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Top 10 Reasons Not to Use Ubuntu

So I thought I would give you ten reasons why you shouldn't use Ubuntu so when your Ubuntu-loving friends tell you about it you can be armed with some reasons why you would rather use Windows. Read the irony here Quote: Installation of Software is Too Easy–With Ubuntu you only have to click on the […]

Installing C#/Mono(.NET)/MonoDevelop/XSP in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon(7.10)

Below is a command running which will get most of the packages related to Mono and MonoDevelop installed on your Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon(7.10) operating system. Read it here

Firefox fonts in Debian Lenny

In KDE running the Firefox as installed from source from Mozilla (due to their licensing, Debian will not include products under the MPL (Mozilla Public License)), fonts never looked very good. Read it in this blog

Dell Ubuntu computers cost more than Windows equivalent – so what?

The issue of Dell Ubuntu pricing is causing a storm of consternation among visitors to the Dell blog IdeaStorm. Read the comments at ITWire Quote: It's hard to believe that Dell is serious about its well-publicised program to put Linux computers on the global market when there are blatantly obvious instances where the limited range […]

Does Ubuntu shorten hard drive life?

It seems Ubuntu uses the hard drive default settings, while Windows uses its own set of values. A fix has been posted at the forum. Read a bit about it here

Reviews of distributions

Now that I have had time to play with Mepis, Kubuntu, OpenSuse, and Freespire I would like to discuss my impressions of the different distributions. Read it here Quote: I have Mepis running on a laptop at home. It is also rock solid and easy to work with. The install was simple and it has […]

Bits from the Security Team

It's in the nature of security support that in the ideal case users shouldn't notice our work at all. Still, there're some noteworthychanges you should know about. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Bits from the Security Team It's in the nature of security support that in the ideal case usersshouldn't notice our work at all. […]

Debian-based router Linux achieves major update

Vyatta has achieved a major new release of its community-supported, Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at turning commodity x86 hardware into enterprise routers, firewalls, and VPN appliances Read it in the release announcement Quote: Vyatta's flagship product is a commercially supported Linux distribution optimized for use as a combined router, firewall, and VPN (virtual private networking) […]

From Windows to Ubuntu and Back

We wish we could say that Ubuntu is the best alternative to Windows; sadly, it isn't. It took a LONG time to get all these programs running, and MANY sleepless nights of bug fixing. Read it here Quote: In the end, Ubuntu just isn't worth the effort. It's a shame, because we really were cheering […]

Hyperic charges after disgruntled Ubuntu upgraders

TheRegister: Canonical's release of a fresh version of Ubuntu has been met with plenty of grumbles. And now we find some other open source players trying to cash in on Ubuntu's issues. Read the rest here Quote: Ubuntu – even with its gooey, hippy-center – seems to suffer from much of the same bad karma […]

Another Day Another Distro – Part 5 – Debian 4.0 Etch

After a short delay I continued my tour and made it onto Debian Etch. One slight problem though, I managed to accidentally install the 64bit version of Etch which gave me the usual problems with Flash and other things. Read it here Quote: These were all the same problems I had on 64bit Ubuntu so […]

Ubuntu Linux – So Close to the Masses but Massively Far

Ubuntu has the momentum to become the de-facto operating system for some. Ubuntu just needs more time to mature for the majority. Read tha paper on it here Quote: It is a matter of time before Linux becomes more widely used but I’m afraid that it is just not yet. Computer users demand to play […]

AntiX "Lysistrata", 7.0 Version Released

MEPIS has announced the “Lysistrata” release of antiX, a lightweight derivative of SimplyMEPIS 7.0. AntiX is built and maintained by MEPIS community member anticapitalista, as a free version of MEPIS for very old 32 bit PC hardware. The full announcement is here

Bluetooth in Ubuntu, the CLI way

I recently received a Nokia 6300 as a birthday present. Not knowing a thing about Bluetooth, I set out on a quest to learn more about this protocol — more specifically, how to use it in Ubuntu. Read what it is about here

How to switch between different Java (JVM) in Ubuntu and Debian GNU Linux

It is an annoyance when you just want to run one of the JVM instead of another for a specific task, then having to switch to another JVM for other tasks. Read it in this blog

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #63

In this issue we cover new MOTU Team members and MOTU council changes, the release of Full Circle Magazine #6, the release of Launchpad 1.1.10, the Ubunteros Tribe on TribalWars, Ubuntu Forum News, and, as always, much much more! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #63 for the weekOctober 21st – October 27th, 2007. […]

Access Your Phone Via Bluetooth With Ubuntu Gutsy

I decided to try to use Ubuntu to manage the info on my LG VX8300 wireless phone over Bluetooth. Come to find out, as with most things in Ubuntu, it’s not that hard! Read it here

Novell Should Be Very Afraid of Canonical With its Ubuntu Distribution

Dell's little playmate, the Linux Dell's pre-loading on a few of its PCs, clearly has designs on Novell's place in line behind Red Hat, the Linux leader. Read the comment in Websphere journal Quote: Of course, such a thing needs multinational OEMs picking Ubuntu up and so far, other than Dell's modest commitment, Ubuntu on […]

Debbie is still running

Following the ZDNet tale of this Debian server, there's not much news. as it just works! Read it here Quote: I've also upgraded the Debian server approximately 15 times since May. Windows XP Pro has required approximately 35 updates, mostly security updates to various applications. Debbie installed the updates (including a couple of kernel updates) […]

Setting Up Master-Master Replication With MySQL 5 On Debian Etch

e version 5, MySQL comes with built-in support for master-master replication, solving the problem that can happen with self-generated keys. Read it at howtoforge Quote: In former MySQL versions, the problem with master-master replication was that conflicts arose immediately if node A and node B both inserted an auto-incrementing key on the same table. The […]

How to install and enable Compiz in Debian

In the following tutorial we walk you through the complete Debian-Compiz installation process. Using this tutorial, you should be up and running Compiz on Debian in just a few minutes. Read it at PendriveLinux Quote: Compiz is an advanced compositing window manager that uses 3D Graphics acceleration to produce neat graphical desktop effects. Originally succeeded […]

Install Ubuntu Gutsy over network or from a hard-disk

Ubuntu can be installed using other methods as well, which might prove handy in some circumstances. For example, let's say you want to install Ubuntu on a computer that has no CD/DVD-ROM drive. Read it in this blog Quote: Install Ubuntu from a network server For this task, you will need another computer that has […]

RM Asus miniBook £169 laptop PC review

At first glance the RM (Research Machines) Asus miniBook doesn’t seem like much, it’s tiny at 22.5cm wide, 16.5cm deep and just 3.5cm high. Plus, it weighs less than 1kg. It runs the custom Debian Linux core and applications all run from a 4GB RAM drive with almost zero effort. Read it here Quote: Once […]

How to pimp out your Ubuntu desktop

Yeah, another of *those* tutorials. If you use Ubuntu 7.10, and you want those wobbly windows and Avant, read on and get a shiny, bling-filled desktop with convenient controls to turn everything on and off. Read it here Quote: Use the file to turn on Compiz, then Avant. Compiz has to be running, or […]

Dual booting: PCLinuxOS 2007 and Ubuntu 7.10

As you all know, I am a HUGE PCLOS fan. It is my distro of choice. However, with Dell selling systems with Ubuntu pre-installed, I know I will be getting some calls about what to do. This blogger tries it out Quote: All of the other standard apps are here that let you browse the […]

Ubuntu 7.10 Gibbon swings on the Asus Eee

Since we couldn't find the binaries to reinstall the Asus custom version of Xandros, and had Ubuntu 7.10 CDs sitting around, we thought we'd give the Gibbon another spin. Read it at ZDNet Quote: The Gibbonfest continues. We've just had an Asus Eee in to look at – the £220 laptop that everyone who's seen […]

Install multimedia codecs in Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon in 2 easy steps

Unlike many other Linux distributions (read Mandriva et al), the Ubuntu developers have not succumbed to providing the proprietary codecs and drivers out of the box. Read it here Quote: In fact, they have walked a fine line by making sure the distribution remains Free as in freedom, at the same time have made it […]

Ubuntu trend slowly overcomes XP

After noticing the Google Trends from a lifehacker post, I decided to check out how well Linux is faring against windows. Read the analysis here Quote: It seems that Ubuntu is slowly overcoming Windows XP in search popularity and even though Vista is still ahead which I will attribute in part to the ridiculous hype […]

How to set the mac address from /etc/network/interfaces in Debian

This is an update to a previous post regarding the change of mac address in Debian. Now I’m going to teach you how to set an interface mac address using /etc/network/interfaces Read it at YourITronics Quote: This is a better way to set your mac address because the mac you set in /etc/network/interfaces will always […]

full circle #6 – out now!

Contains : Step-by-Step Ubuntu Feisty > Gutsy upgrade, How-To : Run Photoshop Plugins in GIMP, Set up Samba and Scribus pt.6, Top 5 – Racing Games, Interview with John Philips (Open Font Library)+ Letters, Q&A, MyDesktop and more! full circle #6 Contains : * Step-by-Step Ubuntu Feisty > Gutsy upgrade * How-To : Run Photoshop […]

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