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Vista versus The Gutsy Gibbon – Ubuntu 7.10

I'm currently using seven computers…Of those seven, three run XP, one runs Ubuntu 6.06, two are now on Ubuntu 7.10, and one is Vista. Read the comments at Quote: So here's the funny thing. I've used Windows since 1.0. I've lived through the bad times of Windows/386 and ME, and the good times of […]

The Perfect Desktop and the perfect server – Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon"

Enjoy these two articles at HowtoForge – everything you want to know about setting up your Ubuntu desktop or server The server stuff is here The desktop guide is here Quote: This document describes how to set up an Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” desktop. The result is a fast, secure and extendable system that provides […]

Little Ubuntu chipping away at mighty Microsoft

If the battle between computer operating systems was won or lost on the basis of which has the cutest name, Ubuntu would surely reign supreme. Read the thoughts and comments at New Zealand Herald Quote: But Canonical is making progress. It has come to an arrangement with PC maker Dell for Ubuntu to be offered […]

Ubuntu has an identity crisis?

The Inquirer: Comment Is it a kids book or an operating system? Have fun here Quote: Explaining to the chairman that the company's IT has gone tits up because you chose something called Breezy Badger rather than Windows XP isn't something these people are willing to risk. The names chosen for Ubuntu releases may be […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #62

In this issue we cover the release of Ubuntu 7.10, upcoming Ubuntu Developer Summit for Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu Open Week starting Monday 22nd October, plans by Dell to ship Ubuntu 7.10 on desktops and laptops, and, as always, much much more! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #62 for the weekOctober 14th – October […]

How to replace Windows completely with Ubuntu.

We all know how far open source software has progressed, but has it come so far to not only challenge Windows, but replace it? Long and interesting read here Quote: When I was first given this task I had to sit and blink a few times, if for nothing else than dramatic pause. I'm a […]

Dual Boot in DELL XPS M1330 with Windows Vista, Ubuntu and Dell MediaDirect 3.3

I need Vista for my office works which is on .NET Framework 3.5 (WPF, WCF) and GNU/Linux for my personal project in python and QT. It's not easy at all Quote: Banking on my years of experience with installing operating systems, I decided to re-install Vista and MediaDirect. My hatred towards the manuals made things […]

Ubuntu 7.10 + WINE vs. Windows XP

With Ubuntu 7.10 and WINE 0.9.46 in hand, we had set out to compare the performance between Windows XP and Gutsy Gibbon with WINE on two popular DirectX benchmarks. It's always interesting at Phoronix

Switching From OS X to Ubuntu: 10 Things I Miss

Then, about two months ago, I switched to using a new Dell with Ubuntu Linux at work. For the most part, I couldn’t be happier, but there are a few things I really miss about my Mac. Read what this blogger is missing Quote: . Professional Graphics Software Yeah, I know, this is probably the […]

Have Your Own (Chrooted) Debian LAMP Server While Running The Perfect Ubuntu Des

This is a brief description about the steps to be taken to setup a Debian based Webserver (Debian Sarge alias Debian 3.1) that will run chrooted under Ubuntu 7.04. Read it at howtoforge

Understanding the GNU / Debian Linux Boot Process

I find it frustrating that many things happen inside my Linux machine that I do not understand. If, like me, you want to really understand your system rather than just knowing how to use it, this document should be a good place to start. Read it here Quote: This HOWTO is can be found in […]

Getting Ubuntu 7.10 working in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Getting it to work in Microsoft Virtual PC is a little more complicated – the various tricks are located in various forum and bug posts around the web that I can never find when I need them so I am collating them here for my own use later – hopefully you may also find them […]

Why don’t more people use Debian?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve caught myself wondering why there are so many “easy-to-use” Debian-based distros. Read the thouvhts at this blog Quote: What is user-frienly really?Is it that anyone can set up their own ftp-server within a couple of clicks, or is it that things work as they should? I choose the […]

The wide world of pre-installed Ubuntu

Thanks to Canonical's System Builder Program, pre-installed Ubuntu Linux PCs are available throughout the world and not just from Dell. Read about it at Desktoplinux Quote: Canonical offers its partners several services, which include: # Configuration support for system builders with the option to make additional revenue by reselling Canonical support;# Specialized training for technical […]

Microsoft’s top 10 reasons to upgrade to Ubuntu Linux, not Vista

Microsoft have listed 100 reasons why people really ought to upgrade from Windows XP. They appeal to usability, mobility, security and entertainment. Yet, looking through the list, we reckon they’re actually talking about Ubuntu Linux, not that dog Windows Vista. [url=It's ITwire][/url], and they are not nice towards Microsoft…. Quote: #8 Your PC can take […]

Ubuntu Gutsy Wireless Help

With the release of Ubuntu Gutsy, there remains questions as to whether or not Ubuntu wireless bugs with once working chipsets have been resolved. Get help at Lockergnome Quote: In today’s post, we look at what works, what will never work reliably and what you can do to have wireless access with 802.11g using WPA […]

The Perfect Server – Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10)

This tutorial shows how to set up a Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10) based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters …and the list continues at howtoforge Quote: …Apache web server (SSL-capable), Postfix mail server with SMTP-AUTH and TLS, BIND DNS server, Proftpd FTP server, MySQL server, Courier POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc. […]

How to turn on Compiz Fusion and get great custom effects in Ubuntu 7.10

So you want to get extra cool effects using Compiz Fusion as it’s built into your new Ubuntu 7.10 install but you’re unsure how to get more than a few wobbly windows or how to even turn on wobbly windows? Read it at Arsgeek Quote: It will ask you if you want to (R)eject, accept […]

Penguin on an Inspiron: a review of the Dell Inspiron 1420n with Ubuntu

Dell currently offers Ubuntu on a handful of different systems. I tested the Dell Inspiron Notebook 1420 N preloaded with Ubuntu 7.04. Read the Dell review here Quote: The Dell Inspiron Notebook 1420n with Ubuntu preinstalled delivers software freedom and solid value. For serious Linux enthusiasts who are already comfortable handling the various idiosyncrasies of […]

Trying to get Gutsy

Doing a Ubuntu upgrade — especially trying to get a full ISO file — on day 1 is, if not pure folly, mostly folly. So recheck this entry throughout the day as I report on my Gutsy progress. Read about the efforts here Quote: Update, 6 p.m. The build of 7.10 still has 47 minutes […]

History of Ubuntu

Actually titeled “What's New in Ubuntu 7.10? (a.k.a. Gutsy Gibbon)”, the most interesting is the article's look at the history of Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: Since then, the Ubuntu community has expanded and added developers and users from around the world. It's a great bunch of people. As just one example, the Massachusetts Ubuntu […]

Upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10

Here's a little service to you – This document provides instructions and notes on upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), released on the 18th of October 2007. Read it here Quote: Before you startYou can only directly upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10 (“Gutsy Gibbon”) from Ubuntu 7.04 (“Feisty Fawn”) (see UpgradeNotes). Be sure that you have […]

PHP Access To An MSSQL Database From Debian Etch With ODBC And FreeTDS

These steps worked for me with an Apache2 web server with php5 running on Debian Etch stable in October of 2007. The SQL server is running Microsoft SQL 2005 on a Windows 2003 Server OS. It's at howtoforge Quote: This assumes you already have Apache2 and PHP5 set up properly on your system. My efforts […]

How to create your own Debian/Ubuntu packages

This really quick and dirty way to create your own Debian or Ubuntu packages can be done by anyone with little previous package creation experience. Read more here Quote: Most programs you would ever need are probably already packages. However, there are those occasions when you run across a program that's only released as source […]

Ubuntu 7.10 released

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce version 7.10 of the Ubuntu family of distributions. Update: Links to PPC, IA-64 and PS3 ports The Ubuntu team is proud to announce version 7.10 of the Ubuntu family ofdistributions. Ubuntu is a full-featured Linux distribution for desktops, laptops, andservers, with a fast and easy install and regular […]

Ubuntu's Gutsy Move have some thoughts about the consequenses and effects of the next release of Ubuntu. Read them here Quote: Ubuntu Linux and its corporate sponsor Canonical claim to be ready for the enterprise challenge on the desktop and the server. Ubuntu's 7.10 release, code-named Gutsy Gibbon, includes a slew of updates to both the server […]

Ubuntu, Ubuntu and more Ubuntu

Several Ubuntu articles: Looking forward to Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon”, Ubuntu upgrades support Canonical’s enterprise push, Ubuntu Plans Eye Candy for Desktop Computers and Beyond, The secrets of Ubuntu's success Looking forward: What's in Ubuntu Quote: Ubuntu 7.10 isn’t a major release and won’t have long term support (LTS) but the development team have added […]

15 Things You Need to Know About Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

Do you really know all about new features and improvements of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon? you can also see a tour of some of the features at the ubuntu wiki. Quote: Kernel 2.6.22 GNOME 2.20 Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 2.3.0 GIMP 2.4.0 RC 3 Desktop search Bulletproof X and Graphical configuration tool Fast user switching Printer […]

Ex-Linspire chief defects to Ubuntu

Just a few months after resigning from Linspire, Kevin Carmony has traded in his old company's Linux operating system for Ubuntu. That's really interesting! Quote: Carmony, who seems awfully keen to get a job at Ubuntu's parent company Canonical, made his OS reveal on an Ubuntu message board. “Now that I'm no longer the CEO […]

Dell to ship Ubuntu 7.10 on desktops and laptops

Ubuntu 7.10 arrives Oct. 18, and not long after that Dell will start shipping that version of the Ubuntu Linux desktop on its laptops and desktops. Read more at Desktoplinux

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