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Ubuntu and web design

I was just doing some quick and dirty Google searches for Ubuntu and web design and I kept coming up really short on good articles. Too, all the articles I could find were written in 2006 so . . . it’s time for a new one.
So, he wrote a new one:


I draw a distinction between web designer and web developer (others don’t). When I say ‘web designer’ I’m referring mostly to someone who does front-end work. They deal mostly with Images, CSS, (X)HTML. It could be argued that PHP is both a front-end and back-end part of web design the fact remains that if you’re doing front-end work you will inevitably have to scramble with PHP. Yet, as Nathan added in the comments below, a designer doesn’t generally live and breathe JS or PHP.

This article is written for people who do front-end web design with Ubuntu Linux.

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