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Build a Portable Security Tool with the ASUS Eee PC and Ubuntu

Strip off the easy-to-use software it comes with and put on a suitable Linux distribution, and you're ready to load it up with password crackers, port mappers and pen testing tools and stash it in your jacket pocket. Read it here Quote: True, you could do this with a laptop, but the Eee PC is […]

Users are leaving Mepis? – Matt Hartley

Recently another news site, OSweekly, ran a post by Matt Hartley stating that users are leaving Mepis. Read this comment to the statement. Read it here Quote: The point is, I can point to hard evidence that Mepis is growing despite the attacks launched by various news sites. I cannot point to any evidence to […]

Sharing Ubuntu Directories Over Local Network with Samba

If you have several computers in your network at home or at work, you might find yourself in the situation of having to transfer files between them Read what to do here Quote: If they are all windows boxes, you have no business here but if at least one of them is a Linux box […]

Why Gphone Will Use Ubuntu

There is no question that the Gphone will be based on Linux,…. But the bigger question is – will it be using something completely custom, or instead take a page from Google's own internal systems and enlist Canonical to provide something like Goobuntu? Read the column/thoughts here

Dell moves 40,000 Ubuntu PCs

Dell has shipped close to 40,000 systems pre-installed with the Ubuntu flavor of Linux, according to multiple sources. By most accounts, that's a heck of a total for what remains more or less a fringe operating system Read more at The Register Quote: The Ubuntu experiment marks the second time Dell has flirted with letting […]

Ubuntu Alternatives For Beginners

Ubuntu is Fine, But There Are Alternatives for Those Who Want Something Different. Read the post at OSWeekly Quote: Personally, I'm dual-booting Debian Etch and Ubuntu Feisty on my main desktop, run a Zonbu box as a quick means of web access in a pinch and of course, have Gutsy on my notebook because of […]

XenServer Network Interface Auto-Generation in RedHat vs. Debian

The reason for this post is to clarify and educate everyone on how this is done differently in Debian, which, unless you frequently have changed network cards in the past, have not been an issue until…. virtualization. Read it in this blog

Eaton announces UPS support for Ubuntu

On the face of it, it's hardly news worth noting. What's important about this is that it shows Ubuntu is being taken seriously by IHVs. Read more here Quote: Peripheral builders do not go to the trouble of making software for a Linux distribution, much less going to the additional expense and time of getting […]

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Alpha: A First Look

However, a preliminary CD image of this first alpha release for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has surfaced today on the Internet. While there is still seven more Ubuntu 8.04 test releases planned before the final release of Hardy Heron in April, we have already started exploring this first Hardy Heron LiveCD. Read more at Phoronix There's […]

full circle #7 – released

The community magazine about Ubuntu have release issue 7. full circle #7 Issue #7 has : * Step-by-Step Ubuntu Studio install * How-To : Simply Install SSH, A Terminal on your Desktop, Easily Convert from Windows and Learning Scribus pt.7. * Review : Wubi Installer * Top 5 – Audio/Video Apps. * Interview with Howard […]

Using KVM On Ubuntu 7.10

In this HowTo I'll explain how to install and use KVM for running your services in virtual machines. KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a Linux kernel virtualization technique that provides full virtualization by using Intel VT (Vanderpool) or AMD-V (Pacifica). Read it at howtoforge

Upgrading NVIDIA Drivers in Debian Lenny

One of the drawbacks to installing NVIDIA Proprietary drivers in Linux is that when the kernel is updated, you have to reinstall (recompile) the software to match the new kernel. Pendrivelinux helps you!

Creating ring tones with Debian Linux

Now it is really easy to use any MP3 file as ringtone on almost all cell phones, you just need to transfer the song to the phone and make it your default ring tone Read it in this blog

Desktop Linux trio offers look at what's to come

Review: The latest versions of fast-moving OpenSUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora make a strong case for Linux on the desktop, but there's lots of integration work to be done. Eweek takes a thorough look at the three distributions Quote: Under Fedora 8 and OpenSUSE 10.3, my test machine's suspend and hibernate power management functions both worked […]

Looking at Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server 7.10 is but one example, and this review will take a look at its feature set and system requirements and enable you to decide if it is a worthy contender in the Linux server stack category. Read it at serverwatch Quote: The Ubuntu Server is not fundamentally different from Ubuntu Desktop. It uses […]

Quick booting SBC runs Debian Linux

Technologic Systems has announced a single-board computer (SBC) claimed to boot Linux 2.6 in under two seconds. Read more of the PR stuff here Quote: On the software side, the TS-7800 ships with an “improved” Linux Kernel 2.6 and Debian distro loaded onto on-board Flash. Technologic boasts that its bootstrap combines FPGA hardware logic, boot-up […]

Installing Red5 on Debian

Red5 is an open source Flash RTMP server written in Java and the following are steps used to get Red5 running on a Debian machine. This is the development version of Red5. Read it here

Installing Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon on my Asus Eee PC

Well I went and got myself an Asus Eee PC the other day. What a fantastic piece of kit… but I have to say I didn’t like the OS much. Follow the blog here to install

The source(s) from which all Linux distributions spring: Debian, Slackware, and

I came across this Linux distribution timeline today and found it fascinating. Truly a picture is worth a thousand words or, in the case of Linux, a thousand (thereabouts Linux distributions. Read the comment at cnet Quote: Virtually every other Linux distribution branches out from these three “trunks.” I'm not sure if this indicates the […]

And the Best Community Linux Is…

Opinion: The three biggest community Linuxes are Fedora, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. They're all popular. They're all good. The 'best' depends on what you are going to use it for. Read it at Eweek Quote: Let's say though that you just want a good, solid Linux that won't give you too much trouble about using proprietary […]

Emulate the OLPC or Eee PC operating systems in Ubuntu

Say you're intensely curious about the stripped down, customized versions of Linux that are running on the tiny laptops like the Asus Eee PC or Nicholas Negroponte's OLPC project, but you don't feel like spending $400 to pick up a new toy that you might never use Read more here

Life Must Go On For MEPIS

On this year's 48th issue of DistroWatch Weekly, Ladislav Bodnar wrote a message to MEPIS fans that sent heated emails to DistroWatch. Update: DistroWatch was wrong!? Read it here Quote: As some of you may have noticed, MEPIS was not in the front page news on when they announced their two of the latest […]

Setting Up A Debian Packages Proxy With apt-cacher

A dedicated Debian packages proxy will ensure you that the package you required to install your Linux distribution one day will always be available to other installations. Yet again, look at HowtoForge Quote: Using a non dedicated proxy like Squid with a very large cache, all the packages downloaded from the Internet will be stored […]

Enabling Compiz Fusion On An Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop (NVIDIA)

This tutorial shows how you can enable Compiz Fusion on an Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) desktop (the system must have a 3D-capable graphics card – I'm using an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 here). As usual, the good stuff is found at HowtoForge

Make Windows XP look like Ubuntu

If you like Ubuntu but don’t dare to switch operating systems yet, Ubuntu XP is the perfect solution for you. Read it here

Ministry of Education, Brazil, buys 3000 Debian installations

Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying 3000 Debian GNU Linux for multimedia terminal computers and printers. Read the announcement Quote: The Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying more 3000 Debian GNU / Linux for multimedia terminal computers and compatible printers for installing at 3000 rural schools, with 36 months contractual support. This next […]

Wireless Setup for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

This tutorial will help you with a few of the wireless issues with Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. We will attempt to install 3 different network cards on a Lenovo T60p. Read more here Quote: The wireless cards that are supposed to work right out of the box, have a few issues, like you will need to […]

Installing Ubuntu 7.10 on an Eee PC 701 4G

This guide takes you through the installation of Ubuntu on the Asus Eee Pc. Read more here Quote: What worksFor the most part, things work right out of the install, although for some things some tuning seems to be necessary. Sound – see the Audio section on getting the microphone to work properly and the […]

Snort as a NIDS on a home Debian system

This article will give you a brief overview of installing Snort on a Debian system. After reading this, you should have a basic setup logging daily to a local mailbox on your home linux system. Read it here Quote: If you've had a look at the Snort site, you will notice that the latest sources […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #67

In this issue we cover: Macedonia Students Use Ubuntu, New MOTU's, Azureaus Gets Fix, Launchpad News, Ubuntu Forum News, and much, much more. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #67 for the week November 18th – November, 24th, 2007. In this issue we cover: Macedonia Students Use Ubuntu, New MOTU's, Azureaus Gets Fix, Launchpad […]

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