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Kubuntu 7.10: The end of an era?

I’d like to look forward into the future. Namely, this is because of the upcoming release of KDE 4, which is currently planned for December 11, 2007.
Get an KDE update here


It’s without doubt that KDE 4 will be a major revolution within the open source desktop environment world. The benefits we will see will be enormous:

Qt 4: An already-responsive desktop environment gets even faster!
HIG: Greater UI consistency.
Oxygen: SVG-based icons and visuals.
Plasma: Combining the desktop, panel and more.
Phonon: A modern multimedia framework.
Solid: Better network and portable devices support.
Decibel: Communication protocols galore.
Kross: Easier scripting integration.
Dolphin: A new file manager.
Sonnet: Spellchecking with automatic language detection.

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