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debsums – MD5 sums of Installed Debian Packages

debsums is intended primarily as a way of determining what installed files have been locally modified by the administrator or damaged by media errors and is of limited use as a security tool. See how to use it here Quote: Verify installed Debian package files against MD5 checksum lists from /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.md5sums. debsums can generate checksum […]

Dual Boot Harmony: Accessing Your Linux Drive From Windows

Still, despite the lack of access control, both of these options look like easy ways to access your Linux drives in Windows. I had no problems mounting my Ubuntu partition in Windows XP using Linux Reader. Read about the Winsows utility here

Ubuntu 7.10 vs. Early Ubuntu 8.04 Benchmarks

Phoronix are publishing their first — very initial — benchmarks of Ubuntu 8.04 using the 12-19-2007 daily build and comparing these results to Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. These tests are focused upon OpenGL gaming, encoding, disk, and memory performance. Read the results Quote: So far the performance looks to be roughly the same between the […]

Ubuntu Hardy Heron Alpha 2

The Ubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source Community has to offer. Hardy Heron Alpha 2 is the second alpha release of Ubuntu 8.04, and with this new alpha release comes a whole host of excellent new features. Read more about it at the […]

Debian Etch with Xfce vs. Damn Small Linux with JWM/Fluxbox

I've had Debian Etch with the Xfce desktop on the $15 Laptop for a couple of weeks. It took up a lot less space than Slackware 12 with Xfce Read it here Quote: So I went in a different direction. I popped in the Damn Small Linux 4.0 CD (I know they're up to 4.2, […]

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated

The Debian project is pleased to announce the second update of itsstable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename etch). This updatemainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release,along with a few adjustment to serious problems. ————————————————————————The Debian Project GNU/Linux 4.0 updated press@debian.orgDecember 27th, 2007———————————————————————— Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated The Debian project is […]

MEPIS has released SimplyMEPIS 7.0

This release contains a new desktop theme and a detailed user manual, both developed and contributed by the MEPIS community. From the release announcement: Quote: Some of the important packages included with the 7.0 release are: an updated and security patched kernel, Xorg 7.1.0, KDE 3.5.8, OpenOffice 2.3.0, Firefox, Thunderbird, Digikam 0.9.2, […]

Snapshot Backups Of Your Desktop With Timevault On Ubuntu 7.10

This document describes how to set up, configure and use Timevault on Ubuntu 7.10. The resulting system provides a powerful backup system for desktop usage. Read it at howtoforge Quote: TimeVault is a simple front-end for making snapshots of a set of directories. Snapshots are a copy of a directory structure or file at a […] goes on vacation

With all wishes for a Merry Christmas for our readers, we must now leave you on your own for about a week. We leave you for some well-deserved vacation time! So, for the next week and a half, you find us at Gran Canaria, trekking and enjoying the weather. I hope you have a pleasant […]

Second call for talks for the Debian DevRoom at FOSDEM 2008

On 2007-10-23, I sent out the first call for talks for the Debian Developer's room at FOSDEM 2008[1]. Since then, I've received four talk proposals, which is a good start, but by far not good enough. Hello World, On 2007-10-23, I sent out the first call for talks for the DebianDeveloper's room at FOSDEM 2008[1]. […]

Liberation fonts: still "non-distributable" for Debian!

Planète Béranger: “On May 12, Debian were seeing an exception to GPL as a further constraint that would make Liberation “non-distributable”. Now the year is ending soon, and nothing changed! ” Read the comment here Quote: So, what is it all about? It's all about the fact that a FONT has a very confusing status […]

How to install the VMWare Server in Ubuntu (7.10)

If you can’t wait for the repository, then these steps are the ones that worked for me. Thanks to for leading me in the right direction. Read more here

Tweaking Ubuntu

The intent of this article then is to help stout-hearted users willing to take the plunge and try out Linux to get the most out of it – for example, to play DVDs, or to connect to the Internet, or simply to put a Trashcan on your desktop, all of which, believe it or not, […]

My Debian Adventure

Here is a thorough list of everything ComputerBob have done to get Debian running on his computer and his experience with it. Read it here Quote: Here's what I'm thinking: If I can get Debian installed and configured (with KDE, not Gnome) before Mepis 7 comes out, I'll be able to “take it around the […]

Damn Small Linux 4.2

That was quick! 15 days after the release of DSL 4.1, here we have release 4.2. From the announcement Quote: Change log for v4.2 * New mtpaint replaces xpaint.* New black/blue theme with “Fractal Movements” background.* New folder for better support of Visual Styles for JWM .jwmrc-theme and downloadable themes.* New setTheme.lua, drag-n-drop or double […]

Making your Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop look like MAC OS X Leopard

In this tutorial i describe step by step how to make your ubuntu desktop look more like MAC OS X Leopard . Read it here Quote: Now even though these days it's possible to run Hackintosh on normal Intel hardware , but still it's not stable and well there are hardware compatibility issues . So […]

Repairo: Fixing a hand-built Ubuntu based Linux computer

Linux can not solve all the problems of the world (although OLPC is making a mighty effort in that regard), and it can not run on utterly non-boot-able, busted to the rafters hardware. Case in point, my brothers Ubuntu 7.04 system. Read it here

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #70

In this issue we cover the countdown to Hardy Alpha 2, new MOTU & community members, Ubuntu Forums interview, Bazaar 1.0 release, and as always, much, much more. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 70 for the weekDecember 9th – December 15th, 2007. In this issue we cover thecountdown to Hardy Alpha 2, new […]

CPU Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu

The default Ubuntu installation of cpufreq-selector allows only root users to modify CPU frequency scaling policy. This is a security measure and the CPU monitor applet can only read the current CPU frequency and policy. Read here what to do.

Configuring Airtel Beetel 220BX in Ubuntu

If you have been unable to get my Beetel 220BX ADSL2 Modem to configured and working in Ubuntu (latest version) and wants dual boot then follow this simple method described by “Gurpreet Singh Bhaiya” Read it here

Checking the boot messages on Debian

Sometimes when a machine is booting up with Linux Operating System, some errors appears on the console while booting up, but they just pass too fast for one to read them. Therefore you need look at those messages somewhere else. Read it here

Creating Encrypted FTP Backups With duplicity And ftplicity On Debian Etch

This tutorial shows how you can use duplicity and ftplicity to create encrypted (so that nobody with access to the backup server can read sensitive data in your backups) backups on the provider's remote backup server over FTP. Read it at howtoforge

Vista to Ubuntu (100%)

I had enough with eating crap with Vista. My last line of patience warned off when I happened to wait about 5 seconds when changing from one MS Doc file to another and also happened that I was running with time to finish a project report. Read more here Quote: But my worries were groundless […]

Debian GNU/Linux on a Sony VAIO SZ680

I just acquired a Sony VAIO SZ680 and I felt like sharing my experience getting Debian installed on this thing. I wouldn't call it a “walk in the park” by any means, so hopefully someone else will find this useful. Read it in this blog Quote: Enough about that, lets first start with what DID […]

Ubuntu Server: Kernel Comparisons and Implementation Issues

Today we'll wrap that up, plus we'll dig into the included services in Ubuntu Server, amaze at a couple of interesting blunders, and decide what this thing is good for — fueling the tireless Canonical hype machine, or something actually useful? Carls Schroder continues: Quote: The bad stuff: Poor documentation on the Ubuntu-specific customizations; it's […]

Installing Debian 4.0 in my iMac G3 computer.

I decided to try the network installation by downloading the minimal size image file that packages only the minimal components to start it. I did. I downloaded this +84 Mb image file, burned it to my Verbatim 4x CD-RW and my first Macintosh network installation began. Read the process here Quote: I was not really […]

Multiple Profiles and Thunderbird

On Windows, I was using multiple identities in Outlook Express. While switching to Ubuntu I had planned on using Gnome's default messaging app Evolution. But while researching it I discovered it didn't support multiple identities or instances. Read more here Quote: On a Windows desktop multiple workspaces are a pipe dream. Your closest option is […]

A guide to Avant Window Navigator

Avant-Window-Navigator (AWN) is without doubt one of the coolest pieces of technology to take advantage of the technology behind Compiz-Fusion. AWN is a customizable 'dock' in many ways similar to the one available with Apples OSX Read it here Quote: This is a simple guide to help anyone install AWN on their current Ubuntu Gutsy […]

This blogger stumbled across a pretty useful website the other day at It has a bunch of precompiled .deb files, making it easy to check out of some the newest and most exciting open source software. Read the report here and go straight to the source here at getdeb Quote: Disadvantages to using getdeb.netInstalling […]

HowTo: Update and Shutdown in Ubuntu

So, I’ve created a .sh script, which will turn your screen black, gather a list of updates, download and install them if nessecary, then shutdown. The script can be edited and read, and will not harm your system. I can use this! Read on: Quote: How often do you notice the update manager has updates […]

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