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Chrooted SSH/SFTP Tutorial (Debian Etch)

This tutorial describes two ways how to give users chrooted SSH access. With this setup, you can give your users shell access without having to fear that they can see your whole system. Read it at howtoforge Quote: The first way to set up chrooted SSH is by hand and very similar to the method […]

Resurecting Compaq Presario 1240 with Damn Small Linux

In December I got two old, broken laptops from the relatives. The older, crappier one of them was a 200 MHz Compaq Presario 1240. Read more here Quote: So now I have a working DSL install. The resolution is low, and everything looks bit ugly but it is quite speedy compared to the sluggishness of […]

Making Ubuntu Server Work in VirtualBox

VirtualBox is open source virtualization software similar to VMware. I wanted to run a virtual Ubuntu LAMP server for testing, but I ran into a problem with VirtualBox. Read it here Quote: Ubuntu Server has its own kernel which has PAE (physical address extension) support. This is not supported in VirtualBox and prevents the virtual […]

Making an Ubuntu Server – Part 1: The Plan

So, what do I actually envision the server doing? Not sure, really just winging it. I know I want it running Ubuntu with Apache, MySQL, Ruby, Rails, Capistrano, SVN, and MythTV. I guess that it is to be continued Quote: I would like to use the machine as a testing ground for my web development. […]

Ubuntu screencasts

With titles as “Getting Help”, “Why Ubuntu”, “Introduction to Ubuntu” and “SAMBA Filesharing”, this website offers Ubuntu screencasts. I't all at Quote: Ubuntu Month of Screencasts is a mad plan concocted by the Screencast Team to produce one full length screencast per day for the whole of one month. That month is September 2007. […]

Going Microsoft free, like Mike

Back in May Mike Kavis dumped his Windows desktop for Ubuntu and now he has launched a pilot program to take his employer in the same direction. It's at ZDNet blogs Quote: The real question Linux advocates need to answer is this. Can you go Microsoft-free and still get your work done? The biggest problem […]

Anatomy Of A Debian Package

Learn about the internal structure of Debian/Ubuntu packages and how to create them See it here Quote: Jonathan Oxer is the founder and technical director of Internet Vision Technologies in Australia well as the current president of Linux Australia, the national organization for Linux users, developers, and vendors. He is one of the authors of […]

Debian support for Gecko and Puma single-board computers

VersaLogic Corp. has introduced Linux board support packages (BSPs) for its Gecko and Puma single-board computers (SBCs). Read the official announcement Quote: Engineers who have an interest in the Linux OS but aren't familiar with the required setup procedures are the target audience for the BSPs. The packages complement similar software packages previously released for […]

Bootsplash a.k.a. Splashy on Debian

Tired of watching screens full of hardware releated info scrolling past during Startup and shutdown. Welcome to the world of Splash Screen! Read it at Anant Shrivastavas blog Quote: In earlier stage bootsplash screen was configured throught a lot of kernel hacking and using it has a hell lot of hardwork including recompilling of kernel. […]

Ubuntu 7.04 on a 450Mhz K6-2, 256Mb

So here’s the rundown on a full Ubuntu 7.04+ installation on the ugly little Sotec laptop. This is a K6-2 at 450Mhz, with 256Mb of PC100 (I think), and a 40Gb 5400rpm Hitachi hard drive. Read it here Quote: A full default installation took almost two hours. There were 118 updates, and the full system […]

Installing Ubuntu

I threw in an Ubuntu disc, and ten minutes later had a fully baked Operating System on the computer. See it, read it and hear it here Quote: Here is a computer that is ready to use, with an Operating System that has everything you could possibly need. There are games, OpenOffice, even a calculator! […]

MEPIS AntiX 7.0 Beta2 is Available

MEPIS has announced the 7.0 beta 2 release of antiX, a lightweight derivative of MEPIS. AntiX is built and maintained by MEPIS community member anticapitalista, as a free version of MEPIS for very old 32 bit PC hardware. *Update, now woth first looks” Read the announcement here And go here for first looks: Quote: Well […]

Release of DSL 4.0rc3 and DSL 3.4.2

None less than two Damn Small Linux releases have hit us today! Read here for 3.4.2 and here for 4.0rc3 Quote: Change log for DSL v4.0rc3 * Added taskbar buttons & click to focus in .jwmrc* Corrected rdesktop icon to rdesktop.lua* Added emelfm – dropped mc* Updated association for *.gz* Created new Standard Boot floppy […]

First Look at SimplyMEPIS 7.0 Beta 3

Here is a linux distribution that I have never really looked at. I have always read a lot about this distro but never really gave much thought about it. Read it at reviewlinux Quote: Installing SimplyMEPIS 7.0 Beta 3 to my hard drive was very simple and quick. The distribution asked all the familiar question […]

Xen 3.1 Solaris Express 05/07 (SXDE 64a) HVM VM install on Debian Etch (x86_64)

The target of this posting is to make mentioned installation easy for any person regardless his Solaris Administration experience. Read it at Oracle DBA blog Quote: To install Solaris (SNV build 64a) HVM VM on Debian EtchSolaris's boot command line should be modified.

Moving from Windows to Linux?

Bring your apps, docs, user settings and preferences along when you jump to Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: Migrating from Windows to Linux Three Roads to Data Migration But First, Back Up Let Ubuntu Do It Use a Third-Party Application Do It Yourself The Application Situation

How to write into NTFS partition in Ubuntu

As disk storage capacity increases over time, more and more Microsoft Windows user prefer to choose NTFS over FAT32 as their primary filesystem as the latter is inefficient in handling large storage capacity. Read it here Quote: Unfortunately by default, Ubuntu only mounts NTFS volume as read-only, preventing users from transferring files between their Linux […]

Ubuntu Linux + Apache2 + Virtual Hosts + Syslog Server

This tutorial at ubuntugeek will explain How to install syslog server in ubuntu using apache. Read it here

Migration from lovely gentoo to feisty kubuntu

Now why would anyone want to do that? Well, as I use Kubuntu in the office I realized that its easier to handle for my partner Britta, with all those GUI settings and popups if you attach something (mp3 player, …) etc. Read about how it is here Quote: After configuring most of the stuff […]

Hi There! Care to Ubuntu?

This article is about the process of installing Ubuntu Linux right along-side Windows XP Pro, my expectations and what actually happened. *Now updated with a part II* It's in this blog Quote: I chose to install Ubuntu on one of my internal drives because I had moved all my files to the external ones. So, […]

Multimedia Test: Ubuntu versus Freespire

Which distro wins? Freespire, if only because of Click and Run (CNR). CNR includes a number of applications, both free and paid. It makes it much easier to locate software you might want and install it. Read the short comparison here Quote: I did it: I installed Freespire. Not on a real machine, but in […]

Using NoMachine NX to Remotely Administer Ubuntu

I’ve tried VNC, remote XSessions, and to be honest they’re both horrible – Not a patch on RDP. After a quick Google I came across NoMachine NX, and it’s the dogs genitals….. Read about it here Quote: I set up a desktop the other day which I intend to store some files on. The problem […]

Virtualbox finally in Debian Main

After removing all remaining license issues regarding missing copyright statements or license statements in some files virtualbox is finally in debian unstable. Read the short announcement Quote: To integrate virtualbox in debian I had to remove some sourcecode and therefore virtualbox doesn't contain the Guest Additions (they contain non-free code from e.g Microsoft). The good […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #55

In this issue we cover the announcement of the next Ubuntu release “Hardy Heron 8.04”, Full Circle's latest issue, the Month of Ubuntu Screen Casts, Gutsy Gibbon's release parties, and, as always, much much more! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #55 for the week August26th – September 1st, 2007. In this issue we […] updated was finally updated to the new code base thatwas already available some time from Hi. was finally updated to the new code base thatwas already available some time from This is a pretty big update that affects almost all features and includes some behavioural changes. Some highlights: – Almost all […]

Ubuntu and ThinkPad X60, an ideal match

With my older IBM ThinkPad R50e starting to show its age, I recently decided to upgrade to a newer ThinkPad, this time under the Lenovo name. And Tectonic found that Ubuntu was the right thing for it Quote: It is this kind of attention to detail that will make Linux a very worthy desktop competitor. […]

Installing Compiz Fusion — Total Newb Version

Use this guide for installing with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04). Read it here Quote: Uhh… ok I like the sound of git, but what exactly is it?Git is a program for easily downloading and managing the source code that software is made of. If you want to install with git, you will need to compile […]

MEPIS 7.0 Beta3: Updates Galore

MEPIS has released Beta3 of SimplyMEPIS 7.0. The isos and beta2-beta3 iso deltas for 32 and 64 bit processors are available from the testing directory at the MEPIS subscriber site and the MEPIS public mirrors. Read the announcement at Quote: The kernel in Beta3 is version which contains minor patches from the Kernel […]

0-day NMUs for RC and Release Goal bugs older than 7 days

the amount of release-critical bugs has increased a lot since the release of Etch. As the 0-day NMU policy has proven to be successfulas an incentive for both maintainers and NMUers to take care of RCbugs, we will reintroduce it. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Hi, the amount of release-critical bugs has increased a lot […]

Upgrade Ubuntu with apt-get for a smoother transition

After a bit of digging around for opinions on the best way to upgrade Ubuntu, I found two schools of thought: One was to use aptitude and the other was to use apt-get. Read it here Quote: I recently discovered a few servers still running on Ubuntu 5.10 ‘Breezy Badger,’ which officially had its support […]

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