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Howto: Accelerate Ubuntu upgrades with an ISO

This is a fairly useful trick for older machines using Ubuntu, when your network connection might be weak, or when you have a lot of software to install and don’t want to wait on an old CDROM. Read it here

Book review: Official Damn Small Linux Book

John Andrews is the creator of this amazing little “distro”. I always appreciate when a developer takes the time to contribute as an author to their own project: it adds a certain air of formality for those of us who recommend these tools to management Read the review here Quote: ProsThis book will start you […]

Fedora 8: An Assault On Ubuntu

After looking into what Fedora has done , I think it is clear which distribution is really working hard to attract new users. Read the interesting review here Quote: Not Interested Fedora in the Past, Could This Be Changing in the Future? I was never that swept up with past releases of Fedora. There was […]

Ubuntu and the Ipod Nano

My iPod (Mini, 3rd-Generation, 4G Green) died last week — used it every day for the four years i've owned it, so it's had a fairly good run. So, I upgraded to a new, shiny iPod Nano. Read how to make it work

Installing MythTV from SVN on Ubuntu

This is part one of a series about MythTV and using Ubuntu as a HTPC. In this article we’ll explain the easiest (or hardest, to some people) step of the process of installing MythTV on Ubuntu Gutsy. Read it here

Upgrade timing demotes KDE variant of Ubuntu Linux

There are two dominant software projects that provide Linux with a graphical user interface, but only one of them will get long-term support in Ubuntu's next version of the open-source operating system. GNOME, the default user interface for Ubuntu, will receive the support, but KDE won't. Read more here Quote: The reason, according to Canonical, […]

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 updated

The Debian project is pleased to announce the seventh update of itsold stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (codename `sarge'). Thisis the first time we update the old stable distribution during thelifetime of the stable distribution. ————————————————————————The Debian Project GNU/Linux 3.1 updated press@debian.orgDecember 27th, 2007———————————————————————— Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 updated The Debian project is pleased […]

Creating An AS400 Terminal Client With An Old PC And Ubuntu

This how to uses Ubuntu 7.10 Server install. But for proof of concept this worked fine. I used an Old Dell GX100 Optiplex with 256 MB of RAM (I don't think I need any more that 128 [maybe even 64MB], but this is what was in the box when I pulled it out of the […]

My Ubuntu Experiment

My 71 year-old father has agreed to try Ubuntu on his home PC. He has used Windows for years, but after his XP system became so infected with viruses and other malware that I needed to wipe his system, he's willing to try Linux. Read how it goes here Quote: None of this is particularly […]

Ubuntu Women

Ubuntu-Women is a team functioning under Ubuntu to provide a platform and encouragement for women to contribute to Ubuntu-Linux, a Debian based free and open-source GNU/Linux software. Read about the group here Quote: An EC funded study (2006) summarized in the Flosspols report, indicates that about 1.5% of FLOSS community members were female, compared with […]

The Economist: Ubuntu is the source of Linux's rise

The Economist makes three technology predictions for 2008, two of which concern web surfing and the third of which concerns everyone, whether they surf the web or not. Read the comment here Quote: That's largely the doing of Gutsy Gibbon, the code-name for the Ubuntu 7.10 from Canonical….Ubuntu (and its siblings Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu) […]

ThinkPad X61 Tablet and Ubuntu Hardy Heron

I will dedicate most of this post to talk about it’s compability with Linux. I installed the first alpha of Ubuntu Hardy Heron, and I got all of the major features working without a sinch Read it here Quote: Now a quick overview of how compatible this computer is with the GNU/Linux operating system, or […]

Thank you for the code

There are a total of 21,652 packages installed on my home workstation, an AMD64 single core processor box which has been in use since March 2006. It runs the testing stream of Debian. This is a good comment from the blogs at ITWire: Quote: In June this year, I spent around a fortnight playing with […]

Misc Debian developement news (#3)

The news are collected on – then when we have collected 5 items, we'll send the content of this wiki page to debian-devel-announce. The news are collected on free to contribute. Updating libraries with symbols files————————————- A few packages of libraries have already been updated to provide symbols files (like zlib1g, libxml2, libogg0, […]

The Inquirer's guide to free operating systems

XP IS GETTING a bit long in the tooth, Vista is a pig and you don't want to buy a Mac and join the Jobs Cult….. So here is the Inquirer's guide to Linux: quick, clear, opinionated and unfair Read it here Quote: DebianDebian is the daddy. It's one of the oldest surviving distros, partly […]

lintian.d.o updated, link change has now been updated to lintian 1.23.41 and re-runagainst the entire archive. This should substantially reduce the falsepositives, particularly around desktop files and the new Policy version. has now been updated to lintian 1.23.41 and re-runagainst the entire archive. This should substantially reduce the falsepositives, particularly around desktop files and the new Policy […]

full circle #8 released

Full Circle – The Independent Ubuntu Community Magazine are proud toannounce the release of issue eight. full circle #8 Full Circle – The Independent Ubuntu Community Magazine are proud toannounce the release of issue eight. It contains:* Mythbuntu – Step-by-step Install* How-To : Install Wubi, Get a Christmas Desktop, Multi Boot Linux and Learning Scribus […]

Useful and Fun things to do with the Ubuntu Terminal

If you want to have fun with ubuntu terminal this is for you! Read it all (lots of tips) here

Debian Edu / Skolelinux wins the Scandinavian Free Software Award

The Free Software Foundation Europe announced that Debian-Edu / Skolelinux, an international project, is the winner of the first Free Software Scandinavian Award, during the Free Software Conference Scandinavia 2007, in Goteborg, Sweden, December 7th, 2007. Read more at Quote: “The next milestone will be the merging different school distributions based on Debian. Starting […]

Debian on my old laptop, keeping it light

I recently inherited my brothers old laptop, since he didn’t need it no more. It’s a Celeron 2.0 Ghz machine with only 192 megabytes of RAM, since 64 megabytes of the actual 256 megs goes to the radeon graphics-card. Get the tips here Quote: Debian is really nice on all kinds of systems, and I […]

How to Play Half-Life 2 and The Orange Box on Ubuntu

I have to admit that I played and finished Half-Life 2 on a Windows PC, a few years ago (in late 2004) when I hadn’t even heard about Ubuntu, and I simply loved it. Now I want to finish Episode One and Two, on Ubuntu! Without any further introduction, here's what you need to get […]

There's more to Linux than Ubuntu

Recently I got to read more and more stories about Linux in general (at least that what it was insinuated by the name of the article) where term “Linux” is quite replaced by Ubuntu Read the brilliant comment here Quote: I've told already before, I fear that if the trend goes on (and at the […]

Howto Setup iTunes-compatible Media server in Ubuntu

mt-daapd is a DAAP server that works with most POSIX compatible operating systems. It allows you to share your music collection over the local network using the same protocol iTunes uses, so real iTunes users may peruse your music. UbuntuGeek comes to your help Quote: Moreover, if your music is in more esoteric formats like […]

Installing Ruby and Ruby on Rails in Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

Coming from Gentoo, I thought installing anything on Ubuntu would be a breeze. Especially something with so much Internet-hype as Ruby on Rails. Read it all here

Since when is Dell Gutsy Gibbon not Ubuntu?

The news that Dell has now released Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) on its boxes has been tempered somewhat by a potential storm of controversy caused by a couple of software packages that come bundled with the Dell Linux PCs. The two bundled packages happen to be proprietary software. Is this going to be a problem? […]

Dell announces Ubuntu 7.10 PCs with DVD playback

Dell has announced, Dec. 19, that it will be releasing PCs with Ubuntu 7.10 (aka Gutsy Gibbon) as part of its Dell Consumer Linux lineup along with the ability to legally play DVDs Read more about it at Desktoplinux Quote: Ms. Camden continued, “Possibly in the 'more importantly' category, we are now pre-installing DVD movie […]

Why Ubuntu succeeds: Shuttleworth isn't an uber-geek

I really liked this InformationWeek article with Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu. I liked it in part because I think Mark is an exceptional person. But I also liked it for its insight into why Ubuntu has done so well. Well, read the praise here…

Using Windows wireless drivers on Ubuntu the easy way (Ndiswrapper Utility)

In my case, the wireless network cards not recognized by Ubuntu were manufactured by LinkSys. So after searching Google I discovered that many wireless cards do not have Linux drivers. The good news is I found an application called Ndiswrapper which allows you to run windows wireless card drivers on Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: […]

How-To: Customize your Ubuntu Live CD

This tutorial will show the steps to follow in order to customize an Ubuntu Live CD to your need by removing some component and adding some others. Read it at Debuntu Quote: During this tutorial, we are going to remaster our Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 Live CD with the following spec: remove non english language […]

Maxtor OneTouch4 with Ubuntu Linux

I then booted into Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. Ubuntu 7.10 recognized the external hard drive, but when I tried to access the files, I got a message similar to 'cannot access the drive or you do not have permission to access the folder'. Read the blog entry

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