other people…. See the arguments here Quote: 1. First reason, PCLOS is based on KDE, while Ubuntu is based on GNOME. And the hard truth is that KDE is definitely better […]

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