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Dell doesn't dump Ubuntu

The Inquirer: “Dell's Ubuntu's pages may have been a bit ropey. And the marketing man we spoke to perhaps knew not his backside from his elbow.” Read the fun here

HowTo: Add persistent Static Routes in Debian Linux

As in any Network device or a server, there will be times when you need to add a persistent static route to a target destination in your Debain Linux Server. Read how to do it here Quote: Advantage of using the route command is that it alters the Kernel IP Routing table dynamically and the […]

Fun with Ubuntu "Gutsy Gibbon" (and a bug)

I clicked the Upgrade button. It walked me through a bunch of dialogs, most of which were just prompting me to replace config files with the distribution's new versions. Read it here Quote: Reboot, and the first thing I noticed was the new look for the desktop icons. Everything else, pretty much the same. (I […]

Software RAID for Ubuntu LTS: Better to be safe than sorry

I recently experienced a disk failure on a HP DL320 G3 server. The cheap, high capacity SATA disks were not in a RAID-1 mirror because the server’s FakeRAID did not support the flavour of Linux in use. Read more here Quote: Luckily, important data and configuration files were safely backed up, but it’s still rather […]

Debian powers sleek, two-pound mini-PC

German Web retailer Manufactum has introduced a sleek, low power mini-PC that runs Debian Linux. See it at linuxdevices Quote: The 450-Euro Manuscriptum is based on a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800, is equipped with an 80GB hard drive, and offers 1920 x 1400 graphics, according to the company.

Debian Testing with LVM and encryption

And for the first time, I chose the LVM with encryption option. I should have a fully encrypted drive when this is all over. Read it here Quote: And I have another drive ready. So I decided to move away from Stable to Debian Testing (aka Lenny). I got the business-card image of Testing from […]

Ubuntu Gutsy setup

These Ubuntu Gutsy articles will take you from a 'barebones' Ubuntu Gutsy Slice to a secured and up to date Slice ready for your server software (or whatever you use the Slice for). Read more here

Ubuntu Videos

Ubuntu keeps generating buzz, and I don’t see enthusiasm subsiding any time soon. Seems to be the only distribution to capture “user” attention – beyond the enterprise. See some videos here

Book Review: The Official Ubuntu Book

Now, Linux enthusiast Jono Bacon and a team of writers have come out with a book to get the beginner started with Ubuntu. The second edition of The Official Ubuntu Book is a complete guide to using a system running Ubuntu Linux. Read it at Quote: The recent move by Dell to sell some […]

Using Debian Reportbug

Reportbug is easy to use program for reporting bugs in GNU/Debian Linux. If you are using webmail services like yahoo, MSN, gmail and don't run a SMTP daemon on your computer, you can configure reportbug to reflect both. Read it here

How to Install Ruby on Rails (ROR) in Ubuntu

From the Ajax in the view, to the request and response in the controller, to the domain model wrapping the database, Rails gives you a pure-Ruby development environment. To go live, all you need to add is a database and a web server. Read it at Ubuntu Geek

Ubuntu – Outside the Sandbox

I asked my Dad if he would mind if I swapped his Dell computer with Windows XP out for a computer with Ubuntu Linux on it. He agreed, and I did just that. Read what happened here Quote: So those are the answers to the questions I asked. What I draw from that, is that […]

Installing and using mono on Ubuntu

This article will get you started on installing mono and running basic .NET applications on Linux. Read it here Quote: Two of the most popular topics on Builder AU, and indeed in the wider industry, is Microsoft's .NET framework and Linux development and administration. Most of the time the two are in conflict, and it's […]

Ubuntu Server: Attractive Choice, Paltry Documentation

So in this two-part series we're going to dig into the newly-released Ubuntu Server 7.10, take a look at its feature set and system requirements, and decide if it is a worthy contender in the Linux server stack category. Read it here Quote: I've been running it long to enough to say that it has […]

Debian and the grass roots of Linux

Though Debian does not have the high profile of other Linux distributions the commercial success of Linux may owe more to the Debian community than advocates of Linux in the enterprise are ever likely to acknowledge. Read it here Quote: Debian is both the most conservative and the most radical of Linux distributions, resolute and […]

Playing With Themes in Ubuntu 7.10

Things have changed quite a bit since July and changing themes in the new Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is a little bit different, therefore I thought I would offer some fresh advice. Read it here Quote: Doing a search in Synaptic for themes, icons, gdm, or wallpapers reveals that there are many options we could […]

Some numbers about Debian’s history

There’s an interesting article on about Gentoo: Who made Gentoo Linux, and when? A commit analysis I was wondering how Debian compared, so I made some stats using the debian-devel-changes archives. See the charts here

10 Things Ubuntu Needs To Improve On

In this article, I’ll examine ten areas where I think Ubuntu could go still further; that is, really improve and even gain back those who abandoned it out of frustration. Read the 10 things here

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #64

In this issue we cover the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Hardy Heron, FOSSCamp, the release of Mythbuntu 7.10, Ubuntu-Illinois codesprint, and, as always, much much more! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #64 for the weekOctober 28th – November 3rd, 2007. In this issue we cover the UbuntuDeveloper Summit for Hardy Heron, FOSSCamp, the […] AKA – hardware problems

you may have noticed that around yesterday evening (UTC) AKA has problems. Hi you may have noticed that around yesterday evening (UTC) ries.debian.orgAKA has problems. The exact cause and possiblesolutions for this are currently investigated by the admins, a firstproblem guess is “troubles with the harddiscs”. hosts ftp-master, the main copy […]

Locating old Debian source packages

So you want to import your pet package into the new and shiny VCS of the day, but you don't have the complete source history at hand. Get help here Quote: # For each missing source package, look into the debian-devel-changes archive for the MD5 sum of the corresponding .diff.gz file, it's present in the […]

The Road to Ubuntu – Backup Salvation

After several weeks of anguish I've finally recreated my Windows XP file backup regime under Gutsy Gibbon, overcoming my fear of the Linux command line in the process. Read it at ITWire Quote: I'm very anal when it comes to data backups. As such, I wasn't prepared to venture any further down The Road to […]

After Ubuntu, Windows Looks Increasingly Bad, Increasingly Archaic, Increasingly

My recent switch to a single-boot Ubuntu setup on my Thinkpad T60 simply floors me on a regular basis. Most recently it's had to do with the experience of maintaining the software. Read all the comments here

Bits from the DPL: DSA and a few other things

Apparently people are expecting the DPL to disappear around the middle of their term, because I did not get many complaints. But I learned the lesson. And well, I now have a reason to regain motivation. I have been rather quiet during the last few months. Not reallybecause I wasn't doing anything, but because most […]

MP3s On Ubuntu – The OGG Alternative

This video will discuss OGG as an alternative, what it is and why you would want to use it. And perhaps most importantly, a solid portable music device that will support your music once it has been converted. Read it here

Ubuntu: Just how popular is it?

There is no doubt that Ubuntu’s popularity has grown dramatically over the past few years, but just how popular is Ubuntu? How many people have ever heard of Ubuntu? Find some answers Quote: According to Canonical’s official press release for Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu has a “strong and growing user base of over 6 million people.” […]

How to install Looking Glass on Debian Etch

I have wrote a long time ago about Looking Glass a Sun/Java 3D Desktop for Linux, yesterday I installed on my Debian Etch, using now my latest ATI drivers. The rest is here

Ubuntu to get visual refresh with Hardy Heron

The meeting was led by Ubuntu art director Kenneth Wimer, who explained that the goal for Hardy is to “radically change the artwork and the theming behind the entire desktop from boot all the way through to logout.” Read about it at Ars Technica

HP LaserJet 1022 Printer Debian Etch

The OpenPrinting page here suggests it works perfectly with Linux. It works perfectly now with Debian Etch but just following the Gnome CUPS wizard didn’t do it Read it at this blog Quote: I bought the HP LaserJet 1022 for £139 from PC world today. Not exactly cheap I know but I wanted a decent […]

How To Install Miro Public Preview 3 ( on Ubuntu

Miro is a free and open-source application. With Miro, you can watch free internet video channels and play any video file. Read it here

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