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Integrating Ubuntu with a Windows-based network is harder than it should be

Over the past few weeks I've been trying to use Ubuntu Gutsy on my desktop PC in a Windows-based office, and whilst most things work just fine, it's far from the seamless integration I was hoping for.
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Installing Ubuntu Gutsy was easy, but getting it to play with the Windows 2003 login server was really difficult. In Windows XP you just go into the system properties, enter the domain that the servers use, and authenticate against it. You can then log in with your network username and password — easy. In Ubuntu you have to follow this guide, which is far from easy, and I've struggled to make it work consistently. I've read that Novell Linux Desktop follows the documented procedure with the installer, but I'm not in a position to pay for a copy of that distribution, and I'm disappointed that there don't seem to be any tools for Ubuntu to make this easier.

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