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Slackware to Debian switch, final?

Long story short, I always returned home, to Slackware that is. Now I think that may not be the case, since I'm already on Debian for a month now, and it's not annoying me at all.
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Same happened with Slackware – Debian. Slackware was so fine, but there was just something left to discover with Debian. In those few days, I would literally switch from Slackware to Debian, and from Debian to Slackware in just few hours. And it would go on like that, until I was left without bandwidth (now I'm on flat, much slower connection speed, but it's flat), stuck on Debian Etch DVD's if I needed any additional software or anything. Job opportunity jumped in the meantime, no time to think what you're on, just do your part of work.

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