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How to make Ubuntu to start faster

My Ubuntu used to start really slowly, even more slowly than my former XP. It was not really a problem except on the mornings when I wanted to surf while eating my breakfast. Enjoy the guide here Quote: First I installed a Bootchart. It's not necessary, but it will tell you exactly how much time […]

World s first OLPC mass deployment uses Debian as its backend server

IBM won Ceibal’s server bid, providing x3105-series tower servers. These are dual-core 1.8GHz Opteron 1210 machines with 2GB RAM and two 160GB SATA drives. Much to my joy, they are running Debian 4.0 “etch”, and providing DHCP, Dansguardian-filtered web access, and various monitoring services. Read the summary at and the complete blog post about […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #69

In this issue we cover Packaging Jams, MPAA being forced to remove the University Toolkit, Kubuntu Tutorials Day, an Ubuntu Forums interview, and as always, and much much more! Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 69 for the weekDecember 2nd – December 8th, 2007. In this issue we cover PackagingJams, MPAA being forced to […]

Debian Reference

This Debian Reference (v2) (2007-11-30) is intended to provide a broad overview of the Debian system as a post-installation user's guide. It covers many aspects of system administration through shell-command examples for non-developers. Read all Debian here

Hidden Linux : Adding the naughty bits

If Envy's the answer to Ubuntu users' proprietary graphics drivers installation dreams, then Automatix2 is the answer to everything else. Read it here Quote: In essence Automatix2's a GUI that automates the installation of some of the most popular applications in the latest versions of K/X/Ubuntu and Debian — including a few of the naughty […]

Review of MEPIS 7.0-rc2: See Fedora

The best of Ubuntu, Debian, and Knoppix all rolled into one with some extra goodies a la Mint- who wouldn't want it? It turned out to be a decent distribution, but a solid one at best. Read it here Quote: Pros:-Extensive software selection on one CD-Custom control center-AV and firewall included-Plays restricted A/V formats-Good hardware […]

Ubuntu 7.10 on PS3

Here's an installation guide and first impressions for Ubuntu 7.10 on the Playstation 3 Read it here Quote: For those of you who think for a second (and who are scared) that this will replace their PS3 operating system, well you guys are wrong, because this will NOT erase your PlayStation 3 native operating system […]

Ubuntu Guide For Windows Users: Manage Log File Size

While Windows users are familiar with Event Viewer for monitoring application, system, security logs and how to manage or archive log files, administering log files on Ubuntu is not easily found by new users. Read more here Quote: The mechanism for managing log size, archiving (rotation), and deleting is accomplished with a utility called logrotate. […]

Nginx Proxying to Pylons with SSL on Debian Etch

The easy way to install Nginx is like this:sudo aptitude install nginx.The problem is that this installs an old version (0.4) and doesn’t have SSL support built in. Is you want SSL, look here Quote: Nginx is designed to be super fast so and modules need to be compiled in manually. This means you need […]

Debian MIA: Raiders of the "Lost" Maintainer

Debian project maintainers who just stop maintaining their software packages and fail to respond to mail are a big problem for the free Linux distribution. Read what they do now Quote: The MIA project is quick to point out that sending mails to Debian developers is not its only purpose in life: it also happy […]

DebConf7 Report

After a lot of work, the DebConf7 Final Report has been released. Thereport is intended for a large audience, and includes impressions andfacts from the conference Hi, After a lot of work, the DebConf7 Final Report has been released. Thereport is intended for a large audience, and includes impressions andfacts from the conference. Whether you […]

Misc development news (#2)

The news are collected on New archive for unofficial architectures, PTS web interface, Different compression algorithms for debs and more The news are collected on free to contribute. New archive for unofficial architectures—————————————- A new [9]host has been setup to host [10]archives of unofficial architectures. It replaces and currently hosts the armel, […]

Impressions of Ubuntu

This windows user has made 3 screencast videos showing his use of Ubuntu and we can enjoy his reactions to Ubuntu. Here they are:

Updating system BIOS when running Ubuntu

Dell: In a nutshell, for Ubuntu systems with 7.04 Feisty, 7.10 Gutsy, or Hardy, be sure the Universe section is enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list, then run as root Read the rest of the guide if it is relevant for you

Ubuntu Packaging Jams

Jono Bacon: “…a Packaging Jam is basically an event that a LoCo team, LUG or other group runs in which someone teaches a room of people who to get started in Ubuntu Packaging.” Read the call for packagers here Quote: Running a Packaging Jam is pretty simple, and I have written up a guide based […]

Dethroning Ubuntu — What Would It Take?

Many people are looking to Ubuntu to be something that it is not: A mass market ready operating system designed to work with the same level of compatibility as Microsoft Windows. Read the comments from Matt Hartley here Quote: Where people get confused is in believing that if Ubuntu, king of the Linux distros, is […]

Sad experience with Debian on laptop…

If having to recompile your own kernel every time it is upgraded is the price to pay for running Debian, I'm more than happy to switch back to KUbuntu again Reinholdt Keinhofer have had a bunch of problems running Debian on his laptop Quote: So, in short, I now have a laptop without properly working […]

Ubuntu 7.10 and Mint 4.0 on the Acer 5610

In my most recent post over at talk.bmc, I mention using Ubuntu 7.10 and then Mint 4.0 on my office desktop system, a Dell D620. What I did not mention there was that tested each of those release first on my personal Acer 5610. Read more of the experiences in this blog Quote: My first […]

Creating Your ultimate Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop

So well i decided being such a Linux fanatic i have to do something about it so well i thought of writing a guide sort of step by step tutorial that would allow anyone to have a kicking Linux desktop with most of the codecs enabled and descent set of applications in few steps . […]

Ubuntu Linux Is Dead, Long Live Ubuntu Linux

His Ubuntu PC from Dell was dead. Fried. Done. Well, not entirely. But things were bad. The PC was displaying a bunch of errors and never fully booted up. But this sad story has a happy ending for The VAR Guy and Ubuntu. Read the rest of the story here Quote: Actually, The VAR Guy […]

Bits from the Extremadura QA meeting

15 developers gathered in Mérida (Spain) during the last week-end for a Quality Assurance meeting, part of the series of meetings sponsored by the Junta de Extremadura. 15 developers gathered in Mérida (Spain) during the last week-end for aQuality Assurance meeting, part of the series of meetings sponsored bythe Junta de Extremadura[0]. We really want […]

Review: Sidux Linux 2007.4 "Eros"

I was made aware of this distribution by a reader of the site. I endeavored to see how blessed the distribution really was. And TechieMoe found that: Quote: I didn't run into any stability issues and the inclusion of multimedia support was nice. I also liked that it synced up with the official Debian repositories. […]

Debian Powers the world

Looks like Microsoft Researches new website InkblotPasswords[.com] , aimed at helping users come up with hard to crack passwords ( while at the same time saving them in a database ) is powered by Debian and Python Brandon was the first to discover it

Ubuntu CNR First Look

If you haven’t heard Linspire has partnered with Canonical and have just released CNR (Linspire’s default package manager) for Ubuntu. Linspire and Freespire are based on Ubuntu. Pictures and comments here

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) LAMP Server Setup

In around 15 minutes, the time it takes to install Ubuntu Server Edition, you can have a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) server up and ready to go. This feature, exclusive to Ubuntu Server Edition, is available at the time of installation. Read it at UbuntuGeek Quote: The LAMP option means you don’t have […]

Ubuntu as a media centre PC

A little over two weeks ago I ordered a new computer. What I was after was a linux-based box that could run MythTV reliably but quietly (since it will be in the living room). Read about the experience here Quote: The only problem, other than breaking a PSU, is that the PCI DVB-T tuner cards […]

Development Release: SimplyMEPIS 7.0 RC2

Warren has released rc2 of SimplyMEPIS 7.0. The isos and deltas for the 32 and 64 versions are in the testing directory at the MEPIS subscriber site and public mirrors. Read it here Quote: The 7.0 rc2 master image contains package updates from Debian as well as a bug fix and security update of the […]

Debian Edu / Skolelinux 3.0 Terra updated to 3.0r1

The Debian Edu / Skolelinux project is proud to announce the 3.0r1 maintainance release! Hi, the Debian Edu / Skolelinux project is proud to announce the 3.0r1 maintainance release! The 3.0r1 point release of Debian Edu / Skolelinux is a maintenance update. It's including more than 40 bug fixes and security updates that came to […]

Five days of Ubuntu Linux

I’ve used Windows all my life, 3.1 followed by 95, 98, 2000 and now XP, and I’d describe myself as fairly competent at working with it: so anyway, this would be a pretty new experience for me. Read it here and enjoy the conclusion: Quote: I’m definitely going to stick with it. The impression I […]

Installing a New Kernel

This tutorial shows you how to upgrade from the generic kernel that is designed for the Desktop to a kernel that provides better use of a higher end CPU, in this example a Dual Core Xeon. Read it here Quote: Kernel Basics First some basics about the kernel. The Linux kernel is the operating system […]

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