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All systems go for Ubuntu 7.10 Linux Desktop launch

Canonical, Ubuntu Linux distribution’s commercial sponsor, has announced that the release version of Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Edition will launch Oct. 18.
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With full NTFS support, thanks to NTFS3G–an open-source, freely available read/write NTFS driver for Linux and other Unix like systems–Ubuntu users, according to Shuttleworth, will be able to read and write files from their Windows XP and Vista file systems. This will make it much easier for dual-boot Ubuntu users to have full access to their work even when a project was started on Windows.

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Canonical plans on Thursday to release “Gutsy Gibbon,” the Ubuntu Linux version 7.10 that the company hopes will lay the foundation for a serious push into the server and other markets six months from now.

That's when Gutsy Gibbon's sequel, “Hardy Heron,” is scheduled to arrive. Gutsy Gibbon will have the usual Ubuntu support life span–18 months–but Hardy Heron will be the company's second version to feature long-term support, which lasts three years for the desktop product and five years for the server.

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