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Damn Small Linux 4.2

That was quick! 15 days after the release of DSL 4.1, here we have release 4.2.
From the announcement


Change log for v4.2

* New mtpaint replaces xpaint.
* New black/blue theme with “Fractal Movements” background.
* New folder for better support of Visual Styles for JWM .jwmrc-theme and downloadable themes.
* New setTheme.lua, drag-n-drop or double click application style.
* New folder for better support of backgrounds, downloadable “DSL Classics”
* New generic folder.xpm link for easier themeing of folders.
* Updated wallpaper.lua, drag-n-drop or double click application style.
* Improved support for JWM keybindings with .jwmrc-keys
* Improved support for battey names in torsmo, fetched from /proc
* Improved handling of multline menu items as MyDSL folder application shortcut icons.
* Improved cleanup of shortcuts upon normal shutdown.
* Fized bug so that /cdrom/mydsl is not processed twice.
* Fixed “?” icon to open “Getting Started”
* Updated iconViwer for mtpaint change.
* Many icons have been changed, updated, or replaced.
* Updated /opt/.dfmext with more associations.
* Cleanup of xmms when started from dfm icon.
* Cleanup of usused files, modules, and directories (pnp,xfs, hfs,hfsplus,bfs,befs,adfs,ujs,minix,efs)

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