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Comparison: Ubuntu and Debian

Polishlinux offers a massive comparison of the two systems – and it looks like Debian wins See it here Quote: (7) Ubuntu is based on Debian, which is one of the most stable and mature distributions available. Still, Ubuntu comes with fresh software and instabilities may occur. Kubuntu on the other hand is considered a […]

Ubuntu 7.10 Beta Review & Screenshots

Cybernetnews have had a look at the recent Ubuntu beta and is quite positive, despite some issues with it. Read it all here Quote: It’s still a bit early for me to give an official thumbs up, but I would say things are looking pretty good. The final release is due out in October, and […]

MySQL installation on Debian Etch

After I setup a web application server, I would like to use a database for storing my data. MySQL is a free open source software that I am familiar with. For flexibility, I choose to install the binary non-rpm tar.gz version Read how to do in this blog

Ubuntu Laptops Optimized for Engineering and Scientific use

LinuxCertified Inc, today announced its next generation laptops optimised for engineering and scientific community. Powered with Ubuntu 7.04, these laptops focus on high performance and scalability. Read the press release here Quote: “We are delighted by LinuxCertified's latest Ubuntu-based laptops,” said Malcolm Yates, Partner Manager at Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu. “This is a […]

Gutsy beta: What have you done for me lately?

I have to admit my enthusiasm for the Gutsy release is lukewarm. Looking over the list of features, very few of them seem useful to me. Naturally, that’s going to differ from person to person and machine to machine, but from my perspective, not much is appealing. Find the reasons here Quote: Desktop searches, deskbar […]

USB Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon install

This tutorial enables you to install, boot and run Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) from USB. Read the brilliant guide here Quote: In addition to installing Ubuntu to a USB device and then booting Ubuntu from USB, this tutorial will enable you to automatically save your changes and settings back to the stick and further restore […]

Ubuntu snags top Linspire staffers

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu, has hired former Linspire staffers Randy Linnell and Brian Thomason. Read it here Quote: Prior to joining Canonical, Linnell was Linspire's VP of business development. Linnell is credited with having made the commercial software deals that brought legal proprietary software to Linspire. This has included DVD players, multimedia codecs, […]

Preventing Brute Force Attacks With BlockHosts On Debian Etch

BlockHosts is a Python tool that observes login attempts to various services, e.g. SSH, FTP, etc., and if it finds failed login attempts again and again from the same IP address or host, it stops further login attempts from that IP address/host. Read it here at howtoforge Quote: By default, BlockHosts supports services that use […]

full circle magazine #5 – is out now

Full Circle – the Ubuntu Community Magazine are proud to announce their fifth issue. *full circle #5* *Full Circle – the Ubuntu Community Magazine are proud toannounce our fifth issue.* _Contains:_/ * Fluxbuntu – Step-by-step Install* How-To : Report Bugs with LaunchPad, CoLoCo Edubuntu Presentation, From VMware to VirtualBox and Learning Scribus Pt.5.* Review of […]

Review of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) new features and changes

This review is a summary of practically all the features and changes in the latest version of Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: The much complained necessity of a manual video configuration through the ‘xorg.cfg’ file is no longer a mandatory. Since the Ubuntu gutsy there is a way to set most necessary properties through a […]

Enable Automatic Time Synchronization In Ubuntu

If you are running KDE in Kubuntu or Gnome in Ubuntu, you can easily set up the clock to synchronize the time to any time source on the Internet. Read and see how right here

Review: The Official Damn Small Linux Book

TechBookReport finds it a useful resource for those looking to get the most out of Damn Small Linux Read the short review here Quote: The book scores highly on technical content, and there's no faulting the sheer range of material that's covered. The writing is clear and easy to follow and there are no great […]

(K)Ubuntu 7.10 Beta

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the beta release of Ubuntu 7.10 and its variants, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu. Update: Now also screenshots. Ok, let's start with the screenshots The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the beta release of Ubuntu 7.10 and itsvariants, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu. Codenamed “Gutsy Gibbon”, 7.10continues Ubuntu's proud […]

Can Ubuntu Linux replace Windows Vista for consumers?

Having tried both, neither operating system is perfect but there’s enough in Ubuntu to make a classy alternative. Read more at Techlogg Quote: But the fact that Ubuntu (and other distros like it) comes chock-a-block full of applications that work straight off the bat, all at no cost to the consumer must go close to […]

Hardy Heron: The Next Ubuntu 8.04

Today you'll be informed about the release dates of Ubuntu 8.04, codename Hardy Heron. Read it here Quote: So, without any further introduction, here's the anticipated release schedule: 29 November 2007 – Alpha 1 release20 December 2007 – Alpha 2 release10 January 2008 – Alpha 3 release31 January 2008 – Alpha 4 release21 February 2008 […]

Install VNC on Solaris DomU at CentOS 5 or Debian Etch Dom0

This posting follows up and gives step by step instruction how toset up VNC on OpenSolaris DomU Read it here Quote: In general everything seems to be alreadytold in [1], however as Linux person I can hardly imagine OpenSolaristo compete Linux anywhere out of Enterprise Environment and at the same timeOpenSolaris might be not the […]

Integrating eAccelerator Into PHP5 (Debian Etch)

This guide explains how to integrate eAccelerator into PHP5 on a Debian Etch system. Quote: I have tested this on a Debian Etch server with the IP address where Apache2 and PHP5 are already installed and working. I'll use Apache's default document root /var/www in this tutorial for demonstration purposes. Of course, you can […]

Ubuntu Disappoints, Breaks Promises With Rapid Growth

It's been a wild ride, but I have definitely not regretted my choice to make Ubuntu a major part of my life. As a full-time user, I have been charged by Windows and Linux user alike for not following their own lemming-like mindsets Read it at osweekly Quote: I still run Edgy on my desktop […]

First Impressions: Symphony, Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

The Free Agent sets his sights on beta releases of IBM's new Lotus Symphony office suite and Ubuntu Linux 7.10. Read it at PCWorld Quote: Gutsy is still a beta, so I render no final conclusions about it here; I will say, though, that I like the changes I see, and I'm hungry for more. […]

How-To Recover password under Ubuntu

If you forgot you password for your ubuntu system you can recover using the following steps. Read it at Ubuntugeek

How to change the MAC address in Debian

Although the physical MAC address is permanent by design and is assigned to your network card by factory several mechanisms allow the modification, or spoofing of the MAC address that is reported by the operating system. Get the tip here Quote: This can be useful if you want to keep your privacy or to ensure […]

Installing Debian Etch From A Windows System With "Debian-Installer Loader"

Debian-Installer Loader is a Debian Etch installer for Windows which adds an entry to the boot menu that allows you to start the Debian installation. Read it at howtoforge Quote: Unlike the Ubuntu installation with Wubi, real Debian partitions are created during the installation. In the end, you have a dual-boot system (Windows/Debian).

Ubuntu Gutsy Wireless News

Finally, the poor wifi abilities with Feisty have been addressed and every single RaLink based card I tried in Gutsy Tribe 5 worked without any problems; well, almost. Read it in this blog Quote: The issue is going to remain a bit under the sheets so to speak for the time being as I think […]

How to change boot order of Ubuntu and Windows

This is for people who have a dual boot installation of Ubuntu and Window (XP or Vista). When booting you will see that Ubuntu has created a boot menu that allows you to select an OS to start. Get the help here Quote: Start Ubuntu. Open a console (menu Applications > Accessories??? > Terminal…) and […]

Installing Debian, XP and Windows Vista in Vmware

In the first part of this article you learned how to set up Vmware for a LiveCD system. Now I’m going to show you how to install Debian, Windows XP and… Windows Vista under Vmware. Read it here Quote: Well then… installing Debian at lastNo problem at all. After opening a new machine (see previous […]

Ubuntu Team Reports

I am pleased to announce the availability of the very first Ubuntu Project Team Report – this is for September 2007. It is announced at Jono Bacons blog Quote: This report provides a summary of work for the following teams: Desktop Team Kernel Team Kubuntu MOTU Mythbuntu Screencast Team Server Team Ubuntu-IRC Ubuntu Women US […]

Ubuntu Desktop not used in business

… we find that the businesses using Ubuntu tend to use the server edition right now and so a windows comparison is not relevant. Ubuntu desktop is largely in the consumer space not business. Read it here Quote: It hardly comes as a surprise to discover that most businesses use Windows, but I did think […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #58

In this issue we cover the Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 beta release, new MOTU members, new Launchpad release, Software Freedom Day organized by the Ubuntu Nicaragua Team, and, as always, much much more! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #58 for the weekSeptember 16th – September 22th, 2007. In this issue we cover theGutsy Gibbon […]

New dpkg in experimental

The work is finished and thus we decided to upload it to experimental tohave some broader testing before releasing it into unstable. Hi, there's new a dpkg version in experimental: 1.14.7~newshlib.It's a snapshot of the dpkg-shlibdeps-buxy branch which contains my workto enhance dpkg-shlibdeps with symbol-based dependencies.See for somebackground and history. The work is finished […]

Debian Post Response

I’ve got quite a few comments on my post on Debian, which is always nice. But I now feel the need to more or less defend myself. Well, the response is here and the original article is here Quote: The distro itself feels sluggish to me. The default install come bloated with a ton of […]

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