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This blogger stumbled across a pretty useful website the other day at It has a bunch of precompiled .deb files, making it easy to check out of some the newest and most exciting open source software.
Read the report here and go straight to the source here at getdeb


Disadvantages to using
Installing .debs from 3rd parties (not officially from Ubuntu) always runs a risk. This Ubuntu forums post illustrates it. When installing a .deb, you give the installer root privileges, it has full access to install and remove anything on your computer. It needs root access to install and satisfy dependences, but if used maliciously it could install key loggers, spyware, viruses or simply delete your system files. This is why it is important to know and trust any site you download a .deb file from. is a trustworthy site and used by hundreds of Ubuntu users, but a warning needed to be issued.

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