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Mark Shuttleworth talks Ubuntu 7.10

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth held a conference call with reporters today in advance of the October 18th release. Start listening from here Quote: Canonical is set to ship Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon on Thursday. The latest version of the popular Linux distribution packs a bunch of new features, including: Integrated desktop search with Tracker Streamlined […]

Using ATA Over Ethernet On Debian Etch

Imagine you have a machine with all of its disk full and another with unused gigabytes, and you don't want to move the data from one to the other. Read it at howtoforge Quote: Why not using the second's disk on the first, you can do it with iSCSI but you can do it with […]

Small Linux Distros For Every Occasion

One of the areas in which Linux has pulled ahead of the pack is with live, complete Linux distributions on every form of removable media. Knoppix is covered. Start here Quote: We all know and love the Debian-based Knoppix. Knoppix supports a vast array of hardware—if something doesn't work under Knoppix, chances are it's not […]

Months into the Ubuntu Switchover, rants and raves

There are some great things about the switch which makes me cringe everytime I go back into windows. But there are some bad things too. Rather interesting – read more here Quote: First, pieces of pure joy. Since I've lost Outlook I've not really had a way to capture notes quickly. Dave showed me Tomboynotes […]

All systems go for Ubuntu 7.10 Linux Desktop launch

Canonical, Ubuntu Linux distribution’s commercial sponsor, has announced that the release version of Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Edition will launch Oct. 18. Read the hype at Desktoplinux Quote: With full NTFS support, thanks to NTFS3G–an open-source, freely available read/write NTFS driver for Linux and other Unix like systems–Ubuntu users, according to Shuttleworth, will be able to […]

PCLinuxOS vs. Ubuntu: Picking the Best Distro

First off, I'm by and large a full-time Ubuntu user. However, I'm also one of their most vocal critics for becoming so detached from their core market as well. I wasn't able to find a conclusion in the review?? Quote: The PCLinuxOS Approach. When I started off looking for support from their wiki for my […]

Ubuntu: the calm before the Gutsy

So thus far I'm enjoying my time in Ubuntu 7.04. I hope the honeymoon isn't over when I do the Gutsy upgrade. Read it here Quote: After months of intermittent use of Xubuntu on my less-capable converted thin client (I always liked Xubuntu, for the record), I decided to put the standard Ubuntu on my […]

Bits from Tcl/Tk team

This is now an announce to the larger audience of all maintainers in order to inform also people who could be interested in packaging Tcl/Tk related packages in the next future. Hi Debianers As already announced to all interested maintainers whose packages depend on Tcl/Tk,there is an ongoing effort of drafting a policy for team […]

How to set your date and time in Debian

Very short: It could happen to anyone to have problems with date and time. Read it here if you struggle with time and date Quote: At least from Debian version 2.2 onwards, the system automatically saves the system time to hardware clock on shutdown, and sets the system clock from hardware clock when Debian boots […]

Ubuntu 7.10 lets YOU choose your level of freedom

There’s one particular aspect of Gutsy that I think is more important than most, and that is that it allows you to choose your level of freedom. Read more here Quote: Whether you want to do the right thing and use free software wherever possible, or whether you need to install additional proprietary software that […]

DebConf8 to be held from August 2nd to August 17th 2008

The DebConf team has decided on having the next DebConf during the first two weeks of August 2008, in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. The DebConf team has decided on having the next DebConf during the firsttwo weeks of August 2008, in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. The whole event will […]

Kubuntu 7.10: The end of an era?

I’d like to look forward into the future. Namely, this is because of the upcoming release of KDE 4, which is currently planned for December 11, 2007. Get an KDE update here Quote: It’s without doubt that KDE 4 will be a major revolution within the open source desktop environment world. The benefits we will […]

Month in Vista vs Month in Ubuntu Linux

When I started at the new job in August, they gave me a pretty powerful laptop and since the company I work for is 100% windows, I decided to give Vista a shot. Read the impressions here Quote: So enough about Vista, now lets talk about Linux.As soon as things slowed down a little bit […]

7 reasons why Ubuntu is so successful

Most people like it, many others don’t, the fact is that Ubuntu is the king of Linux distributions right now – and for some very good reasons. Read the reasons in this blog Quote: 7) Fragmented competitors: When Ubuntu started it’s “march to glory” there were three “big” distributions, SuSE, Mandriva, and Fedora. Debian and […]

BulletProof-X: Windows Safe Mode Comes to Ubuntu

A few people have charged this new Ubuntu feature, known as BulletProof-X , as being little more than a safe mode-like option, which a competing OS from Redmond has had for years now. Read the review here Quote: What these people fail to grasp, however, is the fact that you can use BulletProof-X to detect […]

Using netselect-apt – tip to select the fastest Debian mirror

It might sound ironical, but experience tells me that the truism of choosing a Debian apt mirror closest to ones location does not hold true for me. Read it here Quote: Because at all times, when I have used a mirror from India, it is dead slow. And believe it or not, the responsiveness of […]

An Ubuntu guide to taming the Linux kernel

Here’s how the kernel works in Ubuntu, and how to rebuild it. Learn it at ITWire Quote: The kernel is what Linus Torvalds produced in 1991 which, coupled with the GNU Project’s litany of tools, brought the power of UNIX freely to the PC world. Many people worldwide now contribute to the kernel alongside Torvalds, […]

The "ooww" stops now – goodbye Windows, hello Ubuntu

ITWire: Forget upgrading to Vista's eye candy, it's time to turn my back on the world of pain that is Windows and see what Ubuntu has to offer. Read it here Quote: As a Linux newbie I have to say the thing that has impressed me the most about Ubuntu so far is Synaptic. For […]

Ubuntu's Power Consumption Tested

One of the interesting additions to the Linux kernel since the 2.6.20-based Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” release has been the tickless kernel feature Read it at Phoronix Quote: These power tests are just intended to be a brief look at Ubuntu's average power consumption over the past six Ubuntu releases during the past two and […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #61

In this issue we cover the release candidate of Ubuntu 7.10, learning more about Ubuntu at Ubuntu Open Week, Gutsy release parties, another Ubuntu Forums interview, new MOTU team member Laurent Bigonville, and, as always, much much more! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #61 for the weekOctober 7th – October 13th, 2007. In […]

Automated Ubuntu Installation Preview

I have a public generic kickstart script you can use to simply preview what can be done. Read it here Quote: I have recently started expanding my research based from previous tutorials on network based installations and PXE booting + network based installations to include automated Ubuntu installations. I will mention that I do not […]

465 Free Fonts for Ubuntu

Brian Kent is a prolific font designer. At 32 years old he's already amassed an impressive collection of handmade fonts. He's also a really nice guy and has agreed to let me package his free fonts for Ubuntu. Start in this blog post

Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) on a Sony Vaio SZ4-XWN

So, to not let anyone else suffer from the same problems as me, I thought I’d write up the short of how I got my machine to work cleanly.. Read it here

Bits from the Testing Security team

We finally got around to sending this email to inform you about thecurrent state of the Testing Security team and its work. Hi fellow developers, We finally got around to sending this email to inform you about thecurrent state of the Testing Security team and its work. If you at any stage have questions about […]

My Week in Ubuntu: Gutsy Upgrade!

Being unable to wait one more week. this blogger went for the Gutsy upgrade… Read it here Quote: Anyway, the upgrade commenced as planned for an hour or so, then it started to throw up all sorts of errors relating to my video card drivers. Crap. I had installed some third party drivers, but the […]

Ubuntu Community Processes

It’s worth explaining just a little further how Canonical and volunteers fit into the Ubuntu ecosystem. Read it from Matthew East Quote: Each Canonical employee goes through the same process that a volunteer contributor goes through. This process (and the others which make up the Ubuntu community) is what makes Ubuntu a special project, and […]

How to install Ubuntu Linux 7.04

Computerwold in Australia has made this guide for the ones, who are new to Linux and Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: You can download a complete version of Ubuntu Linux from the Ubuntu website. The ISO (or CD) image is around 700MB. Two versions of Ubuntu are supported: 6.06 and 7.04 — we're using 7.04 […]

Quick Look at Ubuntu 7.10 Release Candidate

I'll boot a version of Ubuntu every now and again to see if I can finally see what at least some of the hype is about. That's why I booted Ubuntu 7.10 Release Candidate this morning It's at the great site TuxMachines Quote: It was stable in the short time I tested it, what little […]

Installing LedgerSMB On Debian Etch

LedgerSMB is a free (licensed under the GPL), web based double entry accounting system written in Perl which uses PostgreSQL for data storage. It is intended for small and medium businesses (SMB), and it can be used easily through a regular web browser like Firefox. Get the info at howtoforge

Install SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) on Debian

In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to install SNMP on Debian and configure it for local or remote use. Read it in this blog entry Quote: Simple Network Management Protocol is a widely used protocol for monitoring the health and welfare of network equipment, computer equipment and even devices like UPS’s. Net-SNMP […]

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