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My Ubuntu Experiment

My 71 year-old father has agreed to try Ubuntu on his home PC. He has used Windows for years, but after his XP system became so infected with viruses and other malware that I needed to wipe his system, he's willing to try Linux.
Read how it goes here


None of this is particularly difficult for a person with UNIX background–it just takes time to figure everything out. And it is definitely the case that by giving my father a Ubuntu-based system I am signing up to be the sole administrator for this system with no hope of anyone else helping him. But that's essentially the situation now and when I ask myself whether I want to continue having to deal with Windows problems, especially with Vista now rearing its ponderous head, or whether I'd prefer to spend my time learning more about how Linux administration works, the choice isn't really a difficult one.

So now the real question is whether my father will be happy with Ubuntu as his desktop user experience. I'll deliver the system to him next week and report back on how that goes.

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