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Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, SimplyMEPIS – 3 distros, 9 wireless stories

I'm lucky to have four different computers at my immediate disposal so I tried the live CDs of the three distros on three of them to see how plug and play they were for wireless networking
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So as the scorecard stands with regard to plug and play wireless connectivity, Ubuntu scored one hit (the Dell laptop) and two misses; MEPIS scored a half hit (I had to do some menu based manual configuring) and two misses; and PCLOS scored two out of the box hits and a near miss (it did recognize the card). To put it bluntly, on the three computers I tried, PCLOS absolutely mopped the floor with the other two distros. Incidentally – and this is purely a newly formed subjective opinion – the PCLOS GUI also kills the other two.

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