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There's more to Linux than Ubuntu

Recently I got to read more and more stories about Linux in general (at least that what it was insinuated by the name of the article) where term “Linux” is quite replaced by Ubuntu
Read the brilliant comment here


I've told already before, I fear that if the trend goes on (and at the moment I don't see why would it stop), then the Ubuntification of Linux is unstoppable, just as Windows became a follow up to the “PC” term. There were days (and in many cases are still), when some tech support person would ask you: Do you use Mac or PC? (just like in Apple's commercials). You would say, “PC”. “OK then, go to the Start menu….”, “I don't have one”, you would interrupt. “How so? In the left low corner of your screen…”, “I use Linux…”, you would interrupt again.

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