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Spawn of Debian faceoff: MEPIS Linux

This is the second in a series of reviews of Debian-based distributions. The first review looked at LindowsOS 4.5. This one examines a lesser-known distro called MEPIS, which is unique in many ways, including the name.
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Woodford has a fascinating history in high tech, stretching back to the '70s when he tried to start a PC company. He has designed satellite ground stations, battlefield management workstations, written a thesaurus of the American language, and had success as a NeXT developer and a Java developer.

Somewhere along the way he moved to Linux, trying SuSE first and then settling on Mandrake. In 2002 he felt that Mandrake was never going to deliver the quality Linux desktop he wanted and decided to do it himself. Warren told me by email that “I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the kind of desktop Linux that I needed as a successor to the promise of NeXT and as a foundation for my larger vision of a computing environment that is incredibly easy to use and that facilitates collaboration, publishing, communication, and community by and for all people.” MEPIS Linux is the result.

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