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Ubuntu + mpd + Jinzora + Hi-Fi == ACE

I have a decrepit old PC that I need to find a job for or it’s destined to sit on a scrapheap biodegrading over the next 10,000 years.
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Now then – how will I control the thing remotely? The answer is via a web browser. Remember we told Ubuntu to set up a LAMP server? Well, it was off to to download the latest release. Jinzora is a full-featured web based jukebox which, as well as providing an interface to a local mpd instance, can also stream music from the server over the internet. I’m not interested in the streaming part (although it might be useful for listening to The Goons in my bed via my wireless Ubuntu laptop :)), just the mpd jukebox part.

So, download Jinzora, untar it and copy the contents to /var/www, followed by a quick chown www-user:www-user of the files so it can modify itself, and then follow the instructions.

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