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Life Must Go On For MEPIS

On this year's 48th issue of DistroWatch Weekly, Ladislav Bodnar wrote a message to MEPIS fans that sent heated emails to DistroWatch. Update: DistroWatch was wrong!?
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As some of you may have noticed, MEPIS was not in the front page news on when they announced their two of the latest development releases namely Beta6 and RC1. The reason was the failure from MEPIS to deliver a descriptive release announcement. Distrowatch’s old policy clearly states that any release without a solid release announcement will only be mentioned in the “Latest Distributions” section (front page, left column). A simple oversight that could have been easily corrected had those fans emailed MEPIS instead of Distrowatch.

Or – Distrowatch was wrong:


Fact is, Distrowatch claims that Mepis never announced any change logs , it's primary defense against having not posted any information about Mepis: Wrong.

All of the ISO's released by Mepis are simply rollups of all the existing changes made through Synaptic, as well as modifications to the startup process. While the status of what makes up a Mepis release has come up multiple times before in the and forums, many legitimate news sites refuse to accept forum souces as factual information. The Mepis (Un)Official FAQ has been updated to clearly describe what makes up a release ISO.

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