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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #67

In this issue we cover: Macedonia Students Use Ubuntu, New MOTU's, Azureaus Gets Fix, Launchpad News, Ubuntu Forum News, and much, much more.
Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #67 for the week November
18th – November, 24th, 2007. In this issue we cover: Macedonia Students
Use Ubuntu, New MOTU's, Azureaus Gets Fix, Launchpad News, Ubuntu Forum
News, and much, much more.

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== In This Issue ==

* Every Macedonian Student To Use Ubuntu
* Azureus Gets Fix
* Launchpad News
* Ubuntu Forum News
* In The Press
* In The Blogosphere
* Meetings & Events
* Updates & Sercurity
* Bug & Translation Stats

== General Community News ==

=== Every Macedonian Student to Use Ubuntu-Powered Computer Workstations ===
LONDON, November 20th, 2007 – The Macedonia Ministry of Education and
Science will deploy more than 180,000 workstations running Canonical’s
Edubuntu 7.04 as part of its “Computer for Every Child” project. The
Macedonia “Computer for Every Child” project is one of the largest known
thin client and desktop Linux deployments ever undertaken. Half of
elementary and secondary Macedonia students attend school in the
morning, and half attend in the afternoon, so 180,000 workstations will
allow for one classroom computing device per student for the entire
Republic's public school population. The first 7000 computers
pre-installed with Ubuntu were shipped on September 4th 2007. The
project will enable a range of innovative educational programs,
including interactive web-based classes in which specialized experts
teach lessons in such areas as mathematics, biology, chemistry and
physics to multiple schools and classrooms around the country.

=== MOTU ===

[ John Dong] is a MOTU! After years of work
in Ubuntu (the Backports team, MOTU team, Forums administration, etc.)
John finally became part of the team!

== New in Gutsy Gibbon ==

=== Azureus Gets Fix ===

Over the past several weeks [ John Dong] has
been working in
[ bug 57875]
to make Azureus packages work again. Thanks to the help of countless
package testers, this week the archive managers approved the updated
package ( for both the Backports and Updates
repositories. We encourage torrenters to give Azureus another try — you
will find it faster, lighter, and more stable than you may expect.

== Launchpad News ==

=== Personal Package Archives 101 ===

Personal Package Archives 101 session: join Jordan Mantha (Laserjock)
and Launchpad developer Celso Providelo (cprov) to learn the basics of
using Launchpad's PPA to build and host your own Ubuntu packages.

Where: #ubuntu-classroom on Freenode.
When: 15.00 – 16.00 UTC Wednesday 28th November.

=== Inkscape Joins Launchpad ===

Inkscape switching to Launchpad: Inkscape is switching its bug tracking
to Launchpad. Right now the Launchpad team are importing Inkscape's bug
history from their current tracker. Read project founder Bryce
Harrington's comments on the Launchpad News blog:

If you have a project and wish to choose Launchpad for your bug tracking
system, please send an email to

== Ubuntu Forum News ==

=== This Weeks Interviews & Observations ===

Quite a funny timing, this week's interviews features jdong, one of the
Forums administrators and FC member. He is also our unofficial security
“expert”, and a collector interested in, hum, odd items… Discover the
full interview here:

Additional forum spaming with malicious code that could corrupt user
systems has unfortunately taken place once again this week. It got
quickly handled, and a global banner has been set up to warn members: Next Forum Council
meeting (date and time to be set up) will examine the different
processes we can implement to deal with this new situation.

== In The Press ==

* Linux desktops grow and grow and grow – The Linux Foundation annual
survey really runs till the end of the month but entries are drying up,
and they've already received 20,000 responses, so they've started
crunching the numbers. Just over half of respondents were from Europe
and 35.8 per cent from the US. The majority, 68.4 per cent, of Linux
desktops are in small and home office set-ups or small businesses with
less than 100 machines. Medium businesses of between 101 and 500 PCs
account for 9.7 per cent and companies with between 1,001 and 5,000
account for 6.2 per cent of Linux desktops. In terms of flavors of Linux
the “Ubuntu family” accounts for 54.1 per cent followed by Red Hat
versions with 50.2 per cent, while Novell SUSE picks up 35.2 per cent.
Ubuntu scores slightly higher with personal users at 55.4 per cent,
followed by Debian at 22.2 per cent and Gentoo 10.2 per cent, then
Knoppix at 7.1 per cent.

* NComputing PC virtualization now comes in Ubuntu – NComputing, the
company that has allowed cash-strapped schools and community
organizations around the world to harness the untapped power of their
PCs, has launched a virtual PC version for open-source Ubuntu Linux
operating systems. The US-based company says it can reduce desktop
computing costs by over 50 per cent, simply by using the up-to 90 per
cent of computing power that commonly lies idle in every PC. This is
achieved by hooking as many as 30 users up to one PC via a range of
access terminals. Each user still has a monitor, keyboard, mouse and
speakers, but instead of each running a desktop or laptop PC, they
connect to a single machine. “NComputing has dramatically reduced the
cost of PC computing to empower a new generation of users in
under-served markets worldwide,” said Stephen Dukker, CEO and Chairman
of NComputing. “Our virtual PC solutions, when combined with open-source
software such as Ubuntu Linux and, are hard to beat.”

* Ubuntu Server: Good Concept, Flawed Execution – Carla Schroder
continues her examination of the Ubuntu Server in this article. First
the good stuff: It's an easy, one-CD installation. Some users might have
an expectation that Ubuntu Server will be all shiny and easy like Ubuntu
Desktop. It's not—you need to know what you're doing, because it doesn't
do any hand-holding. The bad stuff: Poor documentation on the
Ubuntu-specific customizations. Bleeding-edge package versions are scary
for servers, and she questions the effectiveness of putting something
like App-Armor on a system that is already security-questionable. LAMP
security is famously difficult even with conservative package choices,
and careful attention to security patching. Quality control seems in
need of some quality control. The concept behind Ubuntu Server is
wonderful— a lean, carefully-selected batch of packages that gets you up
and running quickly, and that you can easily add to as you need. She can
see using Ubuntu Server as a LAN server, and as a training server, but
she thinks opening it up to the Internet is asking for trouble.

* Rice Technology Solutions to Distribute Ubuntu Based Linux Exclusively
- Rice Technology Solutions (RTS), a southern Nevada based IT solutions
provider, and subcontracting firm today announced that it will
exclusively distribute Ubuntu for all future linux deployments. Ubuntu
was selected in large part because of the company's technical savvy and
business acumen. The partnership will provide Canonical Ltd with a local
point of presence on the sales side, as well as hardware and software
installation, service and support. When asked why should companies
consider a Linux solutions opposed to a traditional Windows based
solution, Rice said: “Linux is the future of the desktop and server,
unlike its main competitor Windows, the software is constantly updated
and improved upon. There are many features that make it a superior
choice, those being security, scalability, reliability.”

* Ubuntu Scores First Major Pre-installed Server Win – Dell is expected
to announce in the first quarter of 2008 that it has certified Ubuntu
Linux for its server lines. In an interview with Rick Becker, Dell
Product Group's vice president of solutions, Becker said that Dell is
currently in the process of certifying Ubuntu for all its server lines.
“But we are still several months away from announcing a certification.
I'd say it'll be announced in Q1 next year.” Dell, however, is already
selling pre-loaded Ubuntu on its servers. “At the moment, if a Dell
customer asks us to pre-load Ubuntu on a server, we'll do it for them.,1895,2217530,00.asp

== In The Blogosphere ==

* Linux United. No more Distro Wars – Justin Breithaupt thinks it's time
to put the distro wars to an end. “One thing I’ve learned the hard way
through several business deals and by trying to release my own distro is
that you should not bash other distro's, people, or companies that do
you wrong.” The distro war that has been holding the Linux community
back. Ubuntu is a prime example of this war. “Their community has made
it clear to me several times that they should be the only distro for
desktop users to clear up confusion between distro's, because their
distro is the best one, and it’s the easiest to use. This is the kind of
attitude that will bring us all down.”

== Meetings and Events ==

=== Tuesday, November 27, 2007 ===

==== New York Loco Meeting ====

* Start: 18:00 America/New York
* End: 19:30 America/New York
* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-newyork
* Agenda:

=== Wednesday, November 28, 2007 ===

==== Personal Package Archives 101 ====

* Start: 15:00 UTC
* End: 16:00 UTC
* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-classroom
* Agenda: Basics of Personal Package Archives and, if there’s time,

=== Thursday, November 29, 2007 ===

==== Desktop Team Development Meeting ====

* Start: 14:00 UTC
* End: 15:00 UTC
* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
* Agenda: No agenda listed as of the publication

== Updates and security for 6.06, 6.10, 7.04, and 7.10 ==

=== Security Updates ===

* None Reported

=== Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates ===

* Accepted: langpack-locales (source) –
* Accepted: cupsys 1.2.2-0ubuntu0.6.06.5 (source) –

=== Ubuntu 6.10 Updates ===

* Accepted: tzdata 2007i-0ubuntu0.6.10 (source) –
* Accepted: foo2zjs 20060625dfsg-2ubuntu0.1 (source) –

=== Ubuntu 7.04 Updates ===

* Accepted: tzdata 2007i-0ubuntu0.7.04 (source) –
* Accepted: 915resolution 0.5.2-10ubuntu3 (source) –
* Accepted: xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:1.9.94-1ubuntu5 (source) –
* Accepted: firehol 1.231-7ubuntu0.7.04 (source) –
* Accepted: libfilesys-df-perl 0.92-2ubuntu0.1 (source) –
* Accepted: vmware-server 1.0.4-1feisty3 (source) –
* Accepted: strigi 0.3.11-1ubuntu1.1 (source) –
* Accepted: apache2 2.2.3-3.2ubuntu2 (source) –
* Accepted: foo2zjs 20061224-0ubuntu3.1 (source) –

=== Ubuntu 7.10 Updates ===

* Accepted: tzdata 2007i-0ubuntu0.7.10 (source) –
* Accepted: mythtv 0.20.2-0ubuntu10.1 (source) –
* Accepted: ubufox 0.4~beta1-0ubuntu6 (source) –
* Accepted: tagtool 0.12.3-2ubuntu0.1 (source) –
* Accepted: firehol 1.231-7ubuntu0.7.10 (source) –
* Accepted: gtkpod-aac 0.99.10-2ubuntu1.1 (source) –
* Accepted: mono-addins 0.2-2ubuntu0.1 (source) –
* Accepted: docbook2odf 0.211-1ubuntu0.1 (source) –
* Accepted: dspam 3.6.8-5ubuntu1.1 (source) –
* Accepted: foo2zjs 20070625-0ubuntu1.1 (source) –
* Accepted: rutilt 0.15-0ubuntu5.2 (source) –
* Accepted: linux-backports-modules-2.6.22 2.6.22-14.11 (source) –

== Bug Stats ==

* Open (37590) +220 # over last week
* Critical (16) ±0 # over last week
* Unconfirmed (20263) +114 # over last week
* Unassigned (28805) +181 # over last week
* All bugs ever reported (136906) +1048 # over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started,
please see

== Translation Stats ==

1. Spanish (14902) -164 # over last week
2. French (38688) ±0 # over last week
3. Swedish (49226) -16 # over last week
4. English-UK (45941) -5642 # over last week
5. German (66535) ±0 # over last week

Remaining string to translate in Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon”, see more

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== Conclusion ==

Thank you for reading the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.

See you next week!

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